The Hidden Secret In Think And Grow Rich

By Ellesse

That day when I was having dinner with a friend at a nearby eatery, an old lady walked up to us. “3 packets of disposable napkins. $1 only.” she said. Since we had our own napkins, both of us simultaneously gestured our disinterest. She was disappointed, stood a little while before moving to the couple next to our table and repeated the same sales pitch as if it was a mantra.

But it wasn’t long before she came popping by our table again. In fact, she came to us at least 3 times before my friend eventually bought from her!

Perhaps you may be thinking “What’s up with these sales people? Don’t they understand that others need privacy?” I don’t deny feeling a bit affected by her disregard of that. But I was more impressed with her perseverance more than anything else. What could have made a 60 year old lady stick through her rounds again and again every night, ignoring “millions” of rejection just to sell a few packets of napkins?

the hidden secret in think and grow rich
Sheer iron will? Or strong burning desire?

Amazing Forerunners of Perseverance

As I think of this, I can’t help recalling some of the famous stories we’ve heard so much before. Kentucky Fried Chicken’s founder cold called 1009 restaurants before he secured his first franchise. J.K. Rowling worked on the Harry Potter novel in cafes while bringing her baby out for a walk in cold winter evenings. She only managed to get the book printed after being rejected by 12 publishing houses! Despite failing umpteen times in his experiments, Thomas Edison went on to discover the electric bulb and own 1,093 patents for his other inventions.

Think about it. What could have propelled those people to continue what they were doing in the face of such seemingly unsurmountable obstacles? Would you’ve ploughed on like Colonel Sanders when you were rejected by your 100th prospect? Do you’ve the vision to write a novel when you’ve a small baby to raise and bills to pay? Or would you honestly tell yourself I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that wouldn’t work?” and still brace up for more failures?

Frankly, I might not have been. But then again, isn’t that energy driving me to quit my job and write articles on Goal Setting College every other week, similar to the one giving them the strength to continue?

“Perseverance is the key to success” they say. But,

What’s Perseverance … Really?

I used to think perseverance is a conscious effort. You need to push yourself to avoid reading your emails so that you can complete the to-do list for the day. You must make an effort to get outside your comfort zone before you can stretch yourself. You have to keep working hard before you get recognized for your efforts in the office. You’ve to do this. You’ve to do that.

Don’t get me wrong, perseverance is important. I never doubted that. You definitely need to keep doing certain things up to a point until your goal is attained. But contrary to popular belief, perseverance doesn’t have to be intentional.

In fact, if you’ve implemented the first 3 steps of The Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich correctly, perseverance is natural. You’ll consistently see good progress that you become motivated to stick through your plan. There’s no need to force things at all.

What’s the Hidden Secret?

I remembered reading Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich in 2003. Back then, I was furiously devouring any personal development book that looked interesting to me. And even though I couldn’t recall most of the details in that 1937 classic then, a very important idea stuck with me : everyone is capable of achieving anything his mind can conceive.

In fact, I was so fascinated with that earth shattering piece of information and the many terms Napoleon mentioned in the book – such as DESIRE, FAITH, PERSISTENCE, IMAGINATION, auto suggestion, – that I shared with everyone I knew. My ex-colleagues, my siblings, my friends. You name it, I had probably mentioned it to them.

I thought that was the hidden secret. I knew the bits and pieces. But I never really got the big picture.

Unless 2 weeks ago.

I was scouring for some writing inspiration when I stumbled upon an old copy of Brian Kim’s The Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich ebook in my computer archives. A gift for being selected in his first blog carnival a year ago. I re-read it again. And I finally got it.

The hidden secret is all about executing the 4 steps advocated by Napoleon Hill in a correct sequence on a consistent basis. When you start doing so, everything will fall in place nicely to catapult your goal achievement.

You’ve to be consistent with each step. And what’s most amazing is, if you’ve implemented the first 3 steps effectively, perseverance comes naturally. Like in the case of the 60 year old napkins seller.

She had a strong urge to sell her wares. Maybe she depended on the income for a livelihood. And I’m sure she had faith she would succeed. Since there were many elderly people doing the same in the neighbourhood. Her good progress with her plan – to go around tables promoting her napkins coupled by her secondary observation that the same customer would buy after being asked 3 times or more – would have kept her going and going.

Ask yourself, if you recall some of the major achievements in your life,

Have You Been Using this Hidden Secret Too?

For me, it’s a definite yes.

When I failed to quality for the Pre-university of my choice many years ago, I was devastated. That soon turned into a strong burning desire to prove to myself that I could do it. I remembered setting targets to become an architect. And visualize working in one of the top architectural firms in my country. Even though I eventually switched to the accountancy faculty later for personal reasons, all that while, I really put my heart and soul in making my dream a reality.

For example, I would read newspapers on my bus ride to the school every day to improve my general knowledge. During exam periods, I would stay back and study with my goal buddies. I reworked the past year ten year series at least 4 times or more. I studied through the nights.

