Inspirational Stories VII : Lance Armstrong, A Cancer Fighter

By Ellesse

Just when you thought life is good to you, something disastrous happened. You can choose to give up and let life’s challenges get you down. Or you can decide to fight it and savour the sweet aftertaste of victory!

Lance Armstrong choose the latter. What about you?

Black 1996

Lance Armstrong was at the peak of his career in early 1996. At that time, he had just won the World Cycling Championships and became the first cyclist to clock the widest winning margin in the U.S. National Road Race Championship’s history. Besides that, he had just signed a 2 year contract to ride with a famous French racing team for $2.5 million.

But his dream of riding for the French crashed on October 2, 1996 when he was diagnosed with advanced stage testicular cancer. The cancerous cells had spread to his lungs and brain and an urgent operation had to be arranged to remove his swollen testicle, which had grown to the size of an orange. Doctors told him he had a 50% chance of survival, even though they later admitted that it was inflated by almost 47%.

An Indomitable Spirit

Though doctors were not optimistic about his recovery, Lance Armstrong never gave up. After all, he was trained not to give up so easily since young. His mother, a single parent had always inculcated values of strong determination and persistence to him. There was once when he was found by his mother near the end of a triathlon about to quit. Upon her encouragement, he completed the race by walking. Although he came out last, he persisted till the end.

Using the same determination, Lance challenged his illness by going through the operation to remove the tumours and the long process of chemotherapy. He lost a lot of weight and was unable to even ride his bike around the neighbourhood. Despite that, he was spiritually revived by his illness.

Surprise Gift

After he completed his chemotherapy sessions and was declared cancer free miraculously, he gradually went back to his first love : biking. His post cancer training proved to be unexpectedly fruitful as he discovered that his 17 pounds of weight loss allowed him to scale stage races (i.e. Multi-day and week races) much more effortlessly than he used to. Previously, he had only participated in 1 other similar race (i.e. Tour de France), withdrawing subsequently due to fatigue and injury in the other years.

As he cycled through the training trails of the Blue Rider Mountains, he sensed that something was different. He was finally ready to be a world class cyclist that stood steadfast regardless of the nature of the races, terrains or weather conditions.

He proved that his feeling was right when he earned the prized maillot jaune, the yellow jersey worn by the leading cyclist in the 1999 Tour de France right from the start. Though he let other riders take the lead in the middle part of the race, he slowly caught up as they ventured into the Alps, the place where he gave up in the previous races. As he cycled uphill through the freezing rain, Lance increased his lead over his second opponent by 4 minutes odd to a full 6.03 minutes.

When he breezed across with the finishing line with a strong lead, he was welcomed by his wife, who was pregnant via vitro fertilization after Lance’s cancer caused him to be sterile.

For the next 4 consecutive years, Lance proceeded to win the Tour de France and later wrote that he would choose overcoming cancer to winning the race because it was the former that allowed him to reject doomsday predictions by his doctors over hope and strong faith in himself.

What Did I Learn From This Story?

That whether you like it or not, life’s full of challenges. If you can choose to tackle them with resolve and determination, there’s always something to gain in any challenge, even though it may not seem so evident initially.

(1) Challenges Are Life’s Vitamins

I know pessimists may slam me for being too sarcastic. But the truth is, life without challenges is a bore. Even my 2 year old niece agrees with me. Whenever I give her her favourite plush toy without any struggle, she’ll fiddle it for about 2 seconds and cast it away. However, if I make her run over a short distance or go through some maze before throwing the toy back to her, she’ll treat it like some well deserved treasure. The physical reward is the same. But if you go through great hurdles to achieve the same effect, the perceived value immediately augmented. This form of value creation, is what challenges give.

In a way, challenges are vitamins, enriching our lives with ups and downs. For Lance, taking part in the Tour de France after beating cancer helped him to manifest his latent courage and firm belief in himself, something he might not have seen himself equipped with before. And one thing for sure, no matter how much some people dislike challenges, they’ll definitely and surely be there!

So, instead of regarding challenges as pests or scum, why don’t you treat them as a chance to showcase your prowess? And I can guarantee you that after winning over them, life is no longer the same. It’ll be much more fulfilling and wonderful!

