Self Hypnosis Group Experiment : 2nd Week’s Progress

By Ellesse

Things are heating up as the participants strode into the 2nd week of the 21 Day Self Hypnosis Group Experiment. But was it as exciting as it had been in the first? Without further ado, let’s go through their progress :

self hypnosis experiment week 2

  1. Aarron

    Aarron’s disappointment last week – when he found out he weighed in an extra 5 pounds – turned into joy. A check on his own home scale revealed that he had lost 4 pounds instead! Perhaps it was all that clothes and personal belongings which made him seemingly heavier at the doctor’s.

    It was always so interesting reading Aarron’s updates. Not only was it detailed, it was full of his own little trials & tribulations. After getting back on track from his short disappointment, Aarron decided to test if the self hypnosis has been permanently ingrained into his subconscious by not listening to the “Weight Loss Motivation” mp3 for a day.

    Guess what? He actually fell prey to a fast food commercial and ate some fried chicken after 10pm! He even declared that day a break from dieting and went on to down 2 beers and some snacks. Hmm… looks like there’s indeed some co-relation between listening to the “Weight Loss Motivation” mp3 versus the action, isn’t it? Yet on the 14th day of the experiment, he missed another session unintentionally, without losing control of his diet.

    That got me wondering, has the self hypnosis really settled onto his subconscious? Or was it a coincidence? I really loved it when Aarron ended the 2nd week’s progress with a mention of his friend’s “Where is your butt?” comment on his new physique. I agree with his perspective that someone was indeed noticing changes in him. It’s often easier to see a change in the upper torso than the lower. So, when that person mentioned that, boy, that’s indeed fantastic news!

  2. Carmina

    Though she commented that her body was relatively slow when it came to weight loss – and didn’t experience any further decreases after her first 2 pounds since listening to the “Weight Loss Motivation” mp3 – Carmina noticed a gradual improvement in her junk food binging habit. After all, lately it seemed much easier for her to refrain from eating in between meals even when she was hungry. Especially in the morning.

    She had also been going to the gym just for Pilates and continued to believe that going for more classes would help her to lose more weight. Oh well, Carmina you may not have lost any more weight this time but you’ve still got another week to play catch up, don’t you?

  3. Lisa

    As the 1st week’s excitement fizzled out, Lisa found herself slipping on her goals. She didn’t listen to the “Write That Book” session for 2 days and noticed that there were 3 days she didn’t write at all. Picking up the self hypnosis session once again gave her a great motivational boost. In fact, she was so impressed with the instant motivation that she was considering getting other tapes to help her with cleaning out her cupboards and reorganize her stuff! Sure, Lisa. Here’s the entire Hypnosis Downloads list of mp3.

    As she started to get back on track in the later part of the week, a recent spate of news led her to further research into her writing. She continued to write, but not as much as she did in the first week. Nonetheless, she was grateful that “at least” she kept on with the writing. And when she did so, she found herself increasingly concerned about the knowledge of the plot and characters that she vested more research onto that.

    Keep it going, Lisa. You know we’re behind you!

  4. M De Jong

    Frustrations continued to plague M De Jong since listening to the “Find Your Passion” self hypnosis mp3. Many times she felt held back and restrained by the very thoughts and visualizations which brought her excitement and happiness moments before. As a form of escape, she began to seek refuge by playing computer games & watching television. And even justified to herself why she needed to do that.

    In my opinion, that was probably her subconscious’ way of telling herself, she was on the wrong track. But what would she feel that way? Weren’t she supposed to feel clearer about what she wanted out of her career after the self hypnosis session? Why did she become even more confused? I knew I had to clarify that with Mark Tyrrell.

    And I did.

  5. Mark Barr

    Due to work and personal commitments, Mark Barr wasn’t able to update as much. But it was good to know he was still progressing fine with the “Reach Your Goals” mp3. He had opportunities to speak to some more business prospects about his network marketing product and brought the total tally to 6.

    He also came up with a good business idea of including his story – of how he got involved with the network marketing company – as part of his preso materials! In fact, he promised to post it in the private platform for reviews when he had finished. Good! Mark, do let us know what else we can help!

  6. Imagi

    Imagi found her social and professional circle expanding and ease in opening up to people who might help her connect to that particular ‘someone’. Something she probably didn’t thought she would do before listening to “Be More Attractive To Men” self hypnosis tape.

