The Best of Goal Setting College 2007

By Ellesse

As the year draws to a close, I’m pretty excited at the way Goal Setting College has come along. 500 subscribers and counting. 70 pillar articles and more. And not to forget you, my wonderful friends and readers I’ve got to know along the way.

Thank you. Thank you for supporting Goal Setting College all this while!

While expressing my gratitude, I’ll also like to take this opportunity to do a round up of the well received articles for the year, adding my comments on the significant happenings each month. So, sit back and relax as we travel back in time…


I kicked off the year barely 4 months into the blogging scene. Posting was a bit more rampant and like most budding bloggers, I was constantly toying with my traffic statistics setup. I’m glad I did that. Otherwise, I’ll probably never find out what’s the true motivation of blogging.

best of goal setting college 2007
Other notable articles :


As I tried to juggle blogging with my demanding day job, the daily life experiences I went through became the source of my inspiration. I learned how to handle discouraging feedback from friends on my dreams and reviewed the different ways to instill daily motivation.

It can be trying. Especially when it came to revealing your feelings in front of an open audience. But as the readership started to grow, I knew I was on the right track.


Inspired by Steve Pavlina’s Million Dollar Experiment, I commenced on my own little Vision Boarding Experience in early March and even invited readers to join me in this journey. It was great fun, especially when I get to fiddle with my first sponsored freebie – a Electronic Vision Board.

Little did I know that the experience would bring about such immense changes to my life and become one of the most frequently read article series on Goal Setting College ever.

Other notable articles :


April started with a bang, thanks to the Inspirational Stories series on 10 famous personalities. One of it was so well received that a book publisher actually sought my consent to include it into a book compilation. I was thrilled! I’ve not received the book yet. But hey, it’s still a morale booster, isn’t it?

At the same time, I begin challenging people to answer questions such as :


While continuing to write about other inspirational personalities, I participated in my 2nd Problogger’s Group Writing Project. The “Top 5” I wrote brought the most number of backlinks any of my articles have ever received. Goes to show the reach of Mr Rowse’s blog isn’t it?


Other notable articles :


In June, something magical happened. My little Vision Board Experiment was starting to show results, much to my own amazement. I found myself realizing the real cause of my frequent migraines bouts, taking the initiative to be more involved with my friends and getting asked to go on more romantic dates (I still do, by the way!). Most significantly, I also quit my job and became a problogger.

Looking back, I’m still not sure if the changes were directly a consequence of the Vision Boarding. But regardless of that, only 1 word could describe my feeling even till now.


Other notable articles :

July & August

In July, I took a step back and began exploring topics such as raising one’s self awareness, managing uncertainty in life, the difference between successful & unsuccessful people & handling life’s so called “regrets” before engaging the readers in the first readers’ poll.

Although the poll started off slow, it gathered momentum towards the end of the month and become one of the most active reader engagement exercise I’ve done over the year. And if you’ve taken part, I certainly hoped you’ve had fun!


September saw me taking a slight creative approach, designing my own goal setting quiz. Well, brainstorming on the quiz was easy. Meddling the programming code was the tough part.

But was it worth it? You bet!

Other notable articles :


In October, I experienced a couple of firsts. It was my first time writing on topics seemingly unassociated with the typical one you’ll find on Goal Setting College. Such as finding your soulmate in a year or less. Not only was it a fascinating challenge, it was probably one of those which I received the most number of skeptical feedback. I couldn’t blame anyone, could I? It was such a provocative title!

The other first was that I finally made it to Digg’s front page for a picture post I’ve written. Makes me wonder if I should start posting more short articles.

Throwing the ball back to your court, what do you think of this? Should I start writing shorter posts instead?

Other notable articles :


As I continued to write articles in relation to the Goal Setting College poll, I also became more active networking with other bloggers. A meme that I responded to seemed to have struck a chord and more readers left comments than I’ve expected. Some of them were pretty insightful, too.

Definitely a sweet surprise.

Other notable articles :


While everyone’s having their turkey and exchanging gifts in the silly season, Goal Setting College secretly underwent a redesign and surprised unsuspecting visitors. If you’ve been reading Goal Setting College via email or your RSS reader, take a moment to visit the site now.

How do you find our new look?

Other notable articles :

So, What’s Up & Coming in 2008?

As with the redesign, I’m planning a couple of projects for Goal Setting College by the side and can’t really reveal much. But one thing’s for sure. No matter how the going may be, this will always be my focus.

You, my readers.

Thank you once again for staying with me for the past year and I definitely look forward to making 2008 an even better one. Cheers!


12 Responses to “The Best of Goal Setting College 2007”

  1. Alex Shalman at 9:06 am

    Thank you for sharing this great list with us. Btw, I’m really liking your theme!

  2. Ellesse at 2:09 pm

    Hey Alex, thanks for dropping by! Glad you liked it. I liked your theme too… Good stuff.