(2) Never Take What You Already Have for Granted

Lance’s illness gave me a strong signal that we should never take little things in life for granted. What seemed natural for some people like having good health mattered very much for Lance. What seemed straightforward and perhaps easy for other people like getting pregnant was tough for his wife because Lance became sterile after his ordeal. What seemed manageable for other riders such as scaling stage races was an major issue for Lance previously.

If you’re someone who’ve wished you were richer, better looking or more influential, have you ever taken some time to reevaluate what you already possessed and be grateful for it? Some of you may say it’s only human to deem what you’ve is not enough or insufficient by comparing your achievements with others, but what is considered enough?

Sadly, this insatiable desire to pursue that “what” blind our vision, often waiting for their loss before realizing the true value of what we already have.

Do you really have to wait for that day to come?


48 Responses to “Inspirational Stories VII : Lance Armstrong, A Cancer Fighter”

  1. nick davis at 9:13 am

    lance’s journey motivates me even more in my everyday life, seriously 9 out of 10 people would of easily broke down and quit if they were in lances shoes. He was only given a 40% chance of living! He not only got his life back but got his first love back, biking. it takes someone with true heart and determination to come back and do what he did, hes never gonna be forgotten hes a legend in a bunch of peoples lives. He motivates me entirely because i tore my ACL and MCL in football playing tailback and im trying to comeback for my senior year after major reconstructive surgery. i know my problem is nothing compared to what lances was but still listening to lance story makes me want to work harder and be better than i was before. one thing i learned from this article that i will keep with me for the rest my life is not to take things for granted, lance is my hero…… god bless

  2. Ellesse at 8:04 am

    @Nick I truly attest to what you say especially when I see how my sister wasted away in her battle with cancer. It really takes lots of courage, determination and faith to really contest the deadly disease. Everyone’s predicament is different so don’t undermine yourself. I think it’s really courageous of you to even have the thinking to want to challenge your comeback after a major surgery. You’ve got my utmost admiration and I truly wish you all the best. If there’s anything I ask of you, do keep us updated of your progress.

    Nothing matters most than to hear readers achieving success in any one of their personal goals.

  3. steve hall at 5:09 am

    I am turning 46 on sept 4th 2009, I am having my 4th surgery in the last year and a half. I had a heart attack in dec 2007, was diagnosed with Squamous cell gallbladder cancer in March of 2008, had my gallbladder removed in June 2008 with some of my liver and top of stomach. I recently had a few tumors show up in the top of my stomach and am scheduled for more surgery on the 3rd of september the day before my 46th birthday. I have a lovely wife and 2 children ( a boy 7 years old and a daughter 5 years old. My faith and my resolve are being tested daily and would appreciate any encouragement as 1/2 my doctors say things are not good and the others seem to have some hope. Very trying. Oh ya and you try and function your daily life like none of this should effect you.

    Thanks for listening
    Steven R. Hall

  4. Ellesse at 4:36 pm

    @Steve, I can’t tell you how much I admire your tenacity and determination! It’s take real courage to go through what you’ve gone and only one thing could have propelled you so far – your greatest love for your wife and kids. Let that be the fundament and reason why you should continue fighting and firmly align that with your prayers. Cancer is essentially an illness that battles with one’s mind. With what you’ve gone through and surmounted, you’ve already half the battle won so never never ever ever give up until you cross the finishing line!

    Trust me, you can definitely DO IT!

    And remember, in whatever we do, there will and definitely be 2 camps – the supporters and the naysayers… who you choose to focus on is where you would like the power to be given. I know it’s easier said than done but geez, who said this will be easy? Anything worthy deserves a good fight!

    Keep me posted and you bet I will be cheering (and praying) for you!

  5. Blake at 4:13 pm

    I know who he is now

  6. valerie at 10:35 am

    I love Lance Armstrong because of his determination and courage to acheive something and that is why i chose to do him as the subject of my project.

  7. Akhil at 7:29 am

    @Steve. Have faith in god. Facts are good for knowledge . .. god can change the facts. I was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer and was given 40-50 % chance to live. With God’s grace I now feel confident that, I would live a long and happy life.
    God has given you a beautiful family and he will make sure that everything falls at the right place for you. As Dr. Robert Shuller says in his book ” Tough time never last but tough people do” …Though you may be mustard seed, have faith, you can move the mountain.
    I appreciate your courage, you have been fighting very hard, trust me this one would be your last battle and very thing will be shining again as it shines when god send the dawn to the earth.

