Self Hypnosis Group Experiment : Final Week Results

By Ellesse

Perhaps you may be asking “So, is this 21 Day Self Hypnosis Group Experiment a success? Did everyone managed to reach their intended goals they’ve set out to right from the start?”. As the experiment came to a close, I find myself asking the same question too.

The fact is, technically, other than Aarron & perhaps M De Jong, most of the participants didn’t “complete” their SMART goal per say. Carmina let go of 5.5 pounds but was still 3.5 pounds short of her target. Lisa did come up with a writing process but wasn’t writing at the intended speed of 800 words a day. Mark Barr talked to 20 people about his network marketing opportunity but was still 1 person short of his goal. As for Imagi? She managed to know more people, learned a lot about herself and acted on the need for continous improvement. But that ideal, perfect partner didn’t turn up in her life during the period. Well, not yet.

self hypnosis experiment week 3 results
So, does that imply that self hypnosis don’t work?

Let’s catch up on the very overdue summary of each of the participant’s final week’s progress before I answer this question right at the end.

  1. Aarron

    A weigh in on day 16 itself made Aarron (who was on the “Weight Loss Motivation” self hypnosis program) realized he had already met his goal of letting go 5 to 7 pounds! Over the last week, one can truly attest that eating well & exercising regularly soon became second nature to Aarron. For example, a trip to the baseball match saw him giving up the hotdogs & beers combo for half a portion of a light meal at a Chinese food eatery.

    He also researched on new routines that he could do – without popping to the gym – just to spice up his daily workout. Towards the end of the week, he even adapted yard work in a Rocky Balboa styled cardio/aerobic routine! I definitely could sense the changes in Aarron. And based on the photos he posted in the private platform, I must admit it. It’s very motivational!

    He was totally aware of it as well and was so happy with his results that he was already planning for another goal he would like to work concurrently with self hypnosis! Way to go, Aarron!

  2. Carmina

    In her last update on her “Weight Loss Motivation” self hypnosis program, Carmina reported a loss of 5.5 pounds. Though that was 3.5 pounds short of her target for the experiment, she generally felt that hypnosis was effective albeit pretty slow.

    She would continue to listen to the tape a month or two after the experiment as she started to see good changes in her habits over the last week. Aarron left a very encouraging comment for her on the private platform and I absolutely agree with him. Depending on one’s actual body weight, 5.5 pounds was considered great weight reduction. I would just like to remind her on Mark Tyrrell’s advice too. Different people respond to hypnotic trance differently and so, that could be the reason why she thought it wasn’t working as fast.

    More importantly however, I believe it has somewhat kickstarted a growing impetus to complete her goal, which would definitely snowball into great momentum if she keep at it consistently. Persist right till the end, Carmina!

  3. Lisa

    Despite the occasional loss of motivation in the 2nd week, Lisa moved along smoothly in the final sprint, deeply thankful for the support from the rest of the participants & the “Write That Book” self hypnosis session she received.

    All in all, she had clocked in an additional 9,342 words since the beginning of the project and learned a great deal about writing a novel which included the important proper outline and character development processes.

    She reckoned. Had it not been for Mark Tyrrell’s outstanding self hypnosis session motivating her to “flow” constantly, she might have omitted the need to further her research and make necessary changes. Now that she had the structure in mind, she would be able to continue making her words flow onto the page with ease, something Mark had been constantly encouraging in his tape.

    Ahh, the determination fire has been ignited! Can she keep it burning? I’m sure she will.

  4. M De Jong

    Some unfortunate personal & work circumstances drew De Jong’s attention away from the experiment which she was prescribed the “Find Your Passion” hypnosis program. But as she was deeply entrenched in her career & religious responsibilities during the week, she felt a sense of peace and confidence about her future.

    It occurred to her at that time that the things she desired to do didn’t actually need a direct change of workplace. Her current work was giving her opportunities to use her skills and develop herself. Her buddhist activities were also platforms for her to work with and for people. There wasn’t much practical change needed, but more a change in intensity. Which was happening right then.

    She hasn’t been listening to the tape for a few days since, as she noticed that she didn’t want to hear the stories about the other people anymore. To her, the confidence boost in the tape and other encouraging segments were already helping her. She was feeling happy and could also feel the creativity bubbling within her, asking for her attention.

    In my point of view, I’m glad she had came to terms with herself on her career expectations. Many a time, we’re often given the impression that the pasture is often greener on the other side but it’s only upon reflection that we’re only aware that things we’ve been searching has always been around or with us.

    Thanks De Jong, for the great reminder!

  5. Mark Barr

    Mark’s doubts about self hypnosis seemed go on a roll coaster ride towards the end of the experiment.

    In his last few updates, despite continuing to talk to more people, he wasn’t sure if he felt any more motivated by his “Reach Your Goals” self hypnosis sessions. In one occasion, he was even distracted in listening to his session and suspected that was due to his graduation & daughter leaving on a trip.

    But that took a turn for the better as he went through 2 to 3 focused sessions on Day 16 & 17. With that, he completed the draft for the story he would be incorporating into his product preso and took up suggestions to give product samples to genuine prospects. He managed to talk to 20 people (including the experiment participants) about his product!

    Though he agreed that the results was not too bad, he was still skeptical if the self hypnosis session really helped. Frankly, I could understand his skepticsm. After all, we’re using a hybrid of goal setting/motivational techniques on the private platform which could also have a part to play in his result. But I believe those approaches we’ve been using together with self hypnosis are really complementary in getting the goals to stick. After all, self hypnosis is also one tool that does just that, isn’t it?