    However, what was really troubling her was her anxiety for results. A high achiever and doer, she found it particularly frustrating to not see results in this goal as fast as she did in other areas/goals in her life. She understood such frustration and anger would not do her good and was working hard to replace that with more peaceful thoughts. Thoughts of strength.

    It was only during this while that she became more aware of herself and her behaviour. Especially when mingling with people. She felt the challenge to impress people but on second thoughts decided to just be herself.

    Yes, Imagi. Just be yourself. I liked it best when Aarron advised in one comment “… Being congruent is absolutely critical to your success. You can dress up the outside as pretty as you want, but if the inside doesn’t match, it will easily be communicated through the morphegenic field to those you encounter.”

    It’s true. I’m a believer in change too. But change for yourself. Not for someone else. The former is a conscious decision that’s likely to be more lasting and genuine. Which will have more far reaching impacts than the latter.

Likewise in the 1st week’s progress update, I’ve invited the participants & Mark Tyrrell to join me in this interview. Unfortunately, one of the participants M De Jong is unable to join us today due to her work commitments.

Hello guys & gals, how are you? This week’s updates were kind of mixed.

Two of you maintained your progress, despite suffering some slight setbacks. Some continued to do well or moderately well and one of you who’s not here today is stuck. Now, in your own words, how would you describe your progress?

Aarron : Oh well, there was definitely progress, but there were also a few bumps in the road. Perhaps the ego was hard at work or perhaps just long hours and a plate full of responsibilities to take care of, but one day I totally fell off the program – yes, the day I didn’t listened to the mp3 – and went back to the old way of doing it. Fortunately, it didn’t last long. I corrected course and continued to make progress toward my goal. I may have needed a reminder of how it felt the old way and in that received the impetus to propel myself forward with renewed vigor and motivation.

Carmina : Well Ellesse, as you’ve noticed, I’m actually moving very slowly. In the 2nd week, my total weight loss still stood at only 2 pounds. But I was kept motivated by listening to the tape every night.

Lisa : My initial excitement wore out during the 2nd week and I slipped in reaching my daily goals. There were three days I did not write at all. This was an outstanding learning experience for me as far as goal setting and hypnosis were concerned. I learned “when” I needed to buckle down and use more force with myself in order to stay on track.

Mark Barr : During the 2nd week, I started to see more significant progress towards meeting my goals.

Imagi : Almost midway through the project, even when I’ve been regularly listening to the tapes, taking relevant action, I was seeing no result. It was frustrating, to say the least. That began the process of self understanding and acceptance. I began to delve into my basic nature, into me as an individual and how others might perceive me. That led me to focus on refining myself and my reactions – not that there was a lot to do. Now it was not so much about finding that “someone”, but was more about finding my own ideal self.

Cheer up, people! The issues you were facing were pretty inherent in goal setting. You start out motivated and excited but as that die down, what used to something so fascinating and interesting to you become routine.

In other words, it became “work”. Especially if you don’t see any immediate gratification. It’s during this time that most people give up. But don’t! Continue to take small steps toward your goal and remind yourself of why you’re working that goal and keep the faith that you’ll succeed.


All : Yeah, we will!

Way to go, guys! Aarron, on the day that you fell off the program, you actually didn’t listen to the hypnosis mp3 right?

Aarron : I think at that time I was feeling the effortless ease with which I was able to resist eating the old way and thought I’d test the programming to see how well it had embedded at a cellular level. I’m actually combining this work with a symbol technology developed by Dawn Clark, which opens the chakras instantly and allows for rapid cellular embedment of any program or learning. I had often used this technique in other 21 day applications with outstanding results.

I also recall having had a very long day and getting less than an adequate night’s rest the night before and that probably added to the falling back into the old pattern of comfort from eating. It also could have been the resistance of the ego/brain a lot like those who quite smoking or drinkiing. I was in a typical environment that triggered an old response and I was just too tired to care or resist at that time.

But despite that, on the 14th day – when you didn’t have time for your self hypnosis session in the morning – you were able to control your diet without any conscious effort, right?

Aarron : Yes. I believe after the incident on the 12th day I had found the resolve to not treat myself badly anymore. The 12th was very motivational and instructive as to finding my feelings and trusting that they would be my best guide in the actions I needed to take. I began using my feeling as the map to reach the destination.

Hmm… your vastly different responses on those 2 occasion led to me another question.

Mark, as in Mark Tyrrell, can you give us an insight as to what causes this difference in Aarron’s reactions and any recommendations when one can effectively wane off from listening the tape?

