5 Tips to Daily Motivation

By Ellesse

If you’re wondering what’s daily motivation, imagine this. You’ve bought a brand new car and can’t wait to drive it out for a spin. Sitting comfortably behind the steering wheel, you position the rear view mirror and ignite the engine. What happens?

The car doesn’t bulge. Well, of course. How will the car move when there is no petrol in the tank?

In a way, goal setting is just like a car. It’s merely a vehicle that transports us from point A to point B. You may have the fastest Ferrari or Posche but if you don’t load it up with petrol, it’s just an obsolete white elephant. Similarly, you may have a comprehensive and well designed goal plan, but if you do not inject it with the powerful fuel of daily motivation, it’s just a piece of paper.

So, how do you generate daily motivation? Ha ha. It definitely involves more than just shouting “I can do it!” everyday. But if you take the effort to do these on a daily basis, I guarantee that you’ll feel invigorated and more energized in working towards your goals. Your resolve will get stronger by the day, driving you a kilometer nearer towards your destination.

Ready to take off? Here are the 5 tips to help you instill daily motivation, from dawn to dusk.

(1) Develop an Energy Plan

An energy plan involves sleeping well, eating healthily and exercising regularly. You may wonder “What has all these got to do with motivation?” Well, take a moment to review your goals. Do you think you’ll need boundless energy to make that seemingly infinite number of cold calls in order to clinch a sale, lift that heavy dumbbells so as to develop those beautiful arm muscles or do that amount of research before you can write an informed article? And if you don’t complete these due to a lack of energy, don’t you feel de-motivated and frustrated because you aren’t seeing any progress?

Studies shows that people who get 8 hours of adequate sleep and maintain a healthy diet such as eating breakfast and drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day tend to be more alert and perform better. I learnt about that the hard way. When I first embarked on my goal to start Goal Setting College, I’d make silly mistakes like working through the night to write an article and waking up late the next day. At times, I’d had to miss my breakfast too. In the end, it just made me so groggy and lousy that I got very little done for the rest of the day.

I’m still learning how to maintain a more consistent sleep routine and making sure that I eat breakfast everyday. And as I continue to do so, I do feel a growing source of energy emerging from within. If you think it takes a bit of effort to do this, yes you’re right. But it is these little efforts that segregate the winners from the rest. So, which do you choose to be?

(2) Setup Little Reminders on Your Goals & the Whys

What’s the burning desire that’s pulling you towards that goal? Write down your goal and all the reasons why you want to achieve it in a positive context on a piece of paper and put it in your shirt pocket, your handbag or wherever that’s convenient for you to whip it out for an instant motivation booster.

Let’s say one of your goals is to be financially independent so that you’ll have more time with your family. You can write “My passive income of $X gives me financial freedom to spend more quality time with my family” on a POST-IT note and then stick this positive affirmation around your house or office. You can even set it up as a text wallpaper on your computer. People who prefer images can create a Vision board, a collage of picture cuttings of a bank account statement that remind you of your goal and pin it up somewhere.

Make it a point to review these at least once every day with conviction. You can do it while brushing your teeth or relieving yourself in the loo, but the point of this exercise is to constantly remind yourself of your bottom line and why you’re going through the efforts of slogging hard for your goal.

(3) Listen to Success Motivation Cassettes, MP3s or other Materials

This is one of my favourite: listening to success motivation cassettes, MP3 or reading books close to your heart to keep yourself uplifted. I remembered an occasion when I was feeling pretty down amid all the challenges faced at work and all it took was a Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Colonel Sanders story to have inspired me to continue with whatever I was doing. As I was listening to Tony Robbin relating the story to his audience in the mp3 audio, I could literally feel his enthusiasm. You can also observe your surroundings on how to get motivated too!

After listening to such success motivation cassettes, mp3s or audio books on your car audio system (while driving, of course) or mp3 player for at least 15 to 30 minutes a day, you’ll notice a gradual change in your outlook and mood. Believe it or not, you’ll be so buoyant that it’s hard for anyone to break you down.

Now, with the advent of technology, you can even watch streaming videos from subscription based channels such as The Success Training Network, that offers quality motivational programs on demand as well as live. You can also catch free motivational videos clips available on the net. With so many options, there’s simply no excuse to say “I’m not motivated” isn’t it?

(4) Connecting with Your Mastermind Group Regularly

Napoleon Hill first brought forth the concept of a Mastermind Group in his 1937 classic Think & Grow Rich. A mastermind group is simply one that is made up of 2 or more people having a common goal. These people can be from different backgrounds and possess skill sets that help to provide leverage in the pursuit of your own goals.