On hindsight, I’m still pretty amazed at the course of the events. I discovered the hidden secret only 2 weeks ago. Yet all that while, I’ve been using it to achieve some of my wildest dreams. I didn’t force it. The perseverance just came naturally.

What Brian said in The Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich is so compellingly true that if there’s only one personal development book you have to read – other than the original 1937 classic – make this the one.

It will definitely change your life.


17 Responses to “The Hidden Secret In Think And Grow Rich”

  1. SH @ Enhance Life at 10:03 am

    Yes, I have read The Hidden Secret in Think & Grow Rich. Found it very informative and refreshing.

  2. Ellesse at 10:12 am

    Yes, it’s a very good book that I strongly recommend. Brian’s a very nice guy too and I must admit he’s really talented :)

  3. Keith at 2:21 pm

    Indeed, perseverance is key to achieving success. Great article…kudos!!!
    Regards, Keith Johnson, Author “The Secret of the Universe”

  4. Al at 7P at 7:07 pm

    Thanks for the good explanation about “The Hidden Secrets.” After reading this article, it’s now on my list of must-reads.

    I started to read Napoleon Hill’s book, but the language and the examples were a little dated – understandable, since the book was written nearly a century ago. Thanks for putting new life into his book!

  5. Ellesse at 1:35 am

    @Keith, thanks for the kind words. I wouldn’t really say Perseverance is the key. Because every phase of the hidden secret in Think and Grow Rich is important. The message conveyed in this article is that if you’ve executed the first 3 steps effectively, you don’t have constantly force yourself to persist in certain things. You’ll naturally do it. Which in retrospect, seems to be very much the case for a couple of my past major achievements.

    @Al, if you find Napoleon Hill’s book a little difficult to comprehend, reading Brian Kim’s book will put everything into perspective. There’s hardly one book that I recommend as much as I did to his. It has definitely raised the bar in the books that I’ll be reading!

  6. kirsten at 2:03 am

    Ellesse, you illustrate Hill’s principles wonderfully–especially the point that persistance is something that comes flows out naturally as a result of following the first three steps. It doesn’t need to be forced.

  7. Ellesse at 4:40 am

    Kirsten, I’ll love to take credit for that! But it was Brian Kim’s book that made me realize that. It’s been a while since I highly recommend a book. Absolutely breathtaking read.

  8. Koosha at 5:57 am

    Thanks Ellesse,
    That was really interesting and usefull

  9. Ellesse at 9:11 am

    Koosha, it’s a pleasure. I’m really glad you find it useful!

  10. Alex Blackwell at 12:15 pm

    Ellesse – thanks for providing this review. When we break our dreams down into these four steps, it helps to provide for a better blueprint for success.

  11. Ellesse at 1:42 pm

    Hey Alex. indeed. The book’s a good reminder that we’ve already possess all that we need. Just put in the right proportion and order and you can cook up a great success!

  12. Peter at 5:55 am

    No other book has motivated me to the extent that “Think and Grow Rich” did. I was truly ready to take on the world after finishing it (which coincidentally was about the same time I started my blog).

    I haven’t read Brian’s book though – despite seeing many many references to it across the blogsphere. Hmmm…. definitely one to put on the “to read” list.

  13. Ellesse at 3:47 am

    Peter, it’s amazing to see how much you’ve grown since reading the 1937 classic! I’m not really sure if I’ve done justice to Brian’s book in this review, but what you’ll probably experience after reading the book is that you’ll find the processes described in it to be uncannily familiar.

    Because you may have used it subconsciously in the steps you went through to build your blog. And other major achievements in your life. It seems to be the case for me.


  14. Roger Loh at 3:52 am

    You’re right, Ellesse…

    I found the Hidden Secret and read it through – it’s GREAT work by Brian and highly recommended!

    BTW, your explanation to the readers on this hidden secret is aweseome too. Good job!

  15. Don Jacks at 3:18 pm

    This is the first “personal developement” book I read. My first boss in real estate gave it to me. It changed the way I thought and think!
    Continue until the goal is realized! The secret to success. Our course may change, our activities may change, but if our goal is real enough to us, we must and will continue until it’s accomplished.

    If you have read Think and Grow Rich, try “Law of Success” by N. Hill. It’s about 1,000 pages. It’s the book Think and Grow Rich was born from! An amazing read and full of inspiring ideas to act on.

    Thanks for the great article and conversation.

  16. Ellesse at 2:38 pm

    @Don Absolutely. The awesome thing is, we can utilize the key ideas in Think & Grow Rich in all aspects of our life, not just for the wealth or financial sector. Brian’s book will put this very much into perspective too. Do get it if you’re looking to add on to your personal development books library.

    I’ve heard about Law of Success but haven’t had a chance to read it. Looks like I’ve got another addition to the reading list!

  17. robin vai at 5:10 am

    this book will surely guide to constant success.


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