Vision Board Experiment : Interesting Spate of Events

By Ellesse

It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve started my Vision Board Experiment and I’m sure most of you’re pretty excited to know my progress :)

Overall, the entire experience with the Vision Board was pretty good considering that I’ve only used it for 2 months. It’s very likely that I’ll continue to use it up to a time when it’s appropriate for me to stop. And when that happens, I’ll definitely post it on Goal Setting College.

I hope that this little experiment will also prompt you to kick start your own Vision Board trial too. It’s fun reading about other people’s experience but nothing beats going through it yourself!

Without further ado, here’s my first update.

Health & Fitness

During the initial weeks of reviewing my Vision Board, frankly speaking I really felt a rejuvenated interest in my health and personal well being. As you might already be aware, I used to play squash every other week and go to the gym whenever I was free but somehow or rather, the enthusiasm tapered off as I buried myself in work. The Vision Board reminded me of the fact that I was totally out of rhythm with myself.

“So, you went back to squash and gym again?”

If that’s what you’re thinking right now, the answer is no.

I did something that I’ve always been planning to, but never had a reason substantial enough for. I quit my job as an implementation consultant!

I couldn’t say whether the decision was a consequence of reviewing the Vision Board but that decision had definitely helped in reducing the frequency of my migraines, which were likely a result of occupational stress. Forking out more time to work out the stress would have helped, though it was tantamount to scratching the surface of the problem as the root cause was actually my poor work life balance.

With the flexibility in my new founded occupation, which I’ll elaborate further under the Career Development section, I’ve started to go for morning jogs at least once a week. Occasionally, I’ll make a trip to the gym as well. Though this routine has lapsed for a month due to some family commitments, I’m quite confident that I’ll pick it up again in no time.

In addition, my sleeping and waking hours are also pretty regular too, though there are times that I go off to bed at 1am. Despite that, I’ll still manage to wake up at about 7 to 9am, even on weekends!

All in all, I’m quite happy with the developments in my health and fitness sector. I’m even more impressed with the fact that all this is made possible with only one strong decision that I’ve made. By deciding to quit my job.

Living Environment

Nothing much happened in this area. I’m still staying at my humble abode :)

One thing to note however, is that while evaluating my personal finances, I’m starting to factor in considerations of “What if I purchase this apartment”. Questions like “How much are similar apartments fetching?”, “Do I have enough money to place the down payment?” pop into my mind every now and then. And as I keep asking myself such questions, subconsciously I’ll find myself taking a closer look at property launch advertisements whenever I read the newspapers, for the answers.

Though none of these have actually resulted in any significant action such as walking into a showroom and placing an order for a unit, it’s very likely that the process of reviewing the Vision Board has already embedded subtle thoughts into my subconscious, encouraging me to take baby steps towards my dream of owning my own place.

The steps are small but are definitely concrete.

Social Activeness

I did a thing I thought I would never do.

I actually took the effort of recording my friends’ birthday dates into Google Calendar for it to send me mobile text reminders every year 2 days before their birthdays, so that I could write each friend a personal birthday blessing when their turn come!

What made me do that?

A couple of close friends whom I’ve been neglecting over the past year didn’t give me their birthday blessings at all (unlike what they’ve done in the previous years) this May and made me realize how much I had taken them for granted.

In a way, the Google Calendar project is a sign of my repentance for the “past misdeeds”, so that every friend of mine will receive a warm birthday wish from me every year, regardless how insignificant it may be to them. Pretty unlike of me, ha ha.

These months were also filled up with social activities. I caught up with ex-colleagues and was initiated lunch or dinner. I gathered friends to attend alumni events organized by my University. Incidentally, I was also roped in to coordinate a farewell cum birthday celebration for a good friend who was relocating to another country.

“What about your romance? Any significant improvement?”

Ha ha, I know you’re waiting for this!

Though I’ve not met Mr. Ideal Capricorn yet, interestingly there were indeed more setups and romantic encounters than the usual. A friend set me up with her boyfriend’s good pal. And, I ran into this Mr. Cancer guy at a seminar who had been calling or text messaging me ever since. A common guy friend I met at my friend’s birthday celebration appeared quite “nice” to me, too.

Though there wasn’t any chemistry with these men and none of them were Capricorns, I couldn’t help linking those spate of events to the Vision Board that unknowingly, my intentions were starting to manifest, though it still wasn’t “there” yet.

Career Development

Way before I constructed my Vision Board, I was already thinking of a different career pursuit. The only difference was, this time, I made it concrete and finally decide on another career switch. I realized that I didn’t do so earlier not because I was afraid of taking risks, but rather because I hadn’t found a business model that fitted my requirements then.

Colleagues and friends were bewildered at my decision. After all, I was doing quite well as an implementation consultant, leading a small team of analysts and traveling around the region on business. They asked me about my plans but all I told them was, I would be starting my own business.

“So, is there really a business?”


In fact, you’re looking at it right now.

I’m going into the business of writing. Almost a month ago, I’ve been writing full time for Goal Setting College. This is no longer a part-time jig for me. This is my career.

I know a lot of gurus would recommend that one go professional only after they’ve reached a certain readership or significant income level. Frankly speaking, I’m not there yet. Not even 1% of it. However, that’s secondary to me because deep inside my heart, I know I’m not in this for the fame nor entirely for the money.

I want to do this so that I can have more time to devote to the success of Goal Setting College and make every article a value contribution to you, my readers. I also want to do this for myself and my family, so that I can use the time flexibility to maintain a quality lifestyle, doing the things I’ve yearned to do.

If you’ve been a loyal reader of Goal Setting College, let me thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for making this dream of mine possible!

Financial Wealth

Nope, I didn’t become the next Warren Buffet.

But I did perform a personal financial health check by reviewing my insurance coverage, emergency funds adequacy, my current assets and liabilities status. In the process, I topped up on some fresh hospitalization insurance and almost finished reading a book on value stocks picking.

Though the progress here is insignificant as compared to the other sections, I’m still happy to have caught up with a long overdue financial health check, which may be further delayed if not for my daily reminder on the Vision Board.

Update : For your convenience, here are all the links to the Vision Board Experiment logs :


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