What Differentiates The Successful & Unsuccessful People

By Ellesse

A few months ago, our local newspaper featured a billionaire remisier who bought an entire building of condominium in an expensive district. His main reason for doing so? Neighbours.

He didn’t like having neighbours around so reckoned the best way to keep them out was to buy the whole condominium. Currently, the building is only occupied by his family and some of his friends who are privileged enough to be invited. And the carpark is a garage for housing his expensive collection of luxury cars.

That piece of news set tongues wagging and needless to say, some of those tongues belonged to my friends :D

They began analyzing.

They tried to understand what was going through those successful people’s minds for them to have resorted to such radical behaviour and shared with me their thoughts.

Subconsciously, they have already accepted that the billionaire remisier is successful. That the fact he possess the wealth capable enough of doing such a seemingly “outrageous” action is an indication he’s successful.

But they failed to see one thing.

He may be successful in their eyes. But is he so in someone else’s? Someone who has a higher net worth than him?

Or someone who doesn’t have a bearing on such material possessions?

Success Is Fleeting

When I was still in grade school, my mum used to urge me to study hard so that I wouldn’t end up being a garbage collector. Although she meant it as a joke, I don’t think she would be too impressed if I were to really become one. In her point of view, a garbage collector is in the lowest echelons of the society and is one of the lowest paid people in our economy.

Her definition of success is based on something in her subjective reality – social status & money. But if her perception change, her previous definition becomes fleeting. For example, assuming her idea of successful people were those who earn a decent living, were happy and contribute to the society, would she feel so strongly about my being a garbage collector?

Probably not.

But no matter how people defines success and how it can be easily distorted by one’s perception, three essential characteristics of successful people never change.

In fact, you may be already possessing some of them!

(1) Don’t Allow Their Circumstances Justify Why They Can’t

When Morris Goodman (the miracle man) was brought to the hospital after suffering a plane crash, no one, including his family believed that he would ever survive. At that time, all his bones – including his skull were crashed.

But Morris never allowed his situation to make him feel so. Despite being in a coma, he worked his way to regain consciousness and soon, his ability to walk. In fact, 3 months after he was hospitalized, he walked out of it on crutches – a feat that most people find unbelievable.

Since then, not only did Morris live a fulfilling life, he went on to become a successful motivational speaker, using his inspirational experience to touch people’s lives.

Yes, what some of us have gone through may not be even remotely close to Morris’ experience. But isn’t the essence the same? Whether is it coming out of a coma and walking on broken limbs or building up a business with scarce resources, successful people never see themselves as lacking.

In fact, it’s their abundance that got them to where they were. Abundance of potential.

(2) Keep their Eye On Their Goals

They’re absolutely sure of themselves and know what they want out of their lives. Whether is it building a profitable business, achieving a sales target, cultivating a particular habit or simply becoming a good parent, they pursue it wholeheartedly.

Although it’s tempting to judge, do keep this in mind that no goal is unworthy. If your focus is to become a good mother to your kids and work towards it relentlessly, who has the right to say that you’re any less successful than someone who wants to be as rich as Bill Gates?

(3) Refuse to be Defeated by Any Problem

Like it or not, problems and challenges are part of our lives. A real successful person never let himself be defeated by issues that crop up in their pursuit. Even if the situation is so bad that giving up is the only right choice, he’ll never do so without putting up a tough fight.

One such person is Steve Jobs, founder of Apple and Pixar. As a result of management differences, he fell out with his partner and was fired after the Board of Directors agreed with his partner. He was only 30 then.

He later picked himself up and went on to build 2 other companies, NeXT and Pixar. Ironically, NeXT was bought over by Apple. And Pixar became one of the most successful animation company in the world, later acquired by Disney.

Successful people’s indomitable spirit holds them true and only gets stronger with problems. They fall and they get back up. Sometimes in an even better shape.


4 Responses to “What Differentiates The Successful & Unsuccessful People”

  1. Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker at 7:11 pm

    Great article. Success in making money doesn’t make you a success in relationships. The billionaire who didn’t want neighbors obviously failed at relationships. We can all be successful at something – anything that we set our sights on as long as we follow the steps that you outlined above. Thanks for the information.

  2. Ellesse at 1:35 am

    Pat, excellent insight! It’s pretty sad that a lot of people aren’t aware that they too can be successful in their own way… be a successful parent, a successful friend or whatever they’ve aspired because many are simply too affixed with the conventional definition. Money doesn’t always have to come in the equation every time.

  3. ABHISHEK at 6:38 pm

    Its definitely true tht failures are part of success …. but when we actually fail at sum point, thats the most difficult stage where we have to control our negative thinking, accept our failure and simultaneously face the WORLD……its not failure that demotivates us but its the sarcastic comments and shame of facing the world that demotivates us….why are we always embarrassed of world even when their opinion about us carries no weight….WE ARE ACTUALLY NOT AFRAID OF FAILURE ….WE ARE AFRAID OF WOLRD…!!!!.. wat say guys..??

  4. pawan at 11:44 am

    really, success is never ending and failure is never final…….its fantastic and mind brushup comment


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