Self Hypnosis Group Experiment : 2nd Week’s Progress

By Ellesse

Things are heating up as the participants strode into the 2nd week of the 21 Day Self Hypnosis Group Experiment. But was it as exciting as it had been in the first? Without further ado, let’s go through their progress :

self hypnosis experiment week 2

  1. Aarron

    Aarron’s disappointment last week – when he found out he weighed in an extra 5 pounds – turned into joy. A check on his own home scale revealed that he had lost 4 pounds instead! Perhaps it was all that clothes and personal belongings which made him seemingly heavier at the doctor’s. Read more

Self Hypnosis Group Experiment : 1st Week’s Progress

By Ellesse

As I intently read through the participants’ first week updates (in the private platform I’ve created for them) on the 21 Day Self Hypnosis Group Experiment, I couldn’t help but feel intrigued. It seemed that self hypnosis did make a difference!

Let’s take a peek at what the participants went through, shall we? