Self Hypnosis Group Experiment : 1st Week’s Progress

By Ellesse

As I intently read through the participants’ first week updates (in the private platform I’ve created for them) on the 21 Day Self Hypnosis Group Experiment, I couldn’t help but feel intrigued. It seemed that self hypnosis did make a difference!

Let’s take a peek at what the participants went through, shall we?

  1. Aarron Light

    Aarron wanted to let go of 5-7 pounds and regularly participate in a fitness routine of 30 minutes (aerobic work out) at least 3 times a week. In his case, he was prescribed with the self hypnosis session “Weight Loss Motivation“. So, how did he fare?

    Clearly, Aarron’s disciplined character and previous experience with self hypnosis literally put him on a great start. When he first listened to the mp3, he got very relaxed during the instruction and found his mind drifting away from it from time to time. What made it really interesting was, after his first session, on the several occasions when he did think about having a candy or sweet, he actually had no desire to eat it. Which he would normally have no second thoughts about popping one into his mouth. In fact, he didn’t even crave for food in between meals. Something rather unusual for his standards.

    He also found his sweet tooth slowly disappearing. Which in my opinion was kind of quick. But as what Mark Tyrrell mentioned in the last interview, some people respond faster to hypnotic trance and I believe Aarron was one of them. On the third day after a walk for example, he threw away an ice cream cone after just 2 licks! Something that never happen to him before.

    From his first 6 days’ update, one would’ve expected him to lose some weight. Surprisingly during a visit to the doctor, he realized he had gained an extra 5 pounds instead! One of the other participant, M De Jong raised a very good point about it being a muscle growth. That was very good advice!

    No matter what, I knew Aarron wouldn’t give up. And as we progressed into the 2nd week, I knew I was right.

  2. Carmina

    Carmina reported similar results with her snacking. Like Aarron, she was also given the self hypnosis prescription “Weight Loss Motivation“. Her plan to lose 9 pounds during the 21 days seemed to go on well as she was able to keep off snacking in between meals in the first week. Especially on cutting down the cookies and junk food she enjoyed so much before.

    And you know what? She lost 2 pounds in the first week! Not too bad, huh? From what I observed, she was beginning to adopt healthy habits that would definitely last her for a lifetime if she continue with what she was doing. Keep it up, Carmina!

  3. Lisa Powers

    Despite only 1 week into the self hypnosis program “Write That Book”, Lisa was already doing quite well. In case you’ve forgotten, Lisa is our aspiring author. She wanted to kick off a personal writing process to help her complete a book.

    By the 3rd day, she was calling herself a “writing fool”. Why? Because she found herself more dedicated and relaxed towards her writing and thought it was more personal and ideal than what she went through in her last smoking cessation tape. She was so encouraged by the first session that she even roped in a girl friend to be her goal buddy with whom she would be comparing progress with in the coming days! Good for her!

    By the end of the week, she mentioned that she was enjoying the constant writing as well as the new process relating to her writing project. My, has she already achieved her goal in the first week? We’ll see.

  4. M De Jong

    De Jong kicked off well in the first 2 days. She was pleasantly inspired by the stories mentioned in the self hypnosis session “Find Your Passion“. Particularly this quote that was mentioned “… do as your manhood (womanhood in her case, or humanity) bids you to do, and expect applause from none but yourself.” Interestingly, she found it progressively easier to manage her feelings and did well to shift her attention from negativity, doubts, etc to positive feelings, determination and trust. Good for her!

    However towards the 3rd day, she began to face some slight frustration. In her point of view, the tape was very inspirational in keeping one on their goals but turned out to be quite frustrating for someone like her, whose goal was in finding her goal/passion. But while relating her last update, she actually found revelation in unloading her thoughts and sounding out her ideas through the writing.

    I believe the frustration was probably her subconscious’ signal on the confusion of thoughts and hence writing it out WILL and SHOULD help. After all, the answers were all within her. It was just a matter of tapping into them. Easier said than done, but I know she could do it!

