The Success Training Network – A Self Help Video Channel

By Ellesse

My mum who’s computer illiterate, has always been “fascinated” with my ability to consistently stay glued to my seat typing away furiously on my laptop. Most of the time, I’m usually working on another new article for Goal Setting College, visiting some self improvement related forums or reading someone else’s blog.

But these days, I’ve got another reason to peer into my laptop for hours. Well, the title has said it all. I’ve been watching The Success Training Network programs.

Now, What is this The Success Training Network You’re Talking About?

The Success Training Network (“TSTN”) is the first broadband television channel that allows its subscribers to watch and listen to the world’s top success motivational speakers and trainers via the Internet. It has got some of the best speakers that I’ve known and liked, such as Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Bob Tractor (I knew him from The Secret – The movie about the Law of Attraction!), Stephen Covey and covers a wide spectrum of topics from self improvement areas such as goal setting, success creation, time management, motivation to other subjects like health & nutrition, real estate investment and sales & marketing.

I first knew about TSTN through another motivational site back in July 2006. But being prudent and cautious, I usually refrained from subscribing to such paid services until I’ve done adequate research on them. TSTN’s 14 7 days free trial, which was started a few months back made it a no brainer, though I scoffed initially at the idea of providing my credit card information at the point of registration. Well, they said it’s to ensure that the service will not be interrupted should I decide to continue with the subscription. In my opinion, I choose to think of it as a measure to prevent people from exploiting the free trial.

How’s their Service and errhhh… Content?

Upon registering and confirming my email address, I was notified to download the TSTN SplashStream Player. SplashStream delivers the TSTN interactive guide with Live and on Demand functionality. That means, with this nifty piece of software, I’ll be able to access the new or telecasted shows on my laptop. Cool yeh?

Before you start thinking that I’d been having a nice time watching the shows since day one, I’d to admit that there were some technical glitches with installing the player. But the technical support staff at SplashStream was pretty helpful and knowledgeable. He sent me a detailed guide to install and configure the latest Microsoft Media Player on my laptop. If not for the fact that I’m located in Singapore, I’m sure he’d give me a call to resolve that issue. Eventually, he did a remote access to my laptop, checked the settings and confirmed that it’s a bandwidth problem. I was quite impressed with their dedication to make things work for their customers. Great work! Nonetheless, it’s always “safe” to know that there’s an alternative to watching the shows via the SplashStream. You can login to their secured subscriber page to access only their live shows.

Content wise, all the programmes on TSTN are original productions that you can’t find elsewhere and I’ve got to say they’re of a certain quality. The other day, I was just watching this show “Maximize Your Memory” Part 2 (Ep 2) - by Ron White and I was pretty intrigued with the way he interacted with the audience. He revised the memory maximization techniques with the crowd and tested a few members’ newly acquired memory skills on the spot. While I was viewing the show, I felt as if I was attending a thousand-odd-dollars’ paid seminar, very entertaining and informative. But it was rather difficult for me to follow the entire structure of the talk because I’ve missed out the 1st part of the series. So, if you’re signing up for this service, do make sure you keep track of the program sheet to ensure that you don’t miss out any of the good stuff.

Want to download the programs to your iPod Video or laptop for viewing offline? Ditch the idea because currently, TSTN does not have any recording function on their SplashMedia player nor does it provide offline downloads on their subscriber page. Seriously, I don’t think subscribers are allowed to use commercial recording software to tape the programme to prevent any copyright privacy issues (but I may be wrong). So, if you want to view the programmes offline, you’ll probably have to purchase the faculties’ DVDs, CDs from TSTN’s web store.

So, Overall, Do You Like It?

Well, yes. If you’re someone who’s looking for a dash of motivation every day and consistently on the lookout for new inspirations and ways to improve yourself like me, you’ll like TSTN. You’ll also find the new perspective that TSTN’s offering as refreshing. But one warning though. Don’t get addicted. Or else, you’ll find yourself having dark circles like I now do.

Join TSTN’s 14 7 day Free Trial here


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