Free Inspirational Quotes & Sayings Ebook

By Ellesse

I’ve always been a great fan of free inspirational quotes & sayings. So much so that I’ve got at least a thousand of these wonderful words of wisdom stored somewhere on my hard drive. Every time I need a quick pick-me-up, I’ll fire up my laptop, reread this collection and believe it or not, I’ll always emerge recharged and rejuvenated!

And I realize I’m not the only one inspired by these wonderful sayings. A friend of mine who was facing some career setbacks recently poured out his woes to me over MSN. I forwarded him a quote and viola, he was up and going again. Almost instantaneously!

Seriously, I find that really amazing. How can mere strings of words bring about a change – an almost immediate one in fact – to a person’s persective in such a short time?

I guess the workings of the human mind can be pretty complicated. Many a time, we all know what we should be doing but somehow, we just can’t brace ourselves to challenge the issue at hand. We need someone to give us a knock on the head and remind us to say, “Hey, you’re better than that!”

It was with this intention that I’ve decided to compile these 200 inspirational quotes. If you liked the list of 50 positive quotes I’ve shared previously, you’ll probably enjoy the added variety in this little ebook.

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