  5. Mark Barr

    When Mark first started on the session “Reach Your Goals“, he had a difficult time winding down, clearing down to focus on the session – something Aarron aptly called “The Monkey Mind”. Mark believed that was probably due to the stress in his day job. But as he continue to listen to the tape, he found the mind chatter milder and noticed a better quality of sleep from the experience.

    By Day 5, Mark began to experience some urgency and anxiety in working his goal of sharing with 21 people about his network marketing product and opportunity. He wasn’t sure if that was due to the self hypnosis or the synergistic momentum of being part of the experiment. In my opinion, it seriously didn’t matter! I knew he had embarked on this experiment to verify if self hypnosis work but at the end of the day, what mattered more to me was his goal achievement!

    And I certainly think he did work his goal the way he intended. On Day 7, he mentioned that he shared with a few people about his network marketing product!

  6. Imagi

    Due to her busy schedule, Imagi hadn’t been updating much. Yes, Imagi was the beautiful lady who wanted to attract a life partner through the experiment and was prescribed “Be More Attractive To Men“. Her 1st week progress was very motivational. Through the self hypnosis, she mentioned that she had learned to appreciate the attractive elements within herself and had also taken steps to connect with a different side of her. The anger. The frustration.

    She had also created a Vision Board, met a few new people in her life both of which I was absolutely happy for her. Regardless of whether those might lead to anything at all, the fact that she had began to see those changes was already a great step in her own self discovery, wasn’t it?

    I couldn’t wait to hear how those new encounters would work out for her

Now if you’re ready, let’s hear from the horses’ mouths as I interview all 6 participants about their 1st week’s progress and their plans to improve their self hypnosis experience. I’ve also invited Mark Tyrrell in the panel.

Hello Team! Nice having all of you here with me today! I’ve been reviewing all your updates and boy, you guys and gals are doing great!

Now, from what I understand, other than Aarron, Lisa & Mark Barr, the rest of you don’t have much experience with self hypnosis. So for the first timers, how was your first day listening to the tape? Let’s start with Imagi.

Imagi : Hello to you too, Ellesse! I apologize for not updating regularly on my progress. Well, that didn’t mean I did not have any experiences to share, it’s just that I had no time to put it up on the private platform! Haha. My experience with this project so far has been good.

The first day I went through the session, I followed the tape very closely and took in every single word being said. That gave me a clear idea as to what was being mentioned and also helped me plan how I could utilize these suggestions in the coming 20 days. I also found the voice of the hypnotist very smooth and comforting and could visualize easily. That I felt was an important component of my success.

Carmina : I pretty much had the same good feelings. On the first day, I was so excited and motivated about the experiment. In fact, I had such a good feeling listen to the tape for the first time that it made me literally “addicted”.

M De Jong : Most of all it was relaxing. I liked the hypnotist’s voice very much too. I’ve not much experience with hypnosis, and it was interesting to feel only at the end of the tape – when the hypnotist called me ‘into the room’ again – that I’ve been in another place. I liked the inspirational stories that were told on the tape.

Looks like all of you had a good time. Oh by the way, Imagi & Monique, that voice you heard in the tape was none other than our very own Mark Tyrrell! Ha ha.

Imagi, I remembered you also asked whether there’s any side effects to self hypnosis. Mark, what’s your take on that?

Mark Tyrrell : Thanks Imagi, that’s a good question.

Well firstly, all medications have side effects because they introduce outside and/or artificial elements into the body or brain. Because hypnosis is entirely natural, no chemicals are used so therefore no toxicity is possible. The side benefits tend to be numerous though.

For example, someone using self hypnosis to improve their sleep may find themselves enjoying better sex or being more confident at work. The increased relaxation from the sessions and positive suggestions can work on many different levels. And also there is a beneficial knock on effect from better sleep itself.

I’m often asked whether people can become addicted to self hypnosis. Certainly it can be hugely enjoyable but most people don’t have the time or inclination to do it more than say, 30 minutes a day maximum. It’s not a replacement for living. It’s an enhancement.

