Vision Board Experiment: How’s Your Vision Boarding Coming Along?

By Ellesse

If that’s the question you’ve been wanting to ask me, the answer is this – so far so good!

Since the day I’ve decided to embark on this Vision Board Experiment, I’ve gone through more interesting changes than I’ve ever experienced in any one year. Quit my job, regained my life back and took the initiative to be much more active socially. What more can I ask for from a small little test started purely out of fun?

Even though I’ve not been regularly updating my progress on Goal Setting College, the intended changes have readily – albeit slowly – manifested in different areas of my life since the last update. Trust me, it can be pretty intuitive. You know it happened. But you just don’t know why. You thought it may be related to the Vision Board. But you just don’t feel anyone else will think it’s logically connected.

In any case, I leave the judgment to you. Let’s delve into my progress details, shall we?

Health & Fitness

In the first few months after my last update, I tried to start a regular jogging routine. Every 2 or 3 times a week, I would pop over to the neighbourhood stadium and run at least 2km. That might come across as trivial for someone who’s a fitness buff. But for me, it was quite a big deal. Especially since I had almost lost touch with regular exercise after my Preuniversity days when physical education lessons were compulsory. I used to play squash and go to the gym. But those instances were so rampant that much as I would like to, they weren’t really considered “regular” in the real sense.

My family members were equally “impressed” with my sudden enthusiasm. Whenever I told my mum I was going for a morning jog, she would look at me with a skeptical yet approving expression. Skeptical as to whether I would sustain the momentum. Yet approving at the same time that I was doing at least something constructive.

Oh well, not all her fears were totally unfounded. I really didn’t sustain the momentum. Because about a month after I went into this routine, I started to get this painful jolt in my right knee every time I jog. As as result, I was forced to take a short break to let my knee recuperate.

But during that short rest, my mind didn’t stop thinking about exercising. And to help me gather the lost momentum, I even did the unthinkable. Something that I thought I would never do in the past. I signed up for a 5km women’s run and even cajoled a friend to accompany me!

Yes, someone who had previously refused invitations from other friends to take part in long distance running actually signed one up herself. And even asked a friend along. Come to think of it, I still wasn’t sure why I did what I did. But it was quite an experience. In fact, I like it so much that I think I’ll participate again next year. Maybe a 10km this time! :)

Living Environment

I could have omitted this section. Especially with the rising property prices in the tropical island that I stay, getting my own place seemed to be more difficult. But despite the seemingly bleak chance I’ll ever realize my intentions in this area of my life, I never really gave up visualizing for some breakthrough.

And you know what happened?

About a week ago, while sharing with my sister – who was married a month ago – about my desire to move out, she mentioned that I could stay with her when she gets her new government housing apartment.

Well, not too bad huh? I may not get my own apartment yet but at least I’ve got another option.

Social Activeness

One of the areas that I’ve seen a tremendous boost is my social life. Since I’m now predominantly working from home, it can be quite a drag traveling to town just to meet a couple of friends for dinner. But surprisingly, I don’t find myself feeling that often. On the contrary, I find myself taking the initiative more and even organizing meet ups with friends I’ve not seen for a while.

As for company I didn’t really enjoy, instead of bumping up excuses not to join them, I became really upfront with them and rejected the invitations. In my opinion, being more socially active doesn’t mean going for every gathering or meet ups you’re invited but in being comfortable and appreciative in every gathering you go.

My initiative and the Google Calendar project – mentioned in my last update – kicked off a very positive karmic cycle. Friends start “noticing” my presence and will include my name in their invitation lists. And it certainly helps that I’m quite a bubbly character to add cheer to such parties! Haha, just joking. Through these little exercises, I’ve also learned to appreciate the gift of giving before receiving. When you’re generously creating opportunities for people to meet up without any expectation of return, you’ll definitely get something back. Maybe not from the same person. But it definitely gets reciprocated. It’s intriguing how the Universe functions. You don’t know how. But you know it just works.

Perhaps due to such regular gatherings, the chances of meeting new people increased. Including new romantic dates. Interestingly, even though I had never made any set up requests, I had had people coming to me and say “Hey, I want to introduce you to a friend of mine…” Maybe they sensed the vibes through my Vision Boarding! During social gatherings, I even had guys coming up to me and introducing themselves. Seriously, I seldom had such encounters before the experiment and there were too many occasions for me to dismiss them as “coincidences”.

