Vision Board Experiment: One Year Later…

By Ellesse

Time passes in a flash, isn’t it? It seems just like yesterday that I first started the Vision Board Experiment and now it has been a year. If you didn’t follow the experiment, about the same time last year, I created an electronic picture board of goals encircling major areas of my life. I went about reviewing it everyday – or at least I try to – and wrote 2 major updates.

A year has come and gone. Did the Vision Board work for me like what it has done to John Assaraf in the Secret? We’ll see. Read more

How To Do Well In Something Even If You Don’t Seem To Have The Talent For It

By Ellesse

One of the common grouses I hear, hindering people from going into a particular challenge is that they believe they don’t have the “X-factor” to excel in it. Usually, it’s after one or two failed attempts in that same domain. Or something so new that they didn’t know what to expect. They’ll say things like “Nah, I’ve tried before and I know I suck”, “I’m just not cut out for that” or “I can never be as good as him” and abandon the whole idea just to save themselves the embarassment. Even when it’s something that’ll definitely expand their lives if they’ll just give it a(nother) try. Read more

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