Can Self Hypnosis Really Help In Achieving Your Goals?

By Ellesse

Beats me. In fact, I’m probably as curious as you’re in verifying this for myself!

My first encounter with self hypnosis can be traced back to almost 3 years ago. At that time, I was working through a goal achievement audio program and one of the exercises was to listen to a guided self hypnosis tape to help me uncover the future I would be leading in 10 years’ time. I was then asked to utilize that vision to draw and determine my life values before setting my shorter term goals. If you’re interested to know more about my previous self hypnosis experience, read about it under the ‘Self Hypnosis” method in 7 Ways To Control Your Programming.

self help hypnosis experiment free
3 years had passed since that session and frankly, I’m not even 1% close to living that kind of lifestyle. Does that mean self hypnosis is a load of hocus pocus? But if it is, what about the many success stories I’ve been hearing so much about? Such as this?

The Idea of A Group Self Hypnosis Experiment

While I was having so much interest in self hypnosis, Mark Heald, the manager of a large online hypnosis mp3 company, HypnosisDownloads contacted me. Talk about the Law of Attraction! He wanted to discuss something else and instinctively, I broached the idea of a group experiment to him. I’ve to admit I had absolutely no idea how to go about the experiment at that point of time.

But I knew something for sure.

I wanted to take that opportunity to validate if self hypnosis did have an impact in helping people with different goals / behaviours that they would like to influence. Such as, overcoming shyness, enhancing self confidence and belief, stopping nail biting, increasing public speaking confidence, improving one’s sleep or weight loss etc etc.

Mark was very forthcoming and even went the extra mile to coordinate with their management and creative side to get things started. With his help, HypnosisDownloads has agreed to sponsor each one of the experiment participant with a free self hypnosis tape prescription. It would be administered by their Creative Director, Mark Tyrrell based on each participant’s unique goals/intentions. Tyrrell is a professional hypnotherapist cum therapist trainer and runs a professional practice with Roger Elliot, managing director of HypnosisDownloads in the UK.

Great, So Who Are The Participants?

I sent out an email about a week ago to a selected group of Goal Setting College readers to solicit for volunteers. And guess what? The response was so encouraging that I had to go through another round of question & answers session just to handpick these 6 people! They’re

  1. Aarron Light

    A real estate developer and general building contractor for more than 25 years, Aarron loves to eat and often finds his weight fluctuating in a incremental & decremental range of 10 to 40 pounds. He has recently decided to get a second degree and has gone back to college after a lapse of 30 years. What does that mean?

    Well, most likely he’ll have lesser time for exercise! He plans to make use of this experiment to eat healthily and proportionately in order to build habits for a healthier body. He also intends to let go of 5 pounds every 21 days for the next three months while maintaining muscle mass and improving his body tone through regular exercise.

  2. Lisa Powers

    Lisa received her degree in business administration and have worked for the last several years as a manager at a popular award winning restaurant in San Diego, US. Following her decision to leave the restaurant business, she has dabbled in the sales arena as well as creating several web sites involving everything from personal improvement to Botox injection information.

    She has decided to write a book, and plan to establish a systematic process and be habitually writing at least 800 words a day 6 days a week through this experiment, in order to complete her book.

  3. M. De Jong

    De Jong is someone who seeks opportunities to develop herself and is currently teaching ethics, philosophy and religion at a teacher training college in the Netherlands. Living alone with her cat, she plans to utilize this experiment to obtain greater clarity in her career direction. How?

    By achieving an average of 4.5 (on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is the stage where she has absolutely no idea which way to go and 5, the point where she’s absolutely sure without a doubt) in terms of clarity and eventually working on a set of action steps!

  4. Imagi

    A freelance writer from India, Imagi has been fairly successful in her career and has great family and friends. She considers herself pretty lucky and is grateful for whatever she currently has. In her point of view however, she feels that that is nothing unless you’ve that someone to share it with. And hence, she has decided to take part in this experiment to help her meet and eventually marry a person who will make a great life partner for her.

  5. Carmina

    A Motion Graphics Designer from Barcelona Spain, Carmina is one active lady. She likes pilates, spinning, body pump, snowboarding and is learning to do freestyle slalom rollerblading. She also loves travelling, getting to know new people and places.

    But despite her enthusiasm in sports and exercise, Carmina has a grappling issue with her weight. Her problem is that she loves cookies, chips, ice cream and candy. Through this program, she plans to lose 9 pounds by the end of June. Hopefully by then, she’ll kickstart a series of habits to eat healthy food and exercise regularly in the gym.