Mark Tyrrell : Well for anything to become established it either needs to be extremely powerful or extremely…repeated. For example, someone could have a very powerful scary one off experience at that powerful one off time could be enough to establish the ‘habit’ of fear around say cars (if it was a car crash) or someone could just have the experience of feeling a little nervous time after time to eventually establish a fear of cars.

So, people don’t always have very powerful one off responses to the hypnosis sessions – although of course many do – but it’s the repetition that can establish a new habitual pattern. I’m guessing that Aarron’s new pattern needed to a little time to stick. Habits can be hard to break and fortunately that applied to good habits too. Once the ‘good habit’ is established we can start weaning from the tape just listening again if ever the need is felt.

Ok, that makes sense! Now that we’re at it, Mark, can you also shed some light on M De Jong’s situation? She seemed to be going through an internal turmoil in her 2nd week and got trapped into an escapist mode. What do you think could be the reason behind her emotional confusion and behaviour? And what’s your advice to her?

Mark Tyrrell : Well it’s interesting sometimes as if parts of a person almost rebel against new positive patterns. We certainly see this sometimes when working with smokers or other people with addictive behavior. Like what Aarron mentioned earlier in his own situation, it’s as if the old negative pattern senses that it may be under threat and puts up some resistance.

I’ll suggest that De Jong keep on keeping on just to see this as turbulence on a flight – it may feel dramatic but you’re actually still on course for your destination.

But how do you know if it’s turbulence and not an imminent plane crash?

Mark Tyrrell : Well progress is rarely completely smooth. Once we make progression, go back a little to review and then progress a little further. The general pattern is one of improvement. Airplanes don’t just go forward they go up and down but they get you to where you need to go. The So-called black and white thinking can cause people problems because it can lead to perfectionism (‘this has got to be completely perfect or it’s a disaster, I can’t love this person if they exhibit any imperfections etc.) or catastrophism (‘Things are going to go completely wrong’)

One of the first signals that someone is, for instance, coming out of depression, is that their thinking starts to become less absolutist. Rather than feeling their whole life is, for example, ‘a failure’ they start to see that bits are more successful than others. That is, they see the gray. To do this the mind needs to be calmer and they need to be able to challenge their own all or nothing thinking-at least on occasion.

Of course we never know completely for sure that the turbulence on a plane doesn’t signify imminent crashing but planes are meant to experience turbulence; to go up and down to some extent. But if we are using too much ‘black or white’, ‘all or nothing’ thinking then turbulence inevitably signifies something absolute (like a crash) for us rather than….the normal turbulence which it is.

Part of the value of hypnotic relaxation is that it can quiet the mind so that objectivity and multiple view points have a chance to operate and the type of thinking based on fight or flight, all or nothing recedes to the extent that our judgments can become ‘shaded.’ I hope this is useful.

Thank you Mark for the excellent advice! I guess it’s a matter of perspective to always stay postive and see all changes towards the improvement of our lives. Trust in your instinct that all things will definitely work well and it WILL! Ah, it’s back to our thoughts again, isn’t it.

Thanks Mark once again. It’s really great to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, with an expert in the house! Now back to the rest of you. What are the things that work – and didn’t work – when you set out to implement the plans you’ve mentioned last week?

Aarron : Most worked just fine for me. I would have listened to the Mp3 daily as an added measure rather than experimenting to see if the programming was strong enough to skip a day or two. Having a balanced meal plan that was easy to implement was critical to my success as well.

Carmina : For me what was more difficult was stop snacking between meals. Second week I still couldn’t totally avoid it despite working out and eating healthy meals. But I did see some improvements in that.

Lisa : I’m assuming this question is in reference to the smart goals specifically. Listening to the tape before bed time worked well for me through out the process. My smart goal did not have any breathing room for the structuring problem I ran into, as I had not included any “research” or “planning” time. I thought my 800 words a day worked well for me also.

Mark Barr : As I became a bit more accustomed to the tape, I started to relax more and become more focused. Writing in private platform and being in supportive communication with other members was also helpful.

Imagi : Though things were not moving at the speed and in the exact direction I desired, I persisted. Diligence and faith became my watch words. I worked on my Vision Board. And persisted with relevant follow up action.

You guys rock! Despite the mixed responses this week, I’m very glad that you’ve taking all these positively.