Despite the increased amount of opportunities, ha, none of them are Capricorns. Or at least based on what I know.

Career Development

Since embarking on my career online, I’ve gained much much more than I’ve put in. I’ve learned to slow down and appreciate the many things and people around me. I’ve spent more time everyday talking to my elderly parents, playing with my toddler niece, baby nephew and interacting with my siblings. When a family disaster happened many months back, I was glad my flexible hours allowed me to be physically there for my family.

I’ve never regretted this decision.

Yes, that’s even though I’ve difficulty explaining to friends what I’m doing. That’s even though I’m taking home much lesser than what I was earning as an implementation consultant then. What I’ve gained is what money cannot buy.

A better quality of life. And the power to go after my dreams.

As I continued with my vision boarding, many new ideas and opportunities to grow Goal Setting College have popped up along the way. I was invited to join mastermind groups. I toyed with different writing styles and I went for a blog redesign. When I did a recap, I was amazed at how Goal Setting College has progressed.

Thank you. Thank you for your support all this while. And I know the only way I can return the favour is to continue to generate the kind of content you’ve subscribed for!

Financial Wealth

Significantly in this area, I find myself paying for a year’s subscription to a value stocks simulation service and creating a partially passive portfolio consisting of 2 index funds and several mutual funds. I would have gone for a complete passive mix of index funds if there were more options offered in my country!

The initial plan was to park my savings into the portfolio while I spend some time researching on the companies to invest in. Sad to say so far, my energies has been so focused on Goal Setting College that I’m neglecting this important part of the value stock investing process.

But I’m glad I still managed to kick off the partially passive portfolio. The baby step to smarter investing.

Alright, that’s so far the update from me. How about yourself? How are you progressing with your own Vision Boarding exercise? Maybe you’ll like to share with me in the comments? Should you prefer a more private update, please feel free to drop me an email. I’ll love to know how you’re faring too! Oh well, if you’re one of those still hesitating whether to do up your own Vision Board, maybe my friend Edward Mill’s contest can inspire you to try it. Have fun and experience these life changing moments for yourself!

Update : For your convenience, here are all the links to the Vision Board Experiment logs :

** Photo by Aussiegall


11 Responses to “Vision Board Experiment: How’s Your Vision Boarding Coming Along?”

  1. gip at 7:18 pm

    Hey there-
    I just wanted to let folks know about some cheap tips for vision/goal boards.
    Home depot has a dry erase board the size of a door! for only 10 bucks and if that is too huge, they have another very smaller one for 5 bucks. i have not huge mine yet but i am very excited a wall to map my goals. i have also been use goal enforcer, it is bascially mind mapping- breaking goals into smaller steps, it is free to try but you can not ave or print , but you can also buy it for 10 bucks or get a partner site to pay for it if you sign up for some trial like an emusic subscribtion. on another, i would love if any folks would like to make a complitation or playlist of motivational songs for reaching goals. i have been listening to Eric Bibb Shine On and i highly recommend it. Thanks for the great blog/website

  2. Ellesse at 2:13 am

    Chris, thanks for sharing your ideas. Especially the part about the inexpensive dry erase board… Now for those who are really on a budget, you can actually do up a Vision Board using recycled materials. You know, rip out those used cardbox cartons, old magazines and start constructing your own. But I like the concept of a dry erase board in that you can easily clean it up and write new stuff. Now if you work constantly on the computer/laptop, some free/premium electronic Vision Board options :

    • Visualize Your Goals : I personally use this and highly recommend it. The latest version even allows you to have audio MP3 music, and contains a free affirmations & picture library. But it costs USD 39.
    • My Vision Board : A vision board community. Allows you to have your own vision board created for free and I think there’s a diary journal for users to jot their progress too if I’m not wrong. I’ve never used that though.
    • MS Powerpoint : Yes. Just load your favourite pics with your own affirmative wordings and use animation to spice it up. Very effective and it’s free if you’ve already got the powerpoint software, that is.
    • Wallpaper/Screensaver : Create your own picture file using MS Paint and save it as a wallpaper or screensaver.