  8. hector2011 at 10:07 pm

    y thing that te lance armstrong history is a good example of a person thah fought to continue making his life and I thing the people in these world need to change the actitude because normally in the 1st oportunite the people says that they cant continue with the life.

  9. Samuel Escobar Posada at 11:28 pm

    Im Samuel Escobar i study in berchmans shool in cali, Colombia and lance’s story inspires me to never give up even if the problem that i have is nothing that affects my health, i know some friends including me, that if we live the same things that lance did we would give up and let life’s challenges get us down.
    I now kow how important life is and how short because i have lived in 3 cities (puerto rico, medellin, colombia and in this monent cali) in the last 3 years and it felt like 1 year.

    Lance thank you for living.

  10. harold camilo arabia at 1:52 am

    hi, i have more hope, for all the people that have cancer, all those exaples are very inspiring , the people that are cancer survivor are a very important model to follow, and that message said that we can follow our dreams whatever happens.

  11. German Andres Pereira at 9:11 pm

    I´m German Andres Pereira M. I was born in February 16th 1997 in Cali-Colombia, I´m 13 years old, now I study in Colegio Berchmans.
    I know about Lance Armstrong because our english teachers showed to students that story because Lance Armstrong life is a good example of how not to surrender because he passed through bad moments in his life but he continued with his life.
    In my opinion Lance Armstrong story was a teaching because he never surrendered in difficult moments in his life because while he had testicular cancer he followed his dream and he fulfilled his dream, other important thing was that his mother was a good mother who taught him values and determination, she never left him, and the family in those problems is very important.
    Never surrender in life despite the situation that you are going through !
    Now I´ve got an uncle and he´s had leukemia it has been so hard to the family, but he has always stayed with hope to survive, he has always prayed and stayed close to family to be happy and surpass that problem.

  12. juanita saa at 12:15 am

    hello i am a student of colegio berchmans in cali colombia, iam in seventh grade. one day in the english class the teachers shot to all the students a video that talk about the life of Lance Armstrong, a very important cyclist, and i really like it because when i seen all the things that lance armstrong did and lived, i have learnt that we can never give up our dreams and that if we really want something we have to fight and to comfront all the dificults been strong and having a lot of faith.
    thanks god i ve never lived something like that so i admire him a lot because is a finghter, is a HERO.

  13. Andres Aristizabal Mayor at 7:18 pm

    Hi, my name is Andres Aristizabal Mayor.
    I´m a student of colegio berchmans in cali, colombia.
    I am studying 7th grade, that is second of high school.
    The story about the cyclist Lance Armstrong is very beautiful. In our lives meybe we have a lot of opportunities to do big things, but we have to take advantage of that because if we have dreams, we have to fight to be able to obtain them. We cannot give up so easily.
    If the life gives us opportunities, we have to fight to the maximum him everything good is able to extract that we could.
    For me, Lance is an example of life for all the persons that have cancer and for that not.
    He really is the whole hero.
    I really do not know the case of any another person who had this problem of cancer.
    But my English teacher told us that an aunt of her had cancer, but she gave herself defeated and unfortunately she died.
    So it seems to me that we must not give up for power like that to go out improve since it Lance did.

  14. Alberto Jose Amaya at 9:21 pm

    I am a student of 7th grade when I read the story of Lance Armstrong I feal that if you have a problem the world dont finish and you need to fight wiht this problem.
    I had a similar situation to this, whent I had 8 years my father had dengu and I put very sad but my dad foght this problem and put very good.
    This situation is similar to the situation of Lance Armstrong because when Lance had cancer he had in his mind that he could go on.
    finally I say that Lance is a very good person that fight the problems and that problems can be resolve.

  15. jose david salazar at 11:32 pm

    Hello,i am jose dadiv of seven grade in the berchmans school in cali colombia in the english class i discuss about lance anstrong and i learn about thet we can do all the things that you want if you propouse you can ashive after thet pass somethings important in the life we dont change.

  16. Hector Garcia at 1:16 am

    I think that the stay of the life of lance armstrong is important because it shows the life of a person that fought to continue with life and who made his deam come true. now a days, people say”NO” to teh first oportunity that life presents, this is bad because you can do everything you propose. I have never lived anything like lance’s experience but in november 18th 2004 I fell and made a wound in my leg and my mother and all my family helped me and then I continued riding bike because I liked it. Lance armstrong teaches me that all in life has solution and I need to fight to meke my deam come true.

