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Have you been thinking of making a career switch into a particular industry but don’t know what that new trade entails? Are you a new business owner and want to know more about promotion, sales &... 

April 4 | Read the story »

The Hidden Secret In Think And Grow Rich

That day when I was having dinner with a friend at a nearby eatery, an old lady walked up to us. “3 packets of disposable napkins. $1 only.” she said. Since we had our own napkins, both of us simultaneously... 

February 11 | Read the story »

MyGoals – A First Impression Review

If you’ve been sourcing for premium online goal software for some time, tendency is, you would have come across MyGoals. Started in February 2001 by Greg Helmstetter, MyGoals is one of the pioneers... 

January 23 | Read the story »

10 Considerations When Investing In Premium Goal Setting Software

Free goal setting software & tools are cool but what if you need something that’s capable of more and don’t mind paying for it? Before you reach out for your wallet and start buying any... 

November 1 | Read the story »

Dr Joseph Murphy : The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Are you first introduced to the Law of Attraction through the movie “The Secret”? Me too. However, while watching the movie, I realized that a lot of the concepts mentioned were pretty similar... 

September 6 | Read the story »

11 Free Goal Setting Software & Tools You Can Use

Are you looking for a simple free goal setting software or tool that does the job and hopefully comes at a zero price tag? Over the past week, I’ve been scouring the web for a list of such free goal... 

September 3 | Read the story »