In my opinion, if you’re able to connect with a bunch of like minded folks and form mastermind groups where you’re able to learn and tap on one another’s knowledge, you’ll be able to reap great rewards, one of which is constant motivation and encouragement from one another. For instance, if you’re interested to learn public speaking, you can sign up for a toastmaster club within your vicinity. Mingle around and network, you’ll likely find some folks very willing to share their knowledge and tips with you. Who knows, you may be able to team up with anyone of them to participate in a public speaking contest!

Nowadays, it’s also very common to find online forums or communities of all sorts where you can register with so it’s no longer just the conventional club that we’re referring to. Just do a search in Google and you’ll be directed to the forum of your interest. But remember, whether is it a brick and mortar special interest club, online forum or any group of friends with similar goals, it’s important that you maintain the frequency of such contact. Too long a lapse is unlikely to bring any substantial leverage. Contribute your knowledge, experience and encouragement just as when you’re receiving. Only then, you’re truly living the spirit of Napoleon Hill’s definition of the “Master Mind”.

(5) Visualize Living Your Dream Everyday

One of the most satisfying and motivating experience is to imagine living your dreams everyday! It will definitely motivate you to keep progressing with your goal tasks, isn’t it? Try this visualization exercise everyday:

a) Every night before you go to sleep, close your eyes and take few deep breaths to relax.

b) Build a picture in your mind. Imagine a typical day when you have achieved your dream. For eg, you can imagine a day when you wake up late at 11am without worrying if you’ll be late for work. Why? Because you have just “sacked” the boss the week before! You’re financially independent! See yourself as if you’re watching a movie in a large cinema screen with yourself as the lead actor or actress. Then as the image becomes more realistic, add more details in stages. Say, after waking up, you’ll imagine going to the bathroom, brush your teeth and dressing up to prepare for your flight to Spain for a backpacking holiday! Feel the rush in your adrenaline.

As you repeat the exercise every night, start adding colours, sounds and smells to your “movie”. This visualization technique not only allows you to build intense confidence towards achieving your goal, it implants a positive impression onto your subconscious, tapping on its power to achieve wonders in your life! That’s great daily motivation, isn’t it?


13 Responses to “5 Tips to Daily Motivation”

  1. Evan Carmichael at 4:30 pm

    Great post Ellesse! I write a blog on Mastermind Groups and posted a comment today on Mastermind Goal Setting.

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Ellesse at 1:15 am

    Evan, thanks for your compliments. Just visited your site and I think it’s a great concept! If I’m an entrepreneur in Toronto, I might just check your mastermind groups program :)

  3. Amanda at 8:09 am

    Awesome tips. Mastermind groups are great. They keep you tuned up.


  4. Ellesse at 10:34 am

    Thanks Amanda, not only does mastermind groups tune you up, it give you the vibes! But then again, my fave is still #3. It’s simply great, listening and learning from some of the world’s greatest motivational speakers.

  5. Paula at 2:13 pm

    Really nice article. Inspiring indeed!

  6. Ellesse at 2:17 pm

    Hey Paula, thanks for the comments! Nice to have you around…

  7. Lee at 1:09 am

    Hi Ellesse, Love your post! You didn’t give affirmations much of a mention though, their power goes far beyond reminders on post-its! :) I would love for you to check out :)

  8. Ellesse at 11:30 am

    Lee, I did a brief mention of positive affirmations on the Post-its:) But you’re right, they’re powerful and I use them on my electronic Vision Board. Thanks for the heads up! Your site looks interesting.

  9. Mohit at 8:05 pm

    wow its likly to change ma life with nw course
    u r really doing grt job.

  10. candice at 1:51 pm

    I think developing an energy plan is very important. Ever since I started school Im having a hrad time going to sleep and staying asleep. Its not because of the stress, its the anticipation of learning something new or finding out my grades. I really need to start to get myself back into a routine.

  11. Ellesse at 7:37 am

    @Mohit Thanks for your kind words! Glad you enjoyed Goal Setting College

    @Candice It’s a very important yet much overlooked section of our life. Start an exercise regime to get things moving. You’ll be surprised how you’ll reach new energy levels with just a simple change in your lifestyle :)

  12. steve at 8:54 am

    Hi I really like your article.I have learnt a great deal and hope to make use of your tips. I believe I can be as wealthy as I set my mind and to be able to help people who need help….

  13. Ellesse at 2:03 am

    @Steve Thanks! I personally attest to all the tips. It’s not easy to keep up with these on a daily basis but trust me, once you get in the momentum, it can become really powerful!


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