How I Turned From An Auditor, IT Implementation Consultant To An Online Entrepreneur in 8 Years

By Ellesse

Editor’s Note : This article is written to help those who’ve been thinking whether to make the leap in changing careers. It was never my intention to toot my own horn. As you’ll soon realize – after reading this – that there’s really nothing that glorifying at all! Months since writing this article, I’ve also ventured into other online businesses projects while maintaining Goal Setting College and have hence renamed the title of this article.

Do you know what people brand you as when you’re doing something they dream of but yet couldn’t bring the courage to? Let me give you a clue. It starts with the letter ‘M’.

No idea?

The supportive ones will call you a Maverick. They’ll tell you things like “You know something? At times I really admire you. You know what you want and you’ll gallantly go all out to pursue it. I can’t do that. I don’t have the guts.”

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The cynical ones? They’ll regard you as a Moron, thinking that your decision to try a totally different arena extremely silly and secretly wishing that one day, you’ll scram back to where you started. They’ll occasionally ask you “How’s things going?“, trying to probe you on the status of your progress, waiting for the moment to prove that they were right about your decision in the first place. That you’re destined to fail the moment you start. Read more

How This Guy Made 2 Career Transitions to Become A Professional Coach

By Ellesse

If you’re facing a dilemma making a career transition, especially a mid life career change, perhaps Mark’s story will give you some well need motivation.

Born in Belfast, North Ireland, Mark McClure was an IT instructor & engineer with various multinational companies and has been based in Japan, Tokyo since 1994. An International Coaching Academy accredited career coach, he helps people “change their game” by finding what they really love to do.

Mark is also a SOHO business owner. In June 2007, he amalgamated his interest in Career and Life Coaching with Internet Marketing to start up his first entrepreneurial venture at GoalCreationMaps, where he provides career changers with an online course on how to create meaningful goals on a 1 page mind map. Prior to his relocation to Japan, Mark was a Physics & Meteorology teacher in a public school in North Ireland. He also holds the CISCO CCIE, an equivalent of the “MBA” in the IT certification world.

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Physics teacher turned IT engineer. Professional career coach. SOHO business owner. How did this guy manage to transit through 3 totally different arenas? Why did he make those decisions? What were some of his challenges? As part of the series for “Find A Better Job”, the 7th ranked goal in my previous poll Top 10 Goals of Goal Setting College Readers, I’ve managed to twist his arm to share with me answers to these mind boggling questions in this exclusive interview. Read more

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