  17. Jose Miguel Echeverry B at 11:15 pm

    hello my name is jose miguel echeverry b i am 13 years old and i study at the colegio berchmans. the story of lance armstrong motivates me for go on in the difficult moments in my life. two members of my family died by this disease and this moment was very difficult for me. i think that the cancer is a motivation to go on in the life. the situation of lance armstrong was a miracle and this have tough that if i fight for something that i want i can doit.he is a real fighther….

  18. Daniel Gamboa Ospina at 12:10 am


    Hello, my name is Daniel Gamboa Ospina, I study in seventh grade at Colegio Berchmans.

    My opinion on the story of Lance Armstrong. Is that a person with a great personality and very brave to survive the cancer which was not an obstacle to become a great athlete international importance. He is a person whom we admired very much because he is an example of perseverance to follow.
    In my family there is one member who lived a terrible car accident which left her comatose for more than a month, But with much effort and love from her family the managed to recover and regain her health to go ahead with their children and their work.

  19. Hana Jiménez Müller at 12:26 am

    My name is Hana Jiménez Müller. I study at Colegio Berchmans in Cali- Colombia. I am 13 years old and I’m in seven grade.
    My English teacher has shared with us Lance´s story which has left me a great teaching. Now I understand that we need to fight again obstacles and never give up. And it doesn’t matter how difficult they are, we can fight with them and do our best, we must go ahead, without stopping!

    I have lived difficult situations but nothing compared to Lance’s experience, I know that my life has been so easily but I don’t know what is going to happen in the future and I have to be ready to take the best decision and never give up.

    In the difficult situations that I have lived, I have gotten confidence and strength to stand up and fight with the problems.

  20. Ellesse at 5:18 pm

    @All at Colegio Berchmans in Cali Colombia Thanks for all your wonderful comments about Lance Armstrong! You must’ve been inspired to learn more about him after watching the video your English teacher shared with you all about his personal and athletic victory. His story means a lot to me because when I was writing this article, my own sister was battling cancer too. Even though she succumbed to that illness eventually, reading and writing about Lance Armstrong at that time gave me a lot of encouragement. Please continue to share Lance’s spirit to all, especially to the families of those who’re fighting cancer by sharing this article with them. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart

  21. laura matamoros at 9:53 pm

    Hello my name is Laura Matamoros, I’m 1 years old, I’m from Cali, Colombia. I study at Berchmans School, in my English class teachers have told us about Lance Armstrong story, they have shown us some videos and he’s biography.
    I think this story is really amazing and it a life teaching; his a real champion because he got up even not being able. He was really strong because he has cancer and he recovered in only one year and then from being the worst he was the best, he won 7 consecutive times the Tour de France.
    This story taught me that if I had cancer I couldn’t give up that easy, and that I would need to fight for my life. Even when things get hard and that it seems impossible we could never give up because nothing is impossible in life.

  22. andres felipe at 10:28 pm

    hello my name is Andres Felipe Moya and I have 13 years. studio in Berchmans college of quality.
    One day when I was in kind of language teachers began to talk about Lance Armstrong and showed us a video, I learned that you never have to give by Bence and you always have to fight against adversity.

  23. Valentina Parra at 2:01 am

    “You don’t know how strong you’re until being strong is the only choice you have!”

    Hello, I’m Valentina I’m 14 years old I live in Cali, Colombia and I study at Berchmans School.
    I have heard about Lance Armstrong story because in my English class our teachers wanted us to learn about effort and about the courage that he had and that it would be really good if we apply that in our lives.
    For me Lance’s story is inspiring because the way he fought to follow his dreams was incredible and the way he overcome his illness for me was a miracle.
    For me is a good example of life and everything he did to follow his dreams touched my heart and make me reflect about how we live our life.
    The cancer is horrible and I would never like to pass through something like that so the last month I cut my hair until my shoulders and I gave 15 or 20 centimeters to the foundation of kids with low recourses with cancer and there they will make a wig with my hair. Some people ask me why I did this and I love to answer because I can show everyone that with little actions we can build a better WORLD!

