Excuse Me, Where is Your Sense of Self Awareness?

By Ellesse

Many years ago, when I was still in junior high school, my project partner and I decided to be different and submit a self constructed electric bell for our Science project. We were both excited and expected good grades for that assignment. To our disappointment, not only did we nearly flunked it, we were accused of passing off someone else’s project as ours because it looked “too ancient”. Of course it looked old. We made it using some recycled materials found in our backyard!

It was apparent our Science teacher didn’t like our innovation. To add salt to the wound, many of our classmates who stuck with conventional placards and models of the human digestive system did better than us. In her point of view, we didn’t meet up to her expectations and were hence marginalized in the form of lower scores.

On hindsight, I could have just followed what the rest of the class did, do something easy and yet get good grades. But I wouldn’t do that.

Because, doing so would be equivalent to lowering my sense of self awareness.

What is Self Awareness?

The self awareness I’m referring to here is the conscious understanding of your personality, likes and dislikes, wants and don’t wants. As you expand your self awareness, you’ll have a better appreciation of why you do what you did. That in turn empowers you the right to change and lead the life you want.

Sadly, a lot of people are unsure of what they want in life. Their self awareness is low. As a result, they’re constantly entangled in their internal dynamics, letting their unknown thoughts guide their lives. More often than not, such unknown thoughts are rules or protocols set by the society, their family, teachers, or even friends.

They end up living their life on someone else’s instructions. Now, if you think this is ridiculous, look at the many examples around you. Do you have any friends doing what they’re doing because their parents or teachers believe that’s the best for them? What about yourself? Are you where you’re because that’s where you want to go?

If you aren’t, your sense of self awareness could be low.

But how low is considered low and what can you do about it?

The Different Levels of Self Awareness

There are basically 7 levels where the sense of self awareness can reside. Each level determines the thoughts we harbour and eventually affect the results we’ll get. As we continuously expand our self awareness, our lives start evolving. Literally.

  1. Reactive

    People who exist in this lowest level never take the initiative to take charge and let life’s tidal waves take them to wherever that’s convenient. Unless their survival is being threatened, they won’t take any action. At all.

  2. Follow the Crowd

    In this level, people form a paradigm. When they see others scampering towards a certain direction, they’ll immediately assume that’s the right path. This mentality is often developed through many years of societal programming and takes an extremely strong trigger before one decide to abandon it. This trigger is what many termed as the “awakening call”.

  3. Ambition

    When one starts to harbour dreams or goals which stray from the convention, he graduates to the Ambition level. People here has a far better comprehension of their specific needs and use that to plan the day when they’ll breakaway from the crowd.

  4. Uniqueness

    As they gradually acknowledge their ambitions, they begin expressing their individuality by taking on the planned action. Some of them may quit their job to start their own business. A few may switch career paths. A couple may become volunteers and dedicate their life for the greater good. No matter what they did, strong courage and faith are necessary to make that quantum leap. This is also the level where one can easily give up. Because the pressure from the crowd can crush one’s ambitions, disregard his individuality and force him back to where they call “the norm”.

  5. Discipline

    If such individuals have the will to stay the course and not be sidetracked by false beliefs, they move to the discipline level. In this realm, they dedicate their time and effort to working the goal plan relentlessly, never once giving in to temptations to abandon their dreams. Their conviction grow as their momentum increase.

  6. Learn

    As they start drawing conclusions or observations from the results attained, they kick off a cycle of continuous learning where they review, improve and advance based on their findings. By doing this again and again, they gradually master the technique or process, developing a route that works beautifully for them.

  7. Mastery

    Once one reach the level of mastery, everything in life seems a breeze. Because by that time, he would have trained up the mental constitution to handle any challenges ahead. He’s able to exercise self restraint and control over his thoughts. And precisely because he knows he’s in full control, he tends to think and plan ahead.

Quick Tips to Move Yourself Up the Scale

Now, all of us will wish we’re in the state of Mastery the moment we’re born isn’t it? Well, that’s not how the game is played. In fact, we should be glad that it’s not like that.

Because, it’s the process of continuously moving up and fending off temptations to slide down the levels that makes us tough. You’ll acquire the discipline and learning skills that will put you in good stead for the level of Mastery.

In case you’ve been stuck in a particular level for too long or have been seeking of ways to expand your self awareness, here are some quick tips that can help you :

  1. Read Classics

    Start reading inspirational titles such as Think & Grow Rich or watch the widely acclaimed The Secret to search for that awakening call.

  2. Take Personality Tests

    Try the Myer Briggs test or have some fun with the Kokology self discovery tests. I tried both and I’ve to admit they were enlightening and entertaining!

  3. Set Some Goals!

    The best way to overcome inertia is motion. Work on those latent dreams by trying our Goal Setting Tutorial. It contains self discovery questionnaires that’ll help you learn more about yourself and your goals.

  4. Get a Good Mentor

  5. Join a Mastermind Group

    Your interaction with like minded people can provide an unique insight about yourself.


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