How I Created My Vision Board – Revealed!

By Ellesse

Now, let’s get back to our Vision Board experiment, shall we?

What Do You Need?

If you’re creating a hardcopy Vision Board, some of the basic materials you’ll need are a posterboard, some used magazines, newspapers or other materials that would help you create your own customized pictures and of course, glue. When it comes to hand picking magazines, it’s important that you have lots of colourful choices. Your Vision Board is supposed to enhance your visualization experience, so it definitely helps in stimulating your creativity and imagination if your Vision Board is more vibrant. Some people have highlighted the importance of using good quality poster board and glue. My take on that? Good quality materials help to keep it together for many months or even years ahead so if you can afford it, by all means go for the best. Otherwise, it’s fine to use recycled materials such as unused cardboards and white glue.

For the purpose of this experiment, I’ll be using the Vision Board Software, which conveniently comes with a series of default pictures, backgrounds and a library of affirmative phrases and words. The way it is designed makes it pretty easy to whip up a electronic Vision Board in minutes, and hence, I forsee the main challenge comes in choosing the right pictures.

How to Create a Vision Board?

Here are some of the guidelines :

  1. Tear out interesting pictures, wordings from the stack of magazines and newspapers.

    Some of you may prefer to cut out the pictures nicely using a pair of scissors. Well, the choice is yours! This Vision Board is going stay by your side for as long as you desire and therefore, it’s important that you’re comfortable enough to look at it everyday. For enhanced impact though, I’ll recommend putting some personalized pictures, too. Suppose one of your goal is to purchase a dream apartment unit in a premier location, instead of just getting the standard profile pictures from their website, what you can do is to checkout their showroom and take some pictures of you sitting on the coach in the “apartment”. No matter which option you choose, just bear in mind not to glue the pictures yet because you’ll be doing some cherry picking later. For those of you who’re following my experiment of creating an electronic Vision Board you can get royalty free stockphotos from several online portals or even through google image websearch. Otherwise, you can still tear out the pictures from your magazines and do a scan of those into your computer, customizing them if you want using photoshop.

  2. Take a hard look at each picture or wording phrase that you’ve just tore and start relating each to the dreams or goals that you’ve envisioned.

    Hold the intention in your mind as you review them and place those that you’ve chosen onto the poster board. You can use pins to help you position them nicely into different categories such as Health, Career, Relationships etc. How you classify them is only limited by your own imagination. For electronic Vision Boarders, you may want to classify them into separate named folders on your computer first for easy reference when uploading to your program later.

  3. Glue them together. You can write affirmations, apply colourings to enhance the visual appeal.

    For your electronic Vision Board, just upload the photos and select the corresponding affirmations from the power words library, or even write your own! Prior to setting it up as your default screensaver or wallpaper, you may want do a preview first.

  4. Place your board in a place where you can see it everyday.

    This can be your office, bedroom or even your bathroom! No matter where you put it, make it a point to review it at least twice per day. It’s futile going through all the efforts creating it only to leave it at a corner of your home or office gathering dust, isn’t it? Some people may say “Twice per day? I thought you need to review it as many times as you can everyday?”. Well, they’re not wrong. But I’ll rather say “You need to review it effectively as many times as your schedule permits everyday.” A rule of thumb for gauging effectiveness is the amount of emotions you invest into reviewing it. The board itself is just an engine, the emotion is the fuel. Ask yourself, do you feel the adrenaline rushing up when you see a picture of yourself sitting in the living room of your dream apartment? Are you pleasantly surprised to see the daily or weekly deposits into your bank account statement? Are you excited at the thought of having an athletic body? Remember, the more of such quality visualizations, the better your experience will be.

Creating My Electronic Vision Board…

Using the guidelines mentioned earlier, I begin meddling with the Vision Board software after downloading it. The software itself is pretty simple and intuitive so it didn’t take long for me to be quite familiar with it. The tricky part is finding the suitable pictures and right affirmative wordings.

To help me with that, I went through the preview of the 5 aspects of my life and started relating those against the photos I saw on Stock.Xchng. By the way, Stock.Xchng is a premier royalty free stock photos site where you can download nice photos (unless it’s stated to be premium) for free. These photos are uploaded by members of the community so their quality may differ. But so far, I find most of them quite professionally done, considering they don’t cost a dime!

Getting the Photos and Affirmations Ready…

Here’s are a list of photos and affirmations I’ve chosen for each of the 5 aspects and my rationale for selecting them.

(a) Health & Fitness

I’ve chosen this photo for this section. Why do I choose that? First of all, it’s the colours. A vibrant hue of purple, white and black, I can literally imagine myself jumping for joy in the air of having garnered a healthy lifestyle of being able to sleep well and exercising regularly, when I first lay my eyes on the photo. Notice how the body shape resembles someone jumping across a hurdle race? That’s the second reason why I select it. It embodies an energetic determination to overcome obstacles such as procrastination to maintain this lifestyle. Yes, that’s what I want in this department of my life!