  24. Maria Jose Rodriguez at 9:09 pm

    I´am Maria Jose Rodriguez I study in one of the best schools in cali-colombia.I´am some one who fights for what i want and I always hace thought that everything has solution.
    As a Topic of the second period of English, Teachers hace shown videos about a personas who is a example to follow I it´s the life of Lance Armstrong. We saw videos on his life and who he is.
    Teachers give this articule tous find it interesting because it shows that everything in life is possible despite he problems and if we fight what we dream we can go on.
    I had an aunt who had cancer in the frowns but she was discouraged and did not stuggles to get ahead she died.
    Lance Armstrong also had cancer and moved on because iknew he wanted. I can compare my aunt situation to Armstrong story but my aunt died because she didn´t fight enough to survive and Armstrong fought and won the battle.

  25. Laura Daniela Castro at 11:43 pm

    Hello everyone, my name is Laura Daniela Castro. I study at Colegio Berchmans in Cali-Colombia. In english class we saw some videos about the story of Lance Armstrong, and I felt inspired for the decision that he took, because is not easy to accept that you just have an opportunity to survive, and is so greatfull when you realize that you`re right.
    Sometimes in our lives opportunities appear and we don`t recognize them, and when we realize that they are there is so late.
    I think that life is too short to just let it pass doing anything.We have to fight for every dream we have as Lance did, he knew that he could die, but he was positive, and finally his dream came true, He was free of cancer!, and it demostrates us that everything is possible.
    In every situation we need to have present that the family is a very important part in our life, and they`re always gonna be there to motivate us, and demostrates us that not everything is lost, that we need to have hope, and that finally all the energy that we waste on it was necesary to grow up.

  26. José Alejadro Vidal at 9:40 pm

    I’m José Alejadro Vidal; i study at Colegio Berchmans in Cali, Colombia. I know about Lance Armstrong because my English teachers worked with us about it, to know that we never have to stay down and we have to continue.

    I find myself identified with Armstrong when i continue to look for my goal. I admire him and i think that he is a super hero.

    Lance’s s experience inspires me because it shows me that we have to continue and get up in the difficult moments,

    It helped when i have laziness to do my homework and when i have a problem, i can continue almost in different moments in my life

  27. Ana Maria Grande at 12:12 am

    Hello, my name is Ana Maria Grande I study in Colegio Berchmans, i`m a student of seventh grade.
    Some months ago I read about Lance but I didn`t have in mind all the things that this man did but now when I read this text I`ve learned many things; like that we have to try and try because in the end everything will be great and all dreams come true, also when we have a difficult moment we have to be strong.
    One year ago I lived a similar experience, because my grandma had a difficult disease and she died, this was very difficult for me because I lost a very important member of my family but at that moment I had to be strong and in the end everything will be great.
    Lance Armstrong is a real hero because he won the battle against cancer.

  28. Ellesse at 7:44 am

    @Maria It’s not easy going through a life threatening illness like cancer and I’ve got the utmost admiration for your aunt! Even though she may have succumb to the illness, please do not take it that she didn’t fight it. Everyone’s mission in life is unique and I’m sure your aunt must have fulfilled hers in a different way and completing this journey of life with this fulfillment is just as great!

  29. Jorge C. Aedo at 5:17 pm

    hello, my name is jorge carlos aedo, I thinkt that lance armstrong is very strong becouse he never lost his opportunity to live.
    I think only he could do it with his motivation he never Thought that he was going to die.
    armstrong has a lot of courage he is a life fighter, a dreamer.
    in the top of his life he was diagnosed and began to think that he needed to do something he is not a normal person in my opinion. he is a “super man”
    I have an uncle that needed an operacion of his timo and had the 70% of sirvival. this porcent is too dangerous and he has provavilities to die.
    I learnt that if we want something we need to fight for that dream

  30. Juliana Hernandez at 11:44 pm

    Hello,I’m Juliana Hernandez,i’m 13 years old.I’m in 7th grade at Colegio Berchmans in Cali-Colombia.My english teachers have shown some videos about Lance Armstrong and the interesting life he has lived.We have spoken about all the experiences and battles he has fought in his life.I have learnt that life is a gift that god gave to us and we need to protect it and fight for whatever we want.We have to thank god for give us the opportunity of being alive and give thanks also for the difficult moments we have lived because that shows us the value that life represents.

