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By Ellesse

Have you been thinking of making a career switch into a particular industry but don’t know what that new trade entails? Are you a new business owner and want to know more about promotion, sales & marketing? Or do you just want to learn new skill sets and knowledge in your existing scope of work?

Beginning April, Goal Setting College has tied up with Tradepub to offer a comprehensive selection of highly informative career, business & trade magazines in various industries inhouse. From Travel, IT, Finance & Insurance, Sales & Marketing, Small Business to even Casino Management!

Regardless of what your career & economic goals are, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that’s helpful here. There are renowned titles such as The Economist, BusinessWeek, PC Magazine to more industry specific magazines and whitepapers. And best of all, they’re free.

Due to distribution & logistical limitations, all of them have geographical restrictions. Make sure you’re eligible before filling up the subscription form completely. Incomplete applications may be rejected so in case you’re wondering why you didn’t receive the magazine in the (e)mail, do take a minute to doublecheck your entries before clicking the Submit button.

Here are the different geographical selections :

US Eligible
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International Eligible

Enjoy reading your magazines!

The Hidden Secret In Think And Grow Rich

By Ellesse

That day when I was having dinner with a friend at a nearby eatery, an old lady walked up to us. “3 packets of disposable napkins. $1 only.” she said. Since we had our own napkins, both of us simultaneously gestured our disinterest. She was disappointed, stood a little while before moving to the couple next to our table and repeated the same sales pitch as if it was a mantra.

But it wasn’t long before she came popping by our table again. In fact, she came to us at least 3 times before my friend eventually bought from her!

Perhaps you may be thinking “What’s up with these sales people? Don’t they understand that others need privacy?” I don’t deny feeling a bit affected by her disregard of that. But I was more impressed with her perseverance more than anything else. What could have made a 60 year old lady stick through her rounds again and again every night, ignoring “millions” of rejection just to sell a few packets of napkins?

the hidden secret in think and grow rich
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