How To Select The Right Self Hypnosis Scripts & Prescription

By Ellesse

When I first tried self hypnosis, I didn’t have to make a choice. It was already prepackaged into the audio goal achievement program so all I had to do was whip it into my pda phone and listen to it when I need to.

Conducting the 21 Day Self Hypnosis Group Experiment, however made me realize that getting the right prescription is as important as clarifying your goal. If your goal’s vague, it’s likely you’ll have difficulty deciding a suitable prescription. And I believe that’s also the same reason why people has reported mixed success with self hypnosis.

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To shed some light on choosing the right self hypnosis prescription, I’ve invited Mark Tyrrell, Creative Director of Hypnosis Downloads (who is also a professional hynotherapist cum hypnosis trainer) to share with me his insights in this exclusive interview and how he went about choosing the tapes for the 6 participants in our experiment.

Mark, first of all, thank you and your company Hypnosis Downloads for supporting this 21 Day Self Hypnosis Experiment.

I remembered when I first worked with Mark Heald on the experiment, he mentioned that it would be more effective if the participants specified their goal and your team assisted in prescribing the downloads.

I know you guys are professionals and since you understand each self hypnosis tape offering in your store more than anyone else, it’s naturally more effective that you’ll be able to match the right prescription with their intended goals.

Now, for someone who doesn’t have the luxury of having you guys to pick a prescription for him, how would you advise him to make his own selection?

First and foremost, like what you’ve said in the introduction, I think it’s really important to be clear about what you want to achieve out of the hypnosis experience.

For instance, in the case of a weight loss situation, someone who’s having issues binging on junk food, will definitely have a different set of requirements as compared to another who’s having issues motivating himself to exercise. Though on the surface both of them want to lose weight, the suggestions we run through the self hypnosis session are actually different. The clearer you’re on this, the easier it is to choose a download that really pinpoints to the crux of issue. Generally that increases the effectiveness of the session as well.

We need to match your goals with the self hypnosis program. The good thing about most online hypnosis downloads stores nowadays is that they’re all designed for self selection. That means even if you’re not a professional hypnotherapist, you can still customize your own self hypnosis prescription.

If you take a minute to refer to the product listing on Hypnosis Downloads, you’ll find that each comes with a detailed product description that elaborates on its usage and objective. There’s also my blog which discusses some of the ideas and purposes for the downloads. It’s important to look at these two references carefully if you’re getting a download from Hypnosis Downloads. Anything that’s so personal that it relates or appeals to your specific goal right away is likely suitable.

At the same time, it’s also worth reading if the testimonials from other people attached to each download (before they were helped by the session) matches your goals as that definitely tells whether a particular session may well be for you.

Great, that certainly doesn’t sound too difficult! Let’s go through the process of how you came up with the prescription for each participant, shall we? First, Aarron Light & Carmina. Both of them had similar weight loss goals. What have you got for them?

For both of them, I’ve prescribed “Weight Loss Motivation”. This hypnosis for weight loss has been prescribed because of the perennial human problem. Which has to do with not just getting motivated but staying motivated. It’s also known as ‘running out of steam’ or ‘motivation leakage’.

At first it’s great. You’re losing weight, feeling better, and this newness is great motivation in itself but after a while, you get used to being a bit slimmer, the excitement of weight loss slows down and so does the motivation. But long term success needs more than initial enthusiasm. It needs sustained intention.

The weight loss motivation session seeks to maintain the new healthy behaviors as something you do as part of who you are, like cleaning your teeth. It seeks to use more than just excitement (which is transitory) to maintain motivation.

We all know how it feels to be revved up by something and excited by it. This is a great initial stage to adopting a new healthy set of habits but for long term motivation the healthy behavior needs to become something you just do. This session really aims to look at long term sustainable adoption and maintenance of healthy weight loss patterns. Getting slimmer and what I call ‘finding your real shape’ doesn’t just pay health dividends but boosts self esteem and can help with motivation in other areas. That’s what we call a happy ‘ripple effect.’

Hmm… that brings me to another question. Based on your experience, what’s the results like for 2 different people using the same prescription?

Ah, good question. Well, of course people are different and therefore respond differently. Some people take more naturally and readily to hypnotic trance and others need more practice and repetition to learn how to use hypnosis.

For example the boy who used our wart treatment download to clear the fourteen or so warts covering his hands (and, painfully, under his cuticles) took two months before he was clear of them. See his story here.

Whereas Danna Gonzalez listened to the Healthy Eating session just three times before she started seeing major results. Her story can be found here.

Wow, thanks for the examples! I’m sure Aarron & Carmina’s results are going to be different even though they’re going through the same program. In your point of view, what could be the factors causing any major deviation in such cases?

Well one factor would be the amount of weight loss desired. For someone very large, the initial weight loss can be pretty huge. On the other hand, if the person is slimmer, then any initial weight loss can be less noticeable. Healthy levels of motivation and a willingness to listen regularly to the sessions also, of course, play a role.

Listening once a day to start with is an excellent way to start. And once results become evident then three times a week is a good maintenance schedule. It’s great if people start off with healthy levels of motivation but in any case, the job of each download is also to hopefully provide motivation too. So, that’s killing 2 birds with one stone!

Next, Lisa Powers. She has a desire to write a book. What’s most suitable for her?

For Lisa, I’ll recommend “Write That Book”.

Again, motivation for writing a book can feel removed from the actual process of writing. This can sound strange but we can get immediate emotional rewards from talking about the book we are going to write, fantasizing about having written it that once we come to sit down and actually write. We feel that the ‘juice’- which is the initial excitement – has already been spent, so why bother?