    I have lived a very difficult moment when my grandfather was so sick and he had to fight against death.It was a difficult moment for the family,now he is so fine and he has a good process of recuperation..

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to leave my message and feelings here,
    Juliana H.

  31. Diego Casaña at 3:11 am

    Hello My name is Diego Casaña, I’m 14 years old, I’m studying at Berchmans school, and I’m going to give my opinion about Lance Armstrong because our English Teachers wanted to know about him, we have seen videos, and we have read somo articles also.
    In my opinion I think that we don’t have to give up in the difficult moments because we have to try to reach that difficults, because that difficult is also a challenge and I think that Lance fought for continue living and that is what we have to learn.
    A difficult moment in my life was when my grandmother die because she was very special with me and my love that I had to her was increible and it was to difficult for meto beleive the notice, but with the time, I have learned that we don’t have to give up, because the love continue in our hearts and the life go on and we have to lived it.

    Diego Casaña

  32. Alberto Jose Amaya correction: at 10:44 pm

    I am a student of 7th grade in Colegio Bearchmans Cali, when I read the story of Lance Armstrong I felt that if you have a problem its not the end of the world.
    I had a similar situation to this, when I was 8 years my father had dengue and I was very sad,but my dad fought this problem.
    This situation is similar to the situation of Lance Armstrong because when Lance had cancer he had in his mind that he could go on.
    Finally I say that Lance is a very good person who fights the problems.

  33. Ana Maria Rivas S at 11:41 pm

    My name is Ana Maria Rivas I am from Cali-Colombia, I study at Colegio Berchmans. In our English class teachers share us the amazing experience about Lance Armstrong.
    I think that I am like Lance because I can achieve my goals and my dreams, no matter how difficult they are. Lance motivates many people with cancer and without it due to the fact that he teaches to value the life and to never give up.
    A very special friend have cancer, at the first time he said that he will died, with the help of his friends and family he could chance his way to see the problem and affront it. What I most like was the support of his mom, she always was there when he needs it, she could do whatever to fix out problems, and the most valuable thing was that he and his mom never give up. Now Rafael is in the process of chemotherapy and I am very happy because all is going by the right way.
    I thank that they are people that always affront things with a positive manner and they never give up, they always try to fix out problems as quick as they can.
    “no one is better than a person who never gives up, that’s the person that many people need their hand”

  34. Maria Jose Bernal at 11:56 pm

    Hi! My name is Maria Jose Bernal, I am from Cali-Colombia I study at Colegio Berchmans, in seventh grade. In english class we are talking about Lance Armstrong, my personal opinion is that this man is a person that has many posibilities not to live, he could go on, he is very brave. He could win 7 times the tour de France, he is like a hero!
    My grandmother had cancer but many years ago, she was not like Lance because she wanted to die when she had this sckinnes. She said that she had been finished her time in the world; she was the oppoust to Lance, because he wanted to live and to be the best.

  35. Isabella Salamanca at 12:15 am

    Hello, my name is Isabella Salamanca, I live in Cali- Colombia and I study at Colegio Berchmans.
    I think that Lance Armstrong has taught us to never give up. He also teaches us that we need to try and try and the results gonna be the best ones. But if you really wanted to get it you can achieve your goals and dreams. If you believe in them you also need to have a god disposition. Sometimes your dreams are not easy to make it real. that’s why you need to fight for them and work hard. Lance Armstrong was an example of life because he always thinks positive and never looks back. This is important because you need to see the positive side of things and learn from them and continue fighting for our dreams because anyone or anything can change what we want to achieve, you are the owner of your life and you decidewether you life, happy, sad, healthly, etc…
    Finally, Lance invites you to value the our life and never give up, even if its dificult to achieve your dreams.
    I thank Lance Armstrong for let me know his experience.
    God bless you ? ? .