  6. Imagi

    It has always been an eye opening experience reading Imagi’s updates on her experience with the “Be More Attractive To Men” self hypnosis session.

    And if there was one word that would describe her thoughts at the end of this experiment : it was “GLAD”. She was GLAD to have taken part as it was an important tool towards realizing her chosen goal and the eventual success depends on how effectively she utilize that tool.

    Throughout this period, she had managed to meet some new people and overcame her natural introversion to know new people. Such encounters had not been entirely fruitless, though they weren’t the kind she was looking for. She believed that success was not time bound – especially something as important as a lifelong relationship.

    More importantly, she had gained a deeper understanding of herself as an individual, learning her own unique abilities, flaws in the process and working on accepting and making the most out of them. Imagi, you know all of us are with you. I’m sure you’ll meet that ideal guy soon!

Reading the final week’s updates have somewhat illuminated the fact that even though the majority of them didn’t meet their SMART goals, most reckoned that the self hypnosis had some way or in another helped them get started. In some cases, such as Lisa & Imagi, the self hypnosis session was instrumental in gearing them to view their process/self in a uniquely different perspective. Something they might not have thought of right in the beginning.

Aarron said it best in one of his encouragement to another fellow participant “The actions and the lessons we experience along the way are often more important than the goals themselves. Like Bilbo Baggins, the Hobbit, he learns much from his journey. The excitement, strengths and courage to go on in the face of fear, danger and the negative talk of the ego are all derived along the way. In-Joy (Enjoy) the journey and it is success.

Yes, I’m sure all of them enjoyed the journey because I certainly did! It’s great getting to know a bunch of readers who have such great aspirations and are so eager to accomplish their goals! I also took the liberty to ask the participants their post experiment impression of self hypnosis and its effectiveness on their goals. Here’s what most of them think :


“Clearly, hypnosis played an important role in achieving my goal. Could I have done it without – maybe. I think that it is not a pill you take and expect a solution to your problem. You must set yourself into action to achieve the goal you have in mind. Become congruent in your words and actions and the results will naturally follow.

I am very confident I can use hypnosis to aid in any of my future goals. It is important to give yourself as much help as possible when making a commitment to change. This is like having another tool in your tool box ready to use on the job.”


“I think self hypnosis and this experiment has definitely helped me to commit to my goal and take it seriously. It had been a great experience. Self hypnosis worked for me and that’s why recently, I’ve also bought other tapes because I think it’s a good way to enrich your goals easily. The experiment made me really committed in listening to the tape every single day for 21 days. Otherwise, I don’t think I would’ve listened to the tape every day. It gave me an extra boost of motivation which I felt was really good support for keeping up with my goal.”


“Yes, I do believe the hypnosis has helped me. The tapes were almost like a “guided” visualization and it assisted in steering me in the right direction. The SMART goal also helped in creating numerical goals I was able to “shoot” for. My experience with the 21 day hypnosis experiment will only assist me with other endeavors. When I am serious about a goal I know where I can purchase a hypnosis tape for anything I strive to do! Following the crucial SMART goal process (reminder) proved goals are best achieved using a plan. Our minds like numbers and climbing up the rank or down. With my goals in the future I will always create a specific measurable and time bound plan.”

Mark Barr

“It may have played some role in my progress, but in conjunction with goal setting and being in a group of like-minded people. I may continue to use my tape in conjunction with vision boards, affirmations and EFT. However, I feel nothing works as having a will written achievable goal and a realistic plan to reach it.”


“Oh yes, it has. One of the main reasons I took up this hypnosis project was because I wanted to work on myself and see if there were any psychological blocks that were subconsciously, preventing me from attracting Mr.Right. To that extent, this hypnosis has helped me in becoming a better version of myself. I’m not talking of extreme makeovers here. But rather channeling my natural confidence into the area of relationships.

Through the hypnosis, I actually learned to accept that I could just be myself and more importantly, to make subtle changes and improvements in myself that make it so much more easier to relate to others. So I can go out there and impress people and still be my own self. If there is one thing I have taken away from this project, it is the CONFIDENCE in myself and an ability to look at myself OBJECTIVELY. This becomes very important when I am looking at other goals in my life so that I can easily pinpoint areas of improvement without any hang-ups.

And, oh, by the way, I am planning to meet somebody next week. So, in a way, the hypnosis tape still has some work to do!! Frankly, I really enjoyed the experiment. I came here with an open mind on this and treated this as a tool rather than a panacea for my challenges. But I also had some unexpected side effects, such as being fitter & slimmer, as I became more conscious of my diet and Yoga workouts, better time management & organizational skills.

Most importantly, I’ve learned to just chill! Life is great when you feel great! Other things will just follow of their own accord!”

Hmm… I’m inclined to say self hypnosis is indeed an effective tool to help one’s goals given the results and feedback from the majority of the participants. And if you’ll like to give self hypnosis a test run for yourself, here’s a list of self hypnosis programs available from Hypnosis Downloads. But like what I’ve reiterated, it should never never replace action. And I know it never will.

What do you think?

Update 6/8/08 : For your convenience, here are the complete links to the Self Hypnosis Group Experiment logs. And if you’re interested in give self hypnosis a test run, here’s the list of self hypnosis programs. Have fun!

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