    As for the mindmapping software for goals, a couple of options :

    • Mindgenius : It’s a premium software but I like it for it’s graphics. Definitely excellent for visual learners/goal setters. If you’re interested to know how you can mindmap your goals, can refer to this article.
    • Freeminds : It’s a very fast, nifty open source software that I’ll recommend if you’ve got budget issues. But as I’m a visual learner/goal setter, the lack of graphics and stuff is a disadvantage. It’s just a personal preference though.
    • : Similar to Freeminds except that it’s online. Very cool if you’ve want to share group goals.

    As for motivational songs, Chris, it’s a good idea for another article… I’ll work on this… maybe you can give me some other suggestions and I’ll compile them for the benefit of other Goal Setting College readers!

    P.S. Everyone, feel free to add your favourite songs into this list!

  3. Nick Grimshawe at 8:02 pm

    About your Vision Board Experiment. I love the idea of the updates its a great way to track results. I put up my Vision Board well over a year ago and while I looked at it everyday, I didn’t do anything as far as connecting events to things on the vision board.

    So now I am paying attention.

    One very interesting thing did happen with my vision board that I thought I would relate here.

    When I wrote an exercise describing a day in my life as a visualization exercise, I created this house with a bedroom open to the sea. I described the scene in detail. About two months later I was amazed to find that visualization in the form of a large art canvas. I of course bought the canvas and put it up on my wall to look at everyday.

    About two months after that, I found an article in a local newspaper talking about real estate with a seaview. Hanging on the wall of the bedroom was the exact same art work.

    Now I am actively looking for the house.


  4. Ellesse at 11:40 am

    Wow Nick, that’s amazing.. close to magical I would say. Thank you for sharing and I’m sure your success is a strong testimony that Vision Boarding is powerful!

    I’m also glad my updates has actually brought your attention to linking activities with the Vision Board. In fact, I would probably associate a large part of my success with the vision boarding to writing my updates on the blog. Why?

    Because When I’m writing down my updates, I’m constantly reflecting on the sequence of events that has happened and helps me brainstorm ways to achieve those areas that I’ve been visioning. For example, when I was writing down my first update for the financial wealth, I realized I was spending too much time reading up that I was leaving my money idle, and not investing it. That kind of prompted me to go for a passive portfolio first so that I still get to maximize my returns while learning.

    It also acts as a gratitude journal. Because through making the effort to write them down, I learned to appreciate the improvements no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to be. And guess what, recently I read from a scientific research that people who keep a gratitude journal is 25% higher in terms of general well being and satisifaction with life than those who don’t! It’s a bonus, isn’t it? :)

  5. Adrian @ Path to Your Destiny at 1:43 am

    First of all, I have to say how much I adore your layout – it’s amazing! It’s so clean, pretty, and easy to navigate. :)

    I never really thought about using part of my vision board for social activity / social activeness, but I’m gonna give it a shot. (Most of the time, I keep it work-related, as that’s the area I’m always focused on.) Nice post! It’s rare to find something online that’s so well thought out and straight to the point.

  6. Ellesse at 2:31 am

    Hey Adrian, thanks for popping by! Vision Boards are good for anything even thoughts, perceptions, mindsets – as highlighted by Edward in one of his posts. You may just want to do a trial and see what magical stuff happens…

    And thanks for your kind words on the article :) . I like your writing too. Conversational, helpful and warm. Do keep up the good work and I’m sure I’ll see more of you in the blogosphere! This layout was a premium theme I bought. Did some minor customizations myself. Glad you liked it!


  7. JORIE at 2:53 pm

    I love your article. I just completed my vision board. Writing down daily developments is a great idea. Thank you so much for doing this.

  8. Ellesse at 3:31 am

    @Jorie, you’re most welcome! I’m glad my little Vision Board Experiment helps. It’s been a while since I updated. There should be another one coming up…

  9. Amanda at 3:46 pm

    Hi Ellesse,

    You must be staying in Singapore. So do I! Vision boards are a great idea, I’m making them using Powerpoint. They really help! =)

  10. Ellesse at 2:43 am

    @Amanda Yeah, I’m a true blue Singaporean! You too? Vision Boards are a great tool, it’s a driver for strong, powerful action. :)

  11. Jake at 12:48 am

    Hey guys just started my new vision board today (17-07-10), the way I did t was white wall in my bedroom, got some bluetac went google images and searched and saved everything I wanted, saved the images to a usb stick took it to Boots (here in UK) digital machines you can stick ur USB in and select the pics 0.25p each photo total cost £6 for photo’s bluetac already had. It looks great.


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