Thanks Mark for your assurance! I’m sure the participants are well ready to continue their sessions. Now, back to all of you, how do you feel about your progress over the past week?

Aarron : Frankly, I was kind of surprised to have already felt a change in my cravings right from the very first day. That really became the catalyst to go “all the way”. My progress was for the most part steadily forward almost everyday. I was also pleased to realize how natural it felt (not to battle with myself over an ice cream or cookie) and the ease – for the most part – that I was able to stay on target with the goal I had set.

Carmina : I was conscious about do not eat in between meals, but I couldn’t stop eating some cookies yet. Now that I’m in my second week, I’m starting to feel motivated even though I didn’t really lose much weight.

Lisa : At the beginning of the project I was less aware of the actual structure of a good “story”. But fortunately as I progress with the writing, I’m learning and therefore growing as a writer. Now that I’m going into my second week, I find that I’m writing more words, although it was technically not at my 800 words a minute goal due to stagnation brought forth by research and rethinking of the plot.

M De Jong : Actually, it was a bit frustrating. I encountered my old fear of never being able to really know which direction to take. I found myself falling back in old habits that distracted me from my goal. At the same time I felt deep in my spirit a faith and certainty that everything will be alright.

Mark Barr : Frankly, I didn’t notice much of a difference.

Imagi : As for me, I started listening to the tape twice everyday. The first two days I simply listened to the tape and tried to internalize the suggestions. It seemed to have worked, because at the end of the first week, I got to interact more with people I had never met before. And made some good friends too!

What else did you do to ensure you’re closely aligned to your goal?

Aarron : I check my written goal at least once a day. I also found motivating quotes and made sure to buy decent healthy food that was easy to prepare. Daily, I kept up with my updates on the private platform you’ve setup for us and checked in with other participants, offering motivation and encouragement whenever possible.

Combined with the urge to see results in my physical appearance as well as feel better mentally about myself and the new body I’m achieving, I was able to really stay on goal and target.

Carmina : I topped it up with exercise although I agreed it could be more regular. But well, it’s not always that I get the time to go to the gym. I was also careful with my diet, trying to eat more healthy and less fad foods.

Lisa : I had a section in my planner marked. However, I’ll be re-creating a much more formal plan for keeping track in the future. And yes, that means even after the experiment ends.

M De Jong : My daily chanting ritual is a way of keeping aligned with my goal. Furthermore, I’ve been very alert and in touch with my feelings. I made a deliberate effort to stop my thoughts when they tended towards negativity and to be in the moment. I noticed that that made it easier to be conscious of my real feelings and the surprising thing was, much of the resistance to situations I experienced, subsided. Also during the course of this experiment I’ve taken up journal writing again, which proves a helpful tool to stay on track.

Mark Barr : I guess I really didn’t think about doing any activity other than reviewing my SMART goal and updating my progress in the private platform.

Imagi : I followed up the hypnosis with action geared towards meeting my goal and ensured that almost everyday, I did something to take me closer to my goal. It did get me to interact with some people.

Awesome! It’s good to see that you guys are not just relying on the self hypnosis alone. After all, self hypnosis is just a tool like Visualization and should never be used to replace action!

Personally, I’m in favour of each of you reflecting on a daily basis, this question “What Can I Do Today To Take A Step Closer To My Goals?” and take a step further by answering this question in your updates and incorporate that into your daily action plan. What do you think?

Aarron : That’s a great idea. Fuel the fire!

Thank you, Aarron! Besides all of your goals, did you experience any noticeable benefits from the self hypnosis session?

Aarron : I normally like to work into the early morning hours. Sometimes it is a challenge to get to sleep after. I found the mp3 to be a wonderful relaxation tool and often would fall asleep within minutes. Thanks to Mark’s wonderfully hypnotic voice.

Carmina : Actually, I usually listen to the tape before going off to sleep. It’s really complementary because the session relaxes me a lot. Usually after listening to it, I’m ready to doze off. Which otherwise, would take me few minutes.

Lisa : Yes I certainly did! I believe that at any point of time when one is on track with their goals, they’re going to feel a better sense of well being.

