How to Stay In Touch with Goal Setting College

By Ellesse

Over the past few months, Goal Setting College has grown modestly from a place – for sharing my personal development learnings – to a niche community of like minded Goal Setting enthusiasts. I really thank all of you (yes, again :) ) for making this possible.

As this site continue to grow, I’d like to share 2 methods different readers use to stay connected with the community. Hopefully in doing so, new visitors to Goal Setting College can probably explore the areas where they might not have considered before.

Here are the methods :

(1) RSS Feed

A relatively easy way to be notified of our new articles is to subscribe to our “news feeds” or “RSS feed”. You can use tools such as Google Reader, Bloglines, Netvibes and other news aggregators and feed readers to help you with this. To add this feed, just click here.

(2) Email Alerts

If you don’t use RSS, you can still receive updates of the feed via email. Just click this and enter your email address.

Regardless of whether you’ve subscribe via RSS feed or Email Alerts, as a bonus for subscribing, you’ll also receive a f.ree Goal Setting Tutorial and “Think & Grow Rich” ebook. To get your subscriber bonus, scroll all the way to the end of each new article in your feed reader or email program and you’ll see a link “Get Your Free Subscriber Downloads Here!”. Just click on it and you’ll be directed to get your bonuses.

Do you have any feedback to help me improve Goal Setting College? It’ll be great if you can leave me a comment or send me an email.


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