  36. Maria Jose Espinosa at 12:40 am

    Hi, mi name is Maria Jose Espinosa, I study at Berchmans school in Cali-Colombia. Our english teachers showed us some videos and stories about Lance Armstrong. Like this hero, few indeed. There are some people with diseases, which give up, others that decide to survive, but few that after surviving decide to do things Lance did. Life is full of miracles the problem is that we hide of them, or we just don´t take chances. Lance obtained his miracle because of his attitude. God have a purpose for anyone in the earth, one of his purpose with Lance was to guide others to find their miracle and their reason to love. Thanks Lance for surviving and for being a motivation to me for search and find my miracle. God Bless you
    Maria Jose

  37. Francisco Jose López at 1:12 am


    My Name is Francisco Jose Lopez, and I live in Cali, Colombia. I study at Colegio Berchmans, and in my English class I have seen a couple of videos of Lance Armstrong, and when I saw those videos I got impressed, and I learnt a lot of things.
    For me Lance is a great example of of perseverance, courage and will, that´s why when I saw the video I said to myself “Well, if he could do that, I can do big things as well” so if he could defeat the cancer and the tumor, I can do very important and big things, because I don’t have anything bad, so I can make the difference. I also learnt that from every trouble or problem I can learn something because without troubles life will be boring and sad.

    The videos have left me a lot of teachings, and I´m going to try to apply these learnings in my life to have a better life and motivations to live.

    Francisco (:

  38. Tatiana Mejia Herrera 7-d at 9:45 pm

    I´m Tatiana, I study at Colegio Berchmans, so I´m very young, I´m 13. I live in Cali, Colombia.
    I think that this is a very good article that encourages everyone that reads it.
    Lance Armstrong is an awesome man that has given inspiration to many people. His story has been able to show us how important it´s never to give up despite every situation.
    Lance learned this from his mother, when he was very young, he was lucky. But now we have his example to continue living, make our dreams true, as the famous cyclist did.
    Never, never give up! Despite how the situation looks like, you´ll have an opportunity to win.
    I analyze this because in my English class, the teachers showed us a video of Lance Armstrong and we have continued talking about him, so I want to express what I feel.
    I haven´t lived something similar and I have no one that has lived something like that, but I see all the days how people wake up, fighting against all the problems that they have in the race of life.

  39. alejandro villegas carvajal at 2:26 am

    I am Alejandro and I am an English student I think Lance is a warrior in his sport when he won the Tour de France he never surrendered in this race, he never felt tired and he was always with a nice thought to go on.
    I want to be like him because I am an athlete I do distance running and sometimes I feel tired when I run and the other people let me long distance behind sometimes I go on very fast to get in the same distance that they are.
    Sometimes I feel so tired and I don’t achieve to get in the same distance.
    He taught me that even when your thoughts are good sometimes difficulties could happen but you can choose to give up and let live change or you can choose to fight until the end, whatever your choice is you should always remember that when bad things are happening in your live, good things are waiting for you later on.
    You know it is so good when you taste the victory and you feel good with yourself because you have winced for it.
    So be yourself always because your are part of my INSPIRATION

  40. Natalia Benavides at 12:48 am

    Hi, my name is Natalia, i lived in Cali, Colombia and i sudy at Colegio Bechmans.

    I know about Lance Armstrong because in my school, in the class of english teachers showed us videos and presentations about the life of Lance.

    Can learn about testicular cancer, chemotheraphy, tour de france and cancerous cells, that help a to be best persons, i like the work of school, because know that we needs motivations and experience for create a good personality.

    Thanks Mauricio and Natalia, i learn much with you.

    They showed us his victory, his career, and the problem that he suffered, and how recovery of his sick, with courage, dedication and hard work.

    Lance has fought many times in his life, but never like when he was sick.

    Other message is thst no matter the illness he had, he always had the motivation, to fight and go on.

    think that if i have cancer, follow the example of Lance, i not me to render and follow strifeing for make my dreams.


  41. MAURICIO VILLAFAÑE at 3:14 am

    We are the english teachers of these students who have been posting their comments and we want to thank you Ellesse for giving us the chance of sharing our opinions about this great example of perceverance called Lance Armstrong. This is more than a class activity; our students have recieved Lance’s message through your article, now they understand that it does not matter the problems we could have, there is always someting to do to overcome the difficulties. This activity has let us know more about them, and it’s great to teach them more than grammar rules. We are committed to our work as teachers and we want to encourage them to always give the best.

    Thanks a million
    Mauricio and Natalia – English teachers 7th Grade Colegio Berchmans- Cali, Colombia.

    We are Berchmans! here We are! -

  42. Ellesse at 3:31 am

    @Mauricio It’s amazing reading through the students’ comments and some of them brought me tears. It’s really humbling to know that this little article managed to ignite so much thoughts and conversation. I really thank you & Natalia for going the extra mile to teach your students values and virtues way beyond what a mere textbook can do. It really takes a lot of commitment, passion and love. Commitment in the true value of education, passion in the art of teaching and love for your students.

