How This Family Man Retired Early At 32

By Ellesse

If you’ve been thinking of how to retire early and live well, or be financially independent at a young age, this family man’s story will definitely give you an insight.

Affectionately known to his readers by the moniker Mr Money Mustache (“MMM”), MMM currently lives in the United States and is married with a young son. He and his wife retired in their early 30s (around 2005) in order to become parents and they’ve been going strong since then.

What’s most amazing is, they didn’t exactly retire with a million dollars! Contrary to what most financial advisors’ tell you to! And yet, they’re able to have a comfortable, wholesome lifestyle and raise a healthy kid at that. They’ve also paid off their primary house’s mortgage a few years after quitting their jobs.

So how did he do it? How did this family man retire so early when most people are still struggling with their bills? Join me as I get him to spill the beans in this interview. Read more

An Interview with CEO of SparkPeople, Chris Downie

By Ellesse

It isn’t everyday that you get a multi-millionaire Chief Executive Officer of one of the world’s leading health & fitness online portals popping by your website to write a comment. And it definitely isn’t everyday that a CEO would respond to your request – almost instantaneously – to connect with individuals who accomplished their weight loss goals just to help you achieve your goal of featuring an informative weight loss motivational interview.

But that’s what I experienced in my encounter with Chris Downie, CEO & founder of SparkPeople. Something that makes him so special and different from other CEOs I’ve ever come across in my ex-corporate life. And I know it’s definitely that same sincerity, down-to-earthness and dynamism of his that spearheaded the success of Sparkpeople today. Read more

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