This is like wanting to go on a long walk and getting excited about the things you’ll see but feeling let down by the fact you have to take individual steps. This session works on developing unconscious motivation to keep on keeping on. A book can be seen like any other off spring something to be continuously nurtured not only when we feel excited by ‘parenting’ but as a way of life.

Actually writing a book can be like having a deep and passionate relationship! Having to get back to it, being faithful to it, feeling compelled to be with it, taking the rough times with the smooth. I hope that doesn’t sound too dramatic but to produce something creatively, we need to have a relationship with it and that has to be a strong one in order to give it your all.

Haha, I certainly can relate to that! I’ve always had that kind of dilemma whenever I really sit down to write articles for Goal Setting College.

It’s not just about writing. It’s about writing something that’s sincere, creative and resonates with someone who reads it. How about M De Jong? She wants to seek an average of 4.5 clarity in her career direction.

Hmm… for De Jong. It’s “Find Your Passion“. This session really focuses on what ‘lights your fire’ what you want to do in life and how to get there. We can all just keep on doing what we do because it’s what we’ve always done but this session seeks to get people out of ruts and follow their heart.

Before I discovered hypnosis and began working with it I always felt I’d kind of drifted a little and never been totally engaged in what I did professionally. But the spark of interest developed into a blaze of fascination especially when I found how powerfully life changing hypnotic strategies could be for other people and me. So that difference between just muddling along and feeling compelled to go forward is really what drives this particular session.

Awesome! Next on the List. Mark Barr. He wants to share his network marketing business opportunity & product with 21 people by the end of this experiment.

In Mark’s case, it’s definitely “Reach Your Goals“.

To reach goals we need to be motivated not just initially but right past the finishing line. This hypnotic session again looks at how motivation leeks away and how that ‘leakage’ happens and how to prevent it from locking in motivation leakage. Wow, this is starting to sound like an incontinence commercial! Ha ha.

The “Reach Your Goals” session works to fix a goal in mind in such a way that it becomes part of who you are at least until it is achieved. The session can be used throughout the period of goal fulfillment. Goals of course need to be broken down into manageable steps. This session enables the user to envisage these individual steps. We are much more likely to actually do something if we have strongly imagined doing it. Hypnosis takes this imagination much further.

Years ago before Roger Elliott and myself had even started Hypnosis Downloads or our hypnotherapy diploma training program we sat down and, in great detail, role played having already achieved what it was we were going for.

It may sound crazy but we relentlessly asked each other just how we had achieved what we were (imagining) we had achieved. We play acted such a detailed account of how we were going to get there to such an extent that by the end of the session we had a thorough road map but, just as importantly, we felt we had actually ‘lived’ our goals and now they are a part of us. Not just an idea. And the rest as they say is history.

I’ve another question. Mark’s prescription “sounds” pretty generic. I mean, someone aspiring to write a book like Lisa Powers could have easily selected “Reach Your Goals” instead of “Write That Book”?

Assuming that Lisa popped by your store and purchase “Reach Your Goals”, how would that impact her chances of achieving her own goal?

Well some of the sessions do cross over and it can be experimental in the sense that some people just get on better with some sessions than others for all kinds of different reasons.

Eat Healthy may be as effective as the Weight loss session in helping a person slim. In the specific book writing example it’s true to say that “Reach Your Goals” may be as effective but as mentioned earlier in my reply to your first question, the more personal the better if your specific goal is actually being discussed the session as a whole is more likely to appeal to you.

We’ve these generic type sessions because, of course, we can’t address every single goal someone might have.

Yeah, sometimes there’s just no way you can cover everything, even though from the size of your products list, you’ve pretty much covered most if not all! I’m sure there’s definitely a session for everyone!

Now for our last participant Imagi, what have you got for her? She wants to find an ideal life partner.

It must be “Be More Attractive To Men“!

Finding a partner, the right partner, is and always has been a challenge fraught with difficulties. In days gone by, when social codes were more strictly adhered to, it was generally possible for most people to rely on living by these codes to help them find appropriate life-partners.

But in the modern world it’s every one (man or woman), for themselves. It can seem like a lottery. You have to find, attract, and hold the one you want by your own efforts.. But how? What, exactly, will appeal to a man? This session looks at firstly what men find attractive (certainly not just looks) and how to attract a suitable partner.

OK, in Imagi’s case, I’ve actually asked her to draft a profile of the person she intends to attract. Is there any way she can relate to that profile during her self hypnosis process to increase her chances of attracting someone like that?

Yes and it’s a very important thing to have a least an idea of the kind of partner you’d like to be with. So many people either continue to make repeating mistakes in their choices or have a sense that ‘anyone is someone’.

Imagi can think about the kind of man she would like in her life throughout the session. Or intermittently through it. Because of the way hypnosis works she can half listen to what is being send on the audio and also focus on the ‘profile’ of the man she would like. With hypnosis you can be thinking about one thing and other suggestions and ideas can still take affect. I hope this has been useful.

It definitely is! Many thanks to Mark, for his insightful answers!

Just a short update on the 21 Day Self Hypnosis Group Experiment. On 10 June 2008, the 6 participants have already started their self hypnosis experiment using the prescribed downloads and have been logging their progress in the private platform I’ve set up for them.

Update 6/8/08 : For your convenience, here are the complete links to the Self Hypnosis Group Experiment logs. And if you’re interested in give self hypnosis a test run, here’s the list of self hypnosis programs. Have fun!

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    Great post Ellesse!

    Self Hypnosis Group Experiment sounds really interesting.

    I agree with you that most of us start with excitement but for keeping up the excitement, motivation plays the key role.

  2. Ellesse at 7:39 am

    @Eugene I’ll love to take credit for that statement but I believe it was Mark Tyrrell who mentioned it.


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