But what I’ve also noticed is, those of you who were more actively engaged with their goals (either through updating their progress on the private platform or continuously brainstorming on new ideas/ways to get a step closer to their goals) achieved more growth in their goals than others.

Mark, from self hypnosis’ point of view, what’s the significance of that?

Mark Tyrrell : Well, Ellesse. Basically, hypnosis is primarily a way of enhancing focus. Being more focused on your goals mean you already have a hypnotic advantage. We can all learn from highly focused people (as long as they are focused on productive and healthy things).
The participants who were continuously writing their progress in the private platform were in a way regularly reminding themselves what it is they want to achieve.

They’re developing real vision. Strongly imagining you’ve already achieved what you are aiming for then writing down in detail all the steps that got you there, then strongly imagining carrying out each step is actually a fine quasi hypnotic technique.

I think people should always strive to regularly remind themselves of their goals.

But in your last progress update, Mark, you mentioned letting the hypnosis “settle” as listening to the sessions alone should be effective in itself or when used with other non hypnotic approaches.

I take it to mean that even if the participants were to do nothing except listening to the tape, there should be some improvements or changes in their goals. Right?

Mark Tyrrell : Yes, this is the idea and certainly hypnotic intervention can have very powerful results. This is not to say that other approaches can’t be used in conjunction with the hypno approach but just that we don’t need to analyze’ too closely the contents of the hypnotic experience or consciously ‘try’ too much.

Oh I see. Thanks for the clarification. In your point of view, what are some of the best non-hypnotic approaches people can use to derive the most out of their self hypnosis experience?

Mark Tyrrell : As far as non-hypnotic approaches are concerned, doing one new thing each day that is broadly or even loosely connected to you goal is a great way to expand horizons. Telling yourself “Today I am going to do at least one small thing I wouldn’t have normally done’ is a good behavioral adjunct to hypnotic approaches. Although of course the hypnosis itself will also be promoting this behavior.

Visualization & writing out your progress, like what you’ve encouraged the participants to do in the private platform are something very helpful too.

Ok. In the case of Mark Barr, who was constantly unsure if his actions were as a result of his self hypnosis. What do you think he could do to enhance his experience?

Mark Tyrrell : Well of course we can’t always be certain what exactly has produced good results but I suggest really upping the experience (whether whilst relaxing to the tapes or at any other available time) of visualizing yourself speaking to people and congruently enthusing.

Self fulfilling prophesies are so powerful and a very effective way to producing them is to keep strongly imagining the pattern you want to activate in reality. Talking a lot about doing something without actually doing it just strengthens the pattern for…talking about it. But strongly imagining actually doing it creates the right ‘blue print’ or template.

Awesome! I hope the rest of you’ve learned as much as I did in today’s interview! Back to our usual check, what do all of you intend to do to move yourself closer to your goal in the last week?

Aarron : Yes! I’ve the motivation now to achieve my goal and ahead of schedule. For me, I’ll just doing what I’ve been doing.

Carmina : I intend to keep concentrating with my goal… keep going to the gym as much as I can… keep avoiding snacks between meals. I’m so motivated because after 21 days listening the tape seems that work really well for me.

Lisa : The notion of having only 1 week left for this experiment is already a great “end of the project” motivator. I’m excited to write every day and include additional research.

Mark Barr : I plan to focus more toward the finish line and what my daily actions are doing to get me there.

Imagi : I always knew that I was an ambivert and preferred a reserved attitude while among acquaintances. Now, I decided not to fight this natural trait but to just be my comfortable self. I had for a long time wished to join a public speaking course. During this week, I decided to finally go ahead with this. Like I mentioned earlier, it was about getting as close to my ideal self as possible, while keeping the ultimate goal in mind. I tried to not be overwhelmed by my ultimate goal nor did I lose sight of it.

Great guys! Let’s make full use of the last week of the experiment to make a full effort dash towards the finishing line. Before I sign off, Mark, any encouragement you’ll like to give the participants?

Mark Tyrrell : Yes! Always remember that we’re all capable of way more that what we currently know. Even if you consider yourself an extremely positive goal orientated person. Although you may sometimes think you’re alone with your goal, you’re not….We’re a mutually supporting team-working together :)

You bet! I’m with all of you too. Let’s run!

Update 6/8/08 : For your convenience, here are the complete links to the Self Hypnosis Group Experiment logs. And if you’re interested in give self hypnosis a test run, here’s the list of self hypnosis programs. Have fun!

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