The Vision Board software allows me to add affirmations to each of the pictures so for this area, here’s what I’ve decided to put, “I Feel Healthy and Energetic After Sleeping Well & Exercising Regularly”.

(b) Living Environment

Much as I’ll like to visit a showroom, sad to say, I’ve really got no time. But as a substitute, I’ve downloaded a picture of my dream apartment. You can take a look at the picture here. This apartment will be located in Central Singapore, very much near the proposed Integrated Resort and looks real sleek. Though it may not necessary be the exact apartment that I’ll be living in, but it doesn’t hurt to have something to look forward to, isn’t it?

The photo will go along with a caption like this “Surprise Why I Like To Stay At Home Everyday? Here’s Why!”

(c) Social Activeness

2 separate photos will be added for this section. One for friends and another for my date. Look at this photo of 3 friends watching the sunrise together. Seriously, for me and my closer friends to really fork out time to do something like this will really put our friendship to the test. The last time we stayed up to watch a sunrise was probably during our high school days! Nonetheless, this is just a metaphor but I’ll be really impressed with the power of the Vision Board if we do have a chance to do this together again sometime! I’ll be using this default affirmation from the software “My Friends Are Important and They Deserve My Time”

Remember that I said I wanted to make the “Affairs of the Heart” department simple, direct and fun? I’ve ambiguously chosen a simple heart shaped photo with a somehow playful affirmation “An Ideal Capricorn Guy Leaves An Impression On My Heart.” Hmm. Why a Capricorn, you may ask? Well, I’m quite a fanatic when it comes to Astrology and it seems that a Capricorn is a relatively suitable companion for a Taurus (i.e. yours truly). So, I’ve decide to make this quest more fun by placing my order for a date with a Capricorn guy. The word ‘ideal’ in itself is ambiguous, which explains my dilemma pretty well. What is ideal for one may not be ideal to another so, I’ve decided to let my higher self do the job and lead the ideal guy to me. Ha Ha.

(d) Career Development

As you all know, it’s one of my dream to setup a business and I’ve always wanted it to be something that relates to my interest (i.e. Internet). This time, for the purpose of this experiment, I’ve decided to take my dream further. I aspire to do so well in managing my business that one day I’ll be featured in an exclusive interview on the Investment & Money section of my local newspaper! To many, that sounds like an impossible dream. Well, before Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon, everyone thought it was impossible for Man to walk on the Moon, right? To make it more realistic, I’ve superimposed my photo on a softcopy of the local newspaper and added an eye catching headline. Seriously, I can’t stop smiling to myself when I do the artwork. It really looks like the real thing. Much as I’ll like to share with you this picture, I finally decided against it since it may infringe on some copyright issues. It’s definitely not my intention to have a brush with the law, so I’ll probably stick to using this picture for my own personal use. You should try it yourself!

My affirmation for this? “Yeah! I’m featured on The Investment Page in the Sunday Times!”.

(e) Financial Wealth

In this section, I plan to include a picture of Warren Buffet, the world’s greatest investor. The main purpose is to inspire myself to develop skillsets like his in managing my own stock portfolio so much so that one day, I’ll be complimented by people for a job well done. That’ll be the most wonderful achievement for someone who currently knows little about value investing! Don’t you think so?

Needless to say, my affirmation for this section will have to be “I Receive Compliments For A Portfolio Well Managed!”

Using the Vision Board Software…

Ok. Now that I’m done with choosing the photos and writing the affirmations, what’s next? Creating the Vision Board of course! Here’s the 3 basic steps I followed to create a online Vision Board.

Step 1 : After the Vision Board software is activated, click New. Enter the name of your Vision Board. In my case, I typed “My Vision Board” and clicked OK. Click on the Edit button.

vision board

Step 2 : Click on the ‘To Add a Picture. Click Here’ box and select your picture. Then enter your Affirmation and the Power Words. In case you’re wondering what’s a Power Word, note that it’s just another way to refer to the category name. For example, instead of Health & Fitness, I used “Superb Health” as my Powerword. The key is to use positive vocabulary. Click on a new empty box on the right hand panel and continue to add another picture. Repeat until you’ve finished or used up all 8 boxes. Click Next.

vision board

Step 3 : Click on the Camera Image button to add a background. Personally, I feel that the Vision Board is much more effective with a background picture. So in this case, I added a picture of snow capped mountains, and trust me, when I peer into this background, it’s as if I’m shouting into the hills. The feeling is fabulous! After adding it, just click Save.