    Both of you’ve got my utmost respect! Please continue to inspire and encourage these wonderful and thoughtful children!

  43. Maria Antonia Bedoya at 4:10 pm

    i’m Maria Antonia Bedoya, i study at Colegio Berchmans in Cali, Colombia, in the english class one day teachers started the class with a video about Lance Armstrong, then we had an activity and since this class we’ve had many things to think about the moments Lance has lived in his life so he never gave up; i think that life loses it’s sense if it doesn’t have bad moments or this moments aren’t good because if we have those ones we can learn about it and improve the way of life, that was Lance did.

    his story is surprising, it left me an open mouth because, how was that possible?’?'?…easy… i understood that trusting in God everything is possible.

    now i have a fracture in both condiles(it is located next to the ear but is internal) and that bother me but i have to be strong.

    we have to enjoy life everytime; it’s so wonderful.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Alejandro Bedoya at 7:32 pm

    Hello. I am Alejandro Bedoya of berchmans school, in the english class the teachers Natalia and Mauricio showed to the class a video of the cancer fighter Lance Armstrong.
    The video taught to me that is possible to win if we fight, in this situation Armstrong won his life.
    We can do what we want to do with effort. Lance was a fighter, a person who won the battle of life,you can do it too.
    If that happens to me I will fight to live.
    Armstrong was a hero to me and surely for all the people that know his story.

  45. Juan Fernando Garces at 11:36 pm

    Hi, my name is Juan Fernando Garces, and I’m from Cali, Colombia. I study in Colegio Berchmans and our english teachers showed a video about Lance’s fight and also this article. The first time that I read the article I was impressed because Lance is an example, he fought against a mortal disease, but he not only fought, he also won to be one of the most important cyclist in the hystory. And he also is a very humble person bcause he won the Tour de France without being arrogant.
    For me, he is a hero, but not a hero that needs a weapon or a superpower, he only needs his wishes of wining, and he fought and fought until he won.
    I only have lived one time a close experience with cancer, that was when my aunt had cancer, but she didn’t have the same strength that Lance had, and she didn’t fight, she died.
    Lance, I admire you, you are a hero and a fighter. I wish all the people were like you

  46. Robyn at 5:07 pm

    My best friend had a double mastectomy and has now found she has bone and liver cancer she is just 40yrs old with 2 boys age 8. we can look at lance and know if the drs say 15% chance of going on we need to fight harder and live for today. if anyone out there can let us know of a place that can help her with higher rate i welcome u we live in ri and are all praying….

  47. mario colorado at 5:09 pm

    my name is mario colorado I’m 13 years old I’m a student of colegio berchmans I’m in 7 grade.
    My teacher of english class shown some videos of lance armstrong, but I searching information of lance armstron, testicular cancer,, chemiotherapy and tour de france he won this tour seven times consecutive but lance armstrong had a hard life but he had motivation.
    One friend of my mother had cancer but she fought and she is free of this cancer this is a very hard situation she need motivation.
    the message of this story who had cancer or sick give up never go down I known this is a dificult situation but old the family and friends held this person.

  48. Miguel Roa at 10:32 pm

    Lance Armstrong’s Teaching for life
    Hello, My name is Miguel Roa, I study at Colegio Berchmans, in Cali, Colombia, I think Lance biography is simply I saw you yesterday (unless, of course, it is part of a title).”awesome, He’s a superhero, it’s an example of courage and strength to continue living and fighting the obstacles life give to us.

    Sometimes we are faced by obstacles that we try to get rid of them easily, but we have to beat them, to get through them, to prove we can be strong to pass them. Sometimes we win, sometimes we loose, but we can’t give up, we have to get courage and determination to continue, to carry on. When we fail an exam, for example, we can’t give up, we have to study more and try not to fail the subject. We have to get through challenges. My grandpa died in 2006 of a tumor in his stomach, but I admire him too much because he fought a malignant cancer for almost one, two, etc.”3 years! He wanted to continue living, That is the courage we need, he lived one, two, etc.”3 years fighting and could have continued. As I said, sometimes we win, others we loose.

    In life, we have to face the problems, we have to get courage and say: “I CAN DO IT!”


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