M De Jong : My overall well being has improved. However, it is difficult to say if this is thanks to the hypnosis or other factors. The fact is, I’ve been more conscious and that makes me more present which in turn makes me happier. Oh yeah, I’ve also lost weight, just by being a bit more careful with what I eat and by changing my mindset to ‘slim’ instead of ‘I am a bit overweight’. I found that changes come about by simply making a decision, believing it and then let it go.

Mark Barr : I did seem to have better sleep.

Imagi : Well, physically, there was no difference. But at the mental level, I subconsciously started getting more aware of myself as an individual and was able to compare my current self with my ideal self. I also tried to improve myself (or rather soften the rough edges) so that I was more in sync with my ideal self image. This was basically an effort to be a “better me” rather than be like somebody else or for somebody else.

Alright, so what do you intend to do to move yourself closer to your goal in the next week?

Aarron : I love the saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” In this case, I’m already very happy with my results and the methodology I’m using to add improvements and achieve the goal I have set for the first 21 days. So, I’ll continue doing more of the same.

Carmina : I’m gonna try to be able to go to the gym two hours a day, keep eating healthy and keep listening the tape. All this should move me closer to my goal.

Lisa : I plan to create a new section in my life binder (includes life goals, brainstorming and marketing ideas for my botox reviews web site) for concrete goals for my book.

M De Jong : I’ll keep on listening to the tape. Besides that, I’ll strengthen my conviction that I already know what my goal is. I’ll also keep track of my feelings with all the activities that I do, so that I can use them as a guide for what really excites and motivates me. In a way recording my life in a journal.

Mark Barr : I’ll continue to listen to the mp3 and try to relax and focus more.

Imagi : Me too. I’ll continue to share my experience so far and review how I intend to take it further. I consider this first week a success because at some level it has taken me closer to my chosen goal.

Ahh… I’m very comforted to know that all of you’ve putting so much efforts in this experiment. Wishing you all the best for the coming 2 weeks!

So, Mark. I mean Mark Tyrrell. Do you have any take home advice how these 6 participants can complement their self hypnosis session for next 2 weeks?

Mark Tyrrell : Sure Ellesse! For self hypnosis to work effectively we can just let it ‘settle.’ We know things are changing hypnotically when something ceases feeling too much of an effort and starts to feel more right and natural.

For example, forcing oneself to exercise is all well and good but starting to feel that we want to activate our bodies is even better. So the short answer is, listening to the sessions regularly should be an effective approach in and of itself in conjunction with other non-hypnotic goal orientated approaches that I noticed the team’s already making.

Gee, that’s excellent advice! Thanks Mark. And a great thank you to all the 6 participants!

Update 6/8/08 : For your convenience, here are the complete links to the Self Hypnosis Group Experiment logs. And if you’re interested in give self hypnosis a test run, here’s the list of self hypnosis programs. Have fun!

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2 Responses to “Self Hypnosis Group Experiment : 1st Week’s Progress”

  1. Al at 7P at 11:08 pm

    Hi Ellesse,

    This article was a fantastic summary. I gotta say that I’ve been following your series with some curiosity. Like you, I also have heard a lot of positive feedback about hypnosis. It’s hard for me to think I would let go of control of my conscious or my subconscious. However, if a technique proves to be effective, then it’s hard to argue against successful results.

  2. Ellesse at 1:53 am

    @Al, haha it’s true. That’s what motivates me to start off this experiment. And given what I’ve read through the updates, I’ve got to say that self hypnosis works. All participants have varied results in the first week but all did managed to do something that puts them a step closer to their goals. Be it opening up to get to know new people, self discovery, lessening the binging urges or simply going with the flow, I think self hypnosis’ lure lies in the fact that it’s easily executed. Just listen to the tape very night.

    But is it a replacement for action? My answer is a clear no. I liked it best when Mark Tyrrell mentioned, “it’s not a replacement for living. It’s an enhancement.”

    Self hypnosis enhances your impetus to achieve the goal, but it doesn’t achieve it for you. You still have to do the job.


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