Top 10 Goals of Goal Setting College Readers

By Ellesse

Almost 2 weeks ago, I conducted a readers’ poll on the goal they’ll ever create. Thank you if you’ve participated!

Here’s the most gratifying moment : the results.

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Here are the statistics:

  1. Find My Soulmate

    took the lead with 20% of the votes. Hmm, interesting. So, most of you’re still single and available? I didn’t capture any data on the voters’ demographics, though that should help in the justification. Interestingly, one of you voted for “Not to die alone”. :) I had a hard time deciding if that should fall under “Find My Soulmate” but finally decided to leave it in a separate category of its own in the case of ambiguity. Besides, even if this extra vote is excluded, “Find My Soulmate” is already the clear winner.

  2. Lose Weight & Get in a Better Physical Shape.

    If you’ve chosen this goal, you represent 17% of the voters who want a better toned body. Obesity is a common issue faced in many countries. For example, in America alone, 55% of the population is overweight. That probably explains why this is so popular.

  3. Learn Something New.

    I was a bit surprised initially that this goal turned out to be one of the top 3. But after giving it some thought, it’s perfectly justifiable. Learning something new can mean anything. Picking up a new language. Joining Toastmasters or taking up Salsa dancing. It can also be learning something new about yourself. Such as raising your self awareness or getting a renewed interest in your personal development. Since a large percentage of you’re self improvement enthusiasts, it’s no wonder why this is in the top 3.

  4. Enjoy More Quality Time With Family.

    Our hectic urban lifestyle takes up a lot of our time. An ex business associate, a Hong Kong software programmer used to tell me “I’ve not seen my mother for a whole month since I’ve worked on this project! Every time I wake up for work, it’s noon time and she’ll be at her own office when it’s a weekday or in the market if it’s the weekends. By the time I knock off at about 4 or 5am in the morning, she’ll be sleeping. It’s so sad…” Now, are you living a life like that? If you’re, I can understand why you chose this goal. It’s a definite must.

  5. Stick to a Budget.

    Want to know how to scrimp and save to get the most out of your monthly paycheck? No matter why you’re saving up for, the fact that you’ve chosen this goal means you’re set on a winning path. Good choice!

  6. Debt Reduction.

    Are you getting tired of your humongous credit card debt and finally decided to do something about it? Or are you beginning to appreciate the importance of financial planning? Whatever it is, by choosing to pro-actively take charge of your own finances, you’re being very responsible to yourself. Well done! Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to imply that the other goals are less important. They all are. But being able to stand true and say “Hey, my finances suck!” and planning to do something about it is definitely worth special commendation!

  7. Find a Better Job.

    Every time I attend a social gathering, this’ll definitely be one of the most common topic. In fact, many of my friends have quit their jobs recently in search of greener pastures. I really hope by sharing my personal experience on my 2 major career switches, I’ll be able to help you on this.

  8. Get Organized.

    If you’re familiar with concepts like Getting Things Done (GTD), Unschedules, KISS or software such as ThinkingRock, PocketMod, tendency is, you’re a organization freak like me! I’m constantly amazed at magnitude of the advice lashed out in the GTD niche. But that goes to show isn’t it? Wherever there’s a demand, there’s always a good supply.

  9. Start a Business.

    Ah ha! Finally something that’s out of my 10 proposed options. Though only 4% of the voters decided to go for this, this is one goal that I can relate very well. I’ll be interviewing a couple of business owners to shed some insight on this so if this is something you’ve been aspiring to do, stay tuned.

  10. Volunteer & Help Others.

    The other day while chatting with a friend over instant messaging, I was asked “Why did you setup this site? I don’t understand why someone would want to create a site to help people with their goals.” Now, come to think of it, I guess it’s much lucrative to setup websites for selling products, isn’t it? Ha ha. If you want to know why I setup Goal Setting College, read this. And I wouldn’t change it no matter what! If this is your goal, please understand it’s perfectly normal for your friends or even beneficiaries to be curious about your intentions. Don’t let that curiosity or even the ranking of this goal (it’s the last…) affect your lofty dream. Help others with sincerity. Add value to their lives. I’m sure they’ll be able to relish it sooner or later.


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