How To Find Your Soul Mate In A Year Or Less – Part II

By Ellesse

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Perhaps you may be thinking “Soul mate yeh? Nah, that’s a mythical thinking that probably never existed” or “What a load of bull you’re talking about!”. And even if you’re one of those open minded folks who believe that soul mates do exist, you’re probably also skeptical about this “method” that I’m going to relate. After all, if there’s this “wonderful” recipe, why are divorce rates still escalating and romantic break ups so rampant?

I attest to what you’re thinking.

Because I was as skeptical as you were before I was introduced to it in Aggie Jordan’s best seller The Marriage Plan : How to Marry Your Soul Mate in A Year or Less.

But as I read its many success stories on the couples who had used the same methodology to find and even marry their soul mates in a year or less, my mind started opening itself to the idea. Just like how I’ve learned to appreciate the Law of Attraction after watching “The Secret”. Didn’t some people still regard the Law of Attraction as a load of crap even though it was endorsed by renowned authors and motivational speakers in the likes of Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale or Bob Proctor? Does that make it any less noteworthy just because it doesn’t seemed “too logical” to some folks?

All I can say is, continue keeping an open mind. Because you’ll never know if the plan that lies before you could literally maneuver the course of your life.

To help you find that true love.

Here’s my excerpt of Aggie Jordan‘s true story of how she found and married her husband of 25 years. Remember,

If She Did It, So Can You

A new job offer in another state and a fizzled out long distance relationship with a much younger beau made Aggie rethink her perspective on relationships. She realized that most of her relationships started by falling in lust. Some blossomed into limited affection and friendship.

But as she gradually matured in age, she knew she wanted more than that. She wanted someone whom she could share her physical intimacy with and yet ignite the fire to realize her dreams and ideals. Someone who would love and respect her for who she was, selfless with his time and drive, and participate in her growth just as she would in his.

It was evident she wanted a soul mate. But was she confident of finding such a person? Not really.


One Sunday afternoon, after an early dinner with Helen, a colleague in her new company, Aggie was prompted by her to draft a plan to find and marry her soul mate. Much as she was reluctant to do so initially, she sat down and set a date for it to be accomplished, creating an attributes list of what she was seeking for in her soul mate at the same time. As she confronted a few of her staunch limiting beliefs with Helen, she also brainstormed on the places where she could shortlist the potentials. She even planned the unthinkable. Deciding on the people whom she would announce her goal to and help her with it.

Drafting the plan was easy. Executing it was the real bane.

But Aggie steadfastly acted on her plan and got the word out albeit the embarrassment. Everyone in her office knew she was sourcing someone for marriage. Some even came to her “promising” to introduce their cousins and friends. But as time passed, she knew most of them were just joking. Though people like Helen did set her up with some eligible bachelors in the end, none of them clicked with her.

A regional energy crisis saw her getting laid off from her newly joined company and a twist of fate and opportunity brought her to Florida, Orlando instead. Just before she left, Helen reminded her “You’ve got a bump in road but you can’t change that goal. Perhaps this is God’s way of telling you that the person you’re going to marry isn’t here.”

She believed it then. And it paid off.

One day, while she was getting coffee from the vending machine in her new office, a colleague introduced her to Robert, who of course turned out to be the person she was looking for. Not only was Robert good looking, he met most of her requirements except that he was divorced with children. Even then, she eventually came to terms with that as she got to know more about Robert.

7 weeks after their first date, Robert proposed. In Robert’s own testimony within the same book, he revealed “.. when you set goals and are determined to reach them, you send out a very special message. It isn’t only in the way you carry yourself. The energy is there. Others do pick it up and act on it…”.

Why This Plan May Work

In my opinion, that’s the basis why the 13 step plan proposed by Aggie Jordan works. You don’t just go for your goals blindly. When you’re drafting and acting on the plan, your thoughts are sending out vibes which attract your soul mate to you. In Aggie’s case, she set the goal in January, was retrenched in April, shifted to Florida for the new job in July, met Robert in August and married him in October. All in all, she accomplished her goal 2 months ahead of schedule!

Are you still skeptical?

Continued in How to Find Your Soul Mate In A Year Or Less – Part III


2 Responses to “How To Find Your Soul Mate In A Year Or Less – Part II”

  1. confetti at 7:20 am

    I doubt if this really works. I have been attracting people who are lacking in one of the crucial attributes.
    The one who seems to fit the bill thinks I am no good. :0)

    Can anyone answer that?
    I must also add however, that whatever else I have set my mind to, I have achieved, with reasonable success, Except this ONE. And to think this was the ONE THING THAT SO MATTERED TO ME I ever had since I can remember!
    Finding my twin self/twin soul/true friend cum mate was in fact the driving force behind my every other goal of career, personality etc.

    Somehow that seems to be the only thing still lacking.

  2. Ellesse at 8:00 am

    Hey Confetti, thanks for popping by and adding your 2 cents worth!

    Well, I guess doubt is inevitable in any approach that seemingly propose to solve some of the world’s most intriguing issues. Things like relationship. And I certainly don’t proclaim to be an expert just because I’ve read Dr Jordan’s book!

    But what’s amazing is, your concern is addressed in the book as well. If the person you’ve found to be a “perfect fit” doesn’t resonate with you, there’s a very high tendency that he/she’s not the soul mate you’ve been looking for. Because a soul mate relationship needs to be mutual and he/she will “pick up the right signals” once you’ve sent out the vibes.

    I know it’s may be unsettling for you if you’re not into this Law of Attraction stuff but my advice to you is, keep an open mind and try out Aggie Jordan’s approach. Acting on her 13 step plan requires immense determination, good faith and strong courage. And reading from your introduction, I can tell you’ve already possess most of the prerequisites, if not all!

    Who knows, you may be the next success story to add on to her tally :)


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