How This Couple Achieved Their Weight Loss Goals in 9 Months! (Final)

By Ellesse

Continued from How This Couple Achieved Their Weight Loss Goals in 9 Months! (Cont’d)

Now that you’ve achieved your weight loss goals, how has life changed for you – individually and as a couple?

Denise: Life has changed for me tremendously! I am healthy and don’t worry about going down the same path of health issues as my mom and other family members. I have more confidence in myself now that I’m not overweight.

I have changed my goals in life too! I am currently working on getting my certification to be a personal trainer and am furthering my education in Health and Wellness Promotion. I am also working for Sparkpeople to help many others in meeting their goals. As a couple, we are more active together. We enjoy going for walks, bike rides, etc. We are both happy and healthy and so proud of each other for what we have accomplished.

Matt: We’re a lot more active together. Taekwondo, mountain biking, hiking or anything we can do to spend more time together outside of the house. We used to just sit at home, watch some TV, maybe go out to a movie. Now we’re constantly trying to find a new place to hike, bike ride, or explore in our spare time.

Individually, I’m much happier with life all around. I wasn’t a bad person when I was obese, but I didn’t do anything extra to be a “good” person. Now I try to help people understand what it takes to live a healthier life. I spend a lot of time trying to help motivate people around While I’m not employed by, I do what I can to help promote the website and “Spread the Spark”.

Your achievements are indeed remarkable, Matt & Denise. Not only have you benefited from the whole process, you’ve used your experience to motivate people who had the same aspirations. And I’m sure there’re many people and even couples who’ll be inspired by both of you. What advice do you have for other aspiring couples who intend to do this together?

Denise: Support each other! That is the best thing you can do for yourselves. Find some activities that you can do together. Walking together is a great way to get exercise, spend time and motivate/support each other.

Matt: I agree with Denise. Support one another and realize that people progress at different rates. Don’t just lose weight because your spouse wants you to. You have to want it for yourself as well. Be honest with yourself and each other, and it will be much easier to achieve all your goals. Most of all, enjoy the time together. It can be exciting to do new activities with one another and can give your relationship a boost.

You know something, many of my friends successfully lost weight only to find themselves gaining it back a few months later. What are your thoughts on this and what have you done to maintain your weight?

Denise: Well, I think that comes from being on a diet. If you change your lifestyle, then you don’t have to worry about doing the yo-yo diet thing. You tend to keep it off because you have learned the techniques that help to keep the weight off. If you don’t change your lifestyle, you are more likely to gain the weight back.

That’s why I believe diets don’t work; they are a temporary solution to losing weight, not a permanent solution. Staying active and watching my food intake has helped me maintain my weight. Keeping my healthy habits that I learned has certainly helped me out.

Matt: I think Denise hit the nail on the head. Most people “diet” until they lose the weight, then they return to their old habits. More people would succeed if they would commit to changing their lifestyle. We made a conscientious decision to change the way we live…eat better, exercise more, live well.

Having successfully achieved one of the greatest goals in your life, how have you adopted this same goal setting philosophy into other aspects of your life?

Denise & Matt: To a certain extent, yes we’ve. We’ve used the goal setting philosophy for several small goals over the last few years. Right now our main goal in life is to own our own home and live a happy life together. The first goal in owning our own home was leaving California. We certainly achieved that this summer by moving to Missouri. Now that we’ve made that move we are starting to set some smaller goals on how to cut expenses and save more money.

That’s all for this weight loss motivation series. I hope you’ve been inspired by Matt & Denise. I know I certainly did. Having started to run and work out regularly myself, I do agree that losing weight and getting in shape is indeed not easy. In fact, none of our top 10 goals are. But the tougher the goal, the greater the achievement. Remember, nothing is difficult if you’ve set your mind to do it!

And while you’re at it, do check out Sparkpeople (which, by the way is absolutely free) and say hello to Matt and Denise on the messageboards.


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