  6. Mark Barr

    A special education teacher who works with adults with developmental disabilities, Mark is also a network marketer. He’s recently working with a nutritional beverage company which has brought in a product he’s very passionate about.

    Although he has limited success with self hypnosis in the past, he has decided to give it another second shot through this experiment and intended to share this product’s amazing benefits and business opportunity with 21 people by 30 June 2008.

All 6 participants had varying goals except for Aarron & Carmina who, both want to lose weight through this program. I’m sure it’ll be interesting to watch the results of self hypnosis on different people with similar goals. So, do stay tuned!

They’ve also committed to taking their self hypnosis prescription for a consecutive period of 21 days, starting from 10 June 2008. To help them achieve the most from this program, I’ve created a private platform for them to record their progress, encourage and get to know each other. Our experts are also invited to assist should they’ve any questions regarding self hypnosis.

Update 6/8/08 : For your convenience, here are the complete links to the Self Hypnosis Group Experiment logs. And if you’re interested in give self hypnosis a test run, here’s the list of self hypnosis programs. Have fun!

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12 Responses to “Can Self Hypnosis Really Help In Achieving Your Goals?”

  1. Imagi at 5:52 am

    As someone with a strong will and a can do attitude, few things are beyond my reach. However, one area of life where I am to find lasting success is in the area of relationships;
    I am looking forward to this experiment through which I can hopefully delve into my superconsious and find a solution that has eluded me during my waking hours.
    I wish this project all success, for the sake of myself and all the other participants.
    Ellesse, Mark Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  2. Ellesse at 6:07 am

    @Imagi From the way you’ve corresponded to me – many times in the past – I know you’re one very determined lady. I’m definitely with you when it comes to your frustration! With all the contribution you’ve already made in the private platform, I’m pretty sure you’ll gain something out of it! In fact, you’ve got to know some great solid goal achievers in it already, didn’t you?

    All the best to you in this experiment! I can’t tell you how much I’m preparing to watch your progress as this program starts on 10 June…

  3. Lola Fayemi / Nourishment for your spiritual awakening at 1:14 pm

    Hi Ellesse

    I like what you’ve done here, practical case studies what a good idea. I look forward to hearing how the partcipants get on.

    In love, light and abundance x x x

  4. Andrea Hess | Empowered Soul at 5:55 pm

    This should be an interesting series, Ellesse! I’m looking forward to your findings.

    My only experience with hypnosis has been Hypnobirthing. My results were mixed – yes, I did have a natural childbirth. It was not, however, short or painless, which is what this modality tells us is possible. On the other hand, getting through 28 hours of labor (!) without drugs is quite an accomplishment, so the techniques I learned must have helped …

    In any case, I look forward to what you discover!


  5. Imagi at 6:05 am

    You are right Ellesse! One thing I notice about all the participants is that everyone is a strong minded individual with a definite goal and determination to achieve it.

  6. Ellesse at 2:02 am

    @Lola, thanks for the words of encouragement! Do pop by and check out as the participants’ progress unfolds!

    @Andrea 28 hours, without drugs! Kudos to you, Andrea! Kudos. I’ve a lot of friends who are mothers now and almost all of them took the pain relieving drugs despite the possible side effects. Maybe you can give us a description of what Hypnobirthing is all about so that some of our potential mothers can take a look at this option?

    @Imagi Yes. It’s great interacting with all 6 of you in the private platform. Because of this, I’m actually thinking of setting a similar space on Goal Setting College for serious goal setters like all of you to really encourage and support each other. What do you think of this?

  7. Imagi at 5:00 am

    That sounds like a great idea, Ellesse!
    We can encourage and support each other’s goals and learn from their successes and experiences.

  8. Jennifer at 1:13 pm

    This is brilliant. I’m anxious to see the results.

  9. Ellesse at 5:11 am

    @Imagi Cool! I’ll probably ask for the group’s opinion in the private platform on this too!

    @Jennifer Thanks! Do remember to subscribe to Goal Setting College if you haven’t already done so!

  10. Matt @ Face Your Fork at 8:10 pm

    It’ll be really interesting to see the results. I’ve never read into or been involved in self-hypnosis before… but now it’s definitely on my “to-do” list of things to research and learn about. :P

  11. Eugene Williams | Power of Motivation BLOG at 7:01 am

    That sounds interesting Ellesse!

    I like your idea of self hypnosis experiment. It helps us to reduce stress and perform better in every aspect of life.

  12. simon at 1:04 pm

    Self hypnosis is really a very powerful method to get you release from stress, when you reach the peak of the relaxing state, you can command your subconscious mind to change what ever bad behavior that you may have in the past to a fresh new you. This also proven in many studies that losing weight is possible if being done correctly.



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