Do You Want to Be Risk Taker Joe or Irresponsible Dave?

By Ellesse

Risk Taker Joe & Irresponsible Dave are waiting on the plane for their turn to sky dive.

Instructor : Guys, are you ready to take the plunge?

Risk Taker Joe : Yes!

Irresponsible Dave : Errhh, yeesss…

Risk Taker Joe (checks his parachute, recaps his stunts in his mind and jumps) : Dave, let’s catch up over a beer when we’re on the ground! Yippee!

Irresponsible Dave (regrets taking up his girlfriend’s dare, forgets the preparatory instructions but still jumps anyway) : OK, if only we land safely! Oh shit!!!

Both Risk Taker Joe & Irresponsible Dave receive a hot piece of investment tip from a common friend working in the financial sector a week ago and discuss this over coffee.

Irresponsible Dave : It’s too good an opportunity to miss! No matter what, I’m going to bet my next month’s pay on this insider tip.

Risk Taker Joe : I’ve done some research. The stock that he’s recommending has some solid fundamentals. Good earnings growth. High potential. Even if the tip is false, it’s still viable to invest in this company. I’m putting 20% of my savings on this because it’s really a good buy.

Irresponsible Dave : 20%! That’s a lot!

Risk Taker Joe : Based on my review, I’m pretty confident of this.

Irresponsible Dave : Alright, since you say so, I’m dumping another month’s pay on this. Let’s win some big money!

Risk Taker Joe shares with Irresponsible Dave his plans.

Risk Taker Joe : Dave, I’ve decided to quit my job to start my own restaurant.

Irresponsible Dave : Are you sure? I’m an excellent example why you shouldn’t quit! It’s because of my failed business that caused my declaring bankrupt! Actually, I still don’t understand why I could fail in that hot industry. Another friend is doing very well in the same line.

Risk Taker Joe : I’m aware of the potential issues but I’ve been planning on opening my own restaurant since the day I worked in YY restaurant 5 years ago! Because of that, I know the operations very well and know exactly what to do and what to expect. I’ve even drafted sample menus, designed my service staff’s uniforms when I’m free. I’ve utmost faith that my restaurant’s going to be the best in town!

Irresponsible Dave : Well, if you insist. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Lesson Learned : Taking risks is exhilarating and essential for an individual to grow. But if you don’t do your own homework and focus positively on your outcome as you plod along, it can also be a shortcut to your premature demise. Risk takers are well informed folks who analyze situations, have confidence in their abilities and a positive outlook. Put it simply, risk takers, unlike irresponsible people don’t behave foolishly. Who do you want to be?


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