How This Couple Achieved Their Weight Loss Goals in 9 Months!

By Ellesse

Have you been slogging on your weight loss goals and yet feel frustrated at times that perhaps you’re never going to reach “there”? Well, it’s time for some weight loss motivation and advice!

As part of the series for “Lose Weight and Get in a Better Shape”, the 2nd ranked goal in my recent poll Top 10 Goals of Goal Setting College Readers, I’m very fortunate to be able to invite Matt & Denise Tausig, a married couple from Lake Ozark, Missouri to share with me some of their weight loss tips. In fact, they were so gracious and forthcoming in giving me their thoughts that I’ve to break this weight loss motivation interview article into 3 parts. Yes, it’s that informative!

Their achievements thus far, have also been phenomenal.

Matt & Denise (Before) Matt & Denise (After)

In a short span of 9 months (from 1st Jan – 30 Sep 2004), Matt lost a whopping 90 pounds, dropped from a size 42 pants to size 34, swapped XXL shirts for just large or medium and shed a total of 17 inches from his waist, hips and neck. Not only did that add more confidence to his already confident self, he now has more energy and run much faster and longer in sports.

Over the same period of time, his goal buddy and wife, Denise lost 37 pounds, dropped from size 12/14 waist to size 4/5 and swapped L or XL shirts for XS/S. She now sleeps better and has gained a tremendous amount of muscle, strength and not to forget, confidence! Her hair and complexion’s glowing too!

Matt & Denise – thank you very much for joining me in this interview. Now, before I start, can you tell us a bit more about yourselves?

Matt: Thank you too, for allowing us to share our success with you and your readers! Well, we’ve just moved from Aptos, California to Lake Ozark, Missouri where I accepted a new job as the Head Golf Professional at a local resort. We’ve been married for just over 9 years and try to spend as much time as we can with each another. Whether it’s mountain biking, Taekwondo, going to the gym, or just going for a walk, we really try to experience as much of life as possible while in each other’s company.

Denise: I’ve spent the last several years working in the real estate industry. The job paid great, but I wasn’t happy and was desperately needing a change in life. When Matt told me about the job opportunity in Missouri, I knew it was a great chance for us to make a positive change in our lives. Moving has actually allowed me to further my interest in helping children learn how to eat better and live a healthier life.

Amazing. You know something guys? Both of you truly epitomize the concept of Soul Mates! Not only do you experience life together as a married couple, you’ve even embarked on a weight loss regime together! Frankly, looking at both of you now, it’s really hard for me to imagine that you were chronically overweight 4 years ago! What was the trigger to that life changing decision?

Denise: My mom’s health was very poor for a long time. I watched her deal with so many health problems which included obesity, several strokes, diabetes and congestive heart failure. That scared me into thinking that I might be going down that same path. Matt found and said that he was going to see if it would help him lose weight. He told me it would be great if I would do it with him, but I didn’t have to. After looking at the website, I decided that it couldn’t hurt to give it a try.

Matt: My story is somewhat similar. My father has lived most of his life with far too many health problems, including diabetes & heart disease. Most of his health problems have been attributed to his obesity. With the help of Gastric Bypass surgery, he dropped from 350 pounds to 185 pounds. I’m very proud to say he has maintained that weight ever since.

At 26 years old and 265 pounds, I knew I was headed in the same direction. I didn’t want to deal with such problems and began some research on the Internet to help me track my calories and lose some weight. I happened to chance upon and actually thought it must be a scam because (at the time) they were only charging $9.95 a year for this incredible program /advice. I decided to give it a try, figuring the worst case scenario would be that I lose $10. Little did I know what would do for our lives! It’s completely free now, isn’t it? I remember showcasing it in one of my earlier articles, 11 Goal Setting Software & Tools that You Can Use for Free! What are some of its features that you’ve used and can you tell us how they’ve helped in your weight loss regime?

Denise: has a lot of features that helped us! Some of the features that I believe were helpful for me are the nutrition tracker, fitness tracker and message boards.

The nutrition tracker really opens your eyes when you are tracking your food. You find yourself being more aware of what you are actually eating. It makes you realize that all that time you were thinking you were eating well, you may not have been because you were underestimating what you were actually eating.

When you sign up and set up your goals, the program tells you how much you should be eating calorie wise and how much you should be burning. With the fitness tracker you can see what calories you are burning and have a log of all the exercises and activities that you’ve actually done, which kept me motivated to see the amount of calories I was burning each day doing various things.

The message boards were a great place for weight loss motivation and support overall! While I had Matt on the same program, it was always nice to talk to others on the site who were going through the same process. I would talk to many people, giving and receiving support at the same time.

Matt : Denise said it all.

Wow, sounds like one place I must really check out in detail! So, what kind of changes did you make to your lifestyle? You know, other than all the tracking you’ve done using the free tools?

Denise: I am much more active! I don’t necessarily count calories all the time, but I am aware of what I’m eating. I keep my portions under control and still allow a treat once in a while. I do like to track my calories from time to time, just to keep myself in check. I’ve learned what being healthy really means.

Matt: Well, the biggest change was in the type of food I eat, and how much. I still enjoy a “treat” now and then, but it’s definitely in moderation. We certainly don’t eat out at restaurants as often. But my favorite change has been in my activities. I used to exercise a little, but since then I’ve got really interested in fitness and exercising. Now I want to be as active as possible and will do anything I can to go on a mountain bike ride, play softball, hike, run, or just about any sport/game you can think of.

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