vision board

Viola! Done. Here’s a completed version of my Vision Board after clicking the Preview button (It’s a bit truncated due to the screen capturing limitation of my laptop)

vision board

Now that I’ve constructed the Vision Board, I’m going to allow the intentions to slowly manifest through reviewing it effectively at least twice daily. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first review (it’s like watching a movie) and I’m sure I’ll have no problems with maintaining this schedule. Presently, there’s nothing in these 5 main aspects that are already in the works, so any potential developments in them is very likely to be the result of my visualizations. Nonetheless, even if none of them materialize, nothing’s lost because these things are not there in the first place. You can’t cry over something that’s not in existence right? All these little progress updates will be recorded on Goal Setting College and eventually it’s my objective that all of us will get to understand a little bit more about the power of the intention using the Vision Board as a tool.

I strongly encourage you to join in my experiment, whether privately or publicly. If you choose to record this journey on your blog or website, I’ll be most delighted to link out to you so that we all get to experience the power of the vision boards. Keep an open mind as the story unfolds.

Till the next update.

Update : For your convenience, here are all the links to the Vision Board Experiment logs :


20 Responses to “How I Created My Vision Board – Revealed!”

  1. Amanda at 10:31 am

    Awesome post. These are great ideas. Thanks.


  2. Ellesse at 6:22 am

    Hey Amanda, nice to have you around again. Thanks, do try it out yourself. It’s quite fun actually :)

  3. Cornelis at 8:11 am

    Hi Ellesse,

    I love your board! What beautiful images you have used. And thanks for sharing all the areas of your life you want to focus on. So inspiring.



  4. Ellesse at 9:49 am

    Hey Cornelis, nice to have you around and thanks for the compilment. I’ve been reviewing the Vision Board everyday and can’t wait to experience the changes that’s about to happen. And I must say the Vision Board software’s great. Even my family’s enchanted, especially when they see the modified picture of me (on the local newspaper) when my laptop’s on screensaver mode! Haha.

  5. Simone's Butterfly at 8:21 am

    Thanks for sharing.

    I have just decided to do this for myself. I was thinking that adding music to an electronic vision board would also be great.

  6. Cornelis at 5:00 pm

    Hello Simone,

    That is great to hear! Music is indeed a great add-on and we will look at adding that later on this year.



  7. Ellesse at 5:22 am

    Hey Cornelis,

    Thanks for popping by! And I’m sure potential users like Simone will be happy with the improvements

    And Simone, welcome to Goal Setting College.

  8. Aldian Prakoso at 12:08 pm


    I’d like to share how you can create real printed check for your vision board :)

    Hope that helps you and your readers.

  9. Ellesse at 1:18 am

    Hey Aldian, I saw the tool on your site and has signed up. Looks interesting! Do stick around and let me know if there’s anything I can help!

  10. Aldian Prakoso at 8:33 am

    Thanks Ellesse!

  11. Cornelis at 8:50 am

    Hi Aldian,

    Interesting tool indeed. I also noticed you had an amazing article about digital Vision Boards on your website.


  12. Ellesse at 7:16 am

    Aldian, you’re welcome.

    Cornelis, the tool that Aldian had was quite cute. :) Maybe you could include that as a part of the Vision Board package.

  13. Cornelis at 7:21 am

    Hi Ellesse,

    That is a great thought. I have sent Aldian an email to contact me!



  14. Aldian Prakoso at 1:24 pm

    Hi Ellesse, thanks for hooking me up with Cornelis.

    Hi Cornelis, I got your email. I’ll reply it soon.

  15. Ellesse at 9:20 am

    Hi both, no problem. I’m glad to be of service!

  16. Kitty at 7:41 am

    Hi Ellesse, thanks for the vision board software recommendation – just got a copy off your link!

    All the best for the new year!

  17. Ellesse at 9:24 am

    Hey Kitty, thanks for your bigheartedness! By the way, if you’re capturing the progress on your blog, feel free to let me know and I’ll be delighted to link up to it.

    I’m also posting another update next week! Cheerio…

  18. Shanna at 7:47 pm

    Visualization is a key factor in your pursuit of goals. Your board creates excitement and enthusiasm everytime you see it.

    Have clearly defined and written goals with a deadline. Then taking actions steps persistently and with determination, following the roadmap you set up for yourself, will lead you to your dreams.

    If you believe you can achieve!

  19. Dr Paul Dyer at 10:42 pm

    Pretty clever process! I will immediately incorporate some of these ideas into some of the exercises that I conduct in my seminars and workshops. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Eric at 3:28 pm

    Thanks for the ideas! I came accross an app called VisionBoard Collage. It allows you to create a vision board on your iphone/ipad then save for wallpapers, email, or even upload to facebook. This is a great way to visualize those dreams and most importantly to see them daily.


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