Here’s 5 Reasons To Start Dressing for Success Now!

By Ellesse

Are you going for your first job interview and considering what to wear is the last thing on your mind? Or are you one of those jeans and T-shirt guys (or gals) who don’t really bother to dress up for work everyday?

If you’re, these 5 benefits of dressing for success will probably make you rethink your strategy.

(1) Earn A Bigger Pay Check

In a study by the Journal of Economic Psychology, (source: The Independent), good looking, well groomed people earns 12% more than their average looking peers. What’s even more shocking is that this applies across different working environments. So, whether you’re a high flying investment banker forging the frontiers or a software programmer tending behind the scenes, you’ll not be spared.

Attractive and well groomed people are paid a premium because they find it easier to get their co-workers to work together, since others regard them to be more helpful and pleasant. Therefore, if you’ve been suspecting that a well groomed colleague is earning more than you, you’re probably right.

(2) Leave A Better Impression

Imagine decent Harry Potter and burly, unkempt Hagrid standing in front of you, who leaves a better impression? Because of the former’s neat and clean-shaven image, you’ll naturally associate positive attributes to the person. Social scientists call this the Halo effect. Likewise in the workplace. I still remembered how a well dressed ex-manager come across as someone very competent and knowledgeable when she was first introduced, even though that first impression mellowed down as I worked with her.

That goes to show, isn’t it. One can never go wrong with putting in a little extra effort.

(3) Improve Your Self Confidence

The way you feel about yourself is inadvertently affected by the image you carry. Well groomed people seem confident because they feel more comfortable and at ease with themselves. You don’t have to resort to cosmetic surgery to feel good. Sometimes, a seemingly small improvement such as alternating the colours of your shirts, putting on a little bit of make-up, being more concerned about your personal hygiene or even improving your posture can do miracles to uplift your spirits for the day.

(4) Be Invited to More Social Events

Ever wondered why that new kid on the block is invited to more social lunches than the coffee breaks you take in the office? Dressing, if matched effectively with the person’s character can bring out one’s charisma. It’s probably this charismatic feel that allows him to relate easily with others. And when people enjoy your company, they’ll naturally want you to be part of their social circles.

(5) Be Given Better Service

Your purchasing power is perceived to be larger so naturally, you’ll attract more attention from the sales staff or the waiter since it may translate into more commissions and tips for them. The reverse holds true as well. For example, when I went to France and Italy on a backpacking trip 3 years ago, none of the sales staff at the branded boutiques took the initiative to service me and my friends. We were dressed down in our sandals and slacks. Yet, we bought more products than some of the well manicured ladies did.


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