Here’s a Quick Way to Get Over Fear of Not Achieving Your Dream

By Ellesse

Your confidence in yourself is spiraling downwards. You’re already 2 weeks into the business and there is no single client in sight. You’ve just gone through the 9th interview and till now, there is no job offers at all. Or perhaps a publisher has just rejected your appeal to showcase your book. Much as you’ve wanted to achieve goal success, your disappointing results is seriously casting doubt over your decision to quit your job, invest huge sums of money into that seemingly full-of-potential business or time to go night classes in preparing yourself for your ideal job. And it certainly doesn’t help that your family and friends are asking you to quit.

“Maybe they’re right that I should go back to getting a stable job”. “Perhaps I should stop thinking about publishing a book”. As you start questioning if you should continue the pursuit of your dreams, your mind slowly manifests images of situations where things didn’t work out. The future looks bleak. Chaos ensues. You’re getting more and more scared. Shucks, what do you do now?

Go back to your whys.


What was the burning desire that got you to ditch that position you’ve slogged hard in the company for, to setup a business? What was the driving force that pushes you to wad through tonnes and tonnes of recruitment papers and employment websites before you can find a ideal job position to apply for? What is the source of motivation that made you sacrifice thousands of hours of your leisure time writing each page of your new novel?

That same compelling reason will help you expel your fear of not achieving your dream. Whatever that has the power to compel it, drive it, has the power to sustain it. Even if it means breaking through negative sources of energy such as fear or doubt and forcing you to focus on your objective. Remember, what got you started in business is the reason why you stayed in business. What ignited your fire in searching for your dream job is precisely the reason that kept you in the career chase. What made you write that first word for your novel is the definitely the reason that will keep you writing till the last word. You don’t just give up easily because of a little fear ripple ruffling your mettle.

But should you ever succumb to the fearful bug in the fit of the moment, instead of blaming yourself for being such a weakling, try channeling that negative energy into constructive wisdom by writing down all the reasons that keep you started in the race in the first place. You’ll be surprised at how much you’re forgetting.

And I’m sure you’ll feel reinvigorated after that :)


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