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How This Family Man Retired Early At 32

If you’ve been thinking of how to retire early and live well, or be financially independent at a young age, this family man’s story will definitely give you an insight. Affectionately known... 

November 2 | Read the story »

An Interview with CEO of SparkPeople, Chris Downie

It isn’t everyday that you get a multi-millionaire Chief Executive Officer of one of the world’s leading health & fitness online portals popping by your website to write a comment. And... 

21 Motivational Videos Clips That’ll Warm Your Heart

Whenever friends or family forward those jokes emails or motivational videos clips, the first thing I’ll do is to delete them. Pardon me, but I seldom see any true value in those emails to really... 

April 30 | Read the story »

How I Turned From An Auditor, IT Implementation Consultant To An Online Entrepreneur in 8 Years

Editor’s Note : This article is written to help those who’ve been thinking whether to make the leap in changing careers. It was never my intention to toot my own horn. As you’ll soon... 

March 12 | Read the story »

How This Guy Made 2 Career Transitions to Become A Professional Coach

If you’re facing a dilemma making a career transition, especially a mid life career change, perhaps Mark’s story will give you some well need motivation. Born in Belfast, North Ireland, Mark... 

February 22 | Read the story »

50 Inspirational Positive Quotes That Make You Think

I’ve always have this penchant for inspirational positive quotes. It’s amazing what those mere strings of words can do. Seemingly simple. Yet interestingly profound. If you’ve some time... 

January 3 | Read the story »