  3. Lawrence Cheok at 3:50 am

    Hi Ellesse,

    Looks like it’s been an exciting 2007. I’m one of who’s grateful for knowing you and your blog.

    As you know, I’m currently writing a Career Lover Series. I’m just wondering what made you become a problogger and how has life changed for you since then?

    Also, I have been wanting to say this, but quite procrastinating it. I like to congratulate you on the new theme. It really does make a whole lot of difference now. Especially to new readers who stumble upon your blog for the first time. Have you seen any difference yourself?

  4. Peter at 4:10 am

    That’s quite the year Ellesse! Look forward to seeing how the site further develops in 2008….

  5. Ellesse at 5:46 am

    @Lawrence, thank you very much for your kind words. I’m also very delighted to know a fellow Singaporean like you writing such a quality personal development blog. Let’s work hard together to put the national flag on the blogosphere, shall we?

    As for your question, frankly, I didn’t quit my previous job because I don’t like it. Actually I loved it. I got to amalgamate my love for IT with my accounting knowledge. Which is the best of both worlds. Besides, it was through my business travels that I get to see the part of the world I know I’ll probably never get to if not for my job. Till now, I still feel for the people in the countries I’ve been. Like Pakistan. I was constantly watching the news since the Benazir assassination. Even with all the riots and demonstrations, the Pakistani people I know are one of the kindest and most heartwarming people I’ve ever met.

    I decided to write full-time because there’s a change in my life perspective. i wanted to have a quality of life which would allow me more time with my family and friends. As well as for my health, which was getting worse as the years passed.

    And when a family disaster occurred just a month after my resignation, I knew I’ve made the right choice. I was able to be there for my family just when they needed me. And that surpasses all the money, travels you can earn in the world.

    Well, the new theme! It definitely increased the average time spent on the blog. As well as the % of people bookmarking the site. I’m trying to made some code modifications to increase access to the articles. It’s a sad truth that looks do matter. Yeah, even in the blogosphere. As there’s a perceived value with quality when the blog is more professional presented.

    I really hope I’ve answered your questions. Which by the way is very thought provoking :)

    @Peter, thank you. You know something, I could never have done it with you and ahem… you-know-what-I-mean. Let’s work harder in 2008!

  6. Alex Blackwell at 2:35 pm

    Great recap Ellesse. Congratulations on all you have accomplished. There is no question 2008 will be a very successful year for you. The good thing is we (your readers) will benefit just as much. Thanks for all you do!

  7. Gamy Rachel at 2:39 pm

    Very impressive Ellesse, I like your attitude and determinations.
    Very good post. Will take time to read your other posts too.

    Here is to wish you a very Gooooood 2008 !!!

  8. ReddyK - The Atma Jyoti Blog at 4:40 pm

    I came in touch with your blog through Albert of I am about to dive into your content based upon the intriguing titles to your articles.

    May you be inspired to write many more useful articles in the coming year.

  9. Lawrence Cheok at 3:17 am

    Thanks for sharing your story Ellesse.

    Yes, I’m just as surprise to find a fellow Singaporean with a quality blog on personal development just as yours. My impression is that not many people are interested in what we are doing. I take it upon myself to be a representative and pathfinder for Singaporeans in this case. I’m glad to have found friends like Gamy and you.

    I think Donald of LifeOptimizer is a Singaporean too, but I’m not sure :-)

    I’ll also pray for your good health. I hope 2008 will be a better year for you, and I hope we will all grow stronger together.

    BTW, I’m thinking of doing an email interview with you for my Career Lover Series, just wondering what’s your thoughts on this?

    Happy A Wonderful 2008!

  10. Ellesse at 1:53 am

    @Alex, thanks so much for your heartwarming words. It’s really meant a lot to me. Especially when it’s from you!

    @Gamy, thank you! It’s very gratifying when your actions gets endorsed by someone who thinks the same. Let’s work hard together! You too, have a fantastic 2008!

    @Reddy, thanks for dropping by! I really hope you’ll enjoy the articles… do let me know what you think!

    @Lawrence, personal development IS huge in Singapore. It’s getting bigger as we speak. But it’s still a very profit oriented industry. Look at the many spaminars we see advertised on the papers today. Haha! Hey, I didn’t know Donald’s a Singaporean. But I did see that he’s studying at NUS on his contact page. And thank you for your well wishes. You too, have a great year ahead, prosperity and good health too! As for the interview, I’m sure we can work out something ;) Let’s connect on this separately, shall we?

  11. Steven Aitchison at 8:09 am

    Ellesse you have done a great job with GSC and the fact that you have made it your full time job is amazing. I look forward to reading more on GSC. Hope you have a fantastic 2008.

  12. Ellesse at 9:14 am

    Hey Steven, thank you! I love Change Your Thoughts too! and the way you’ve taken it to. Let’s work hard and make our blogs much better in 2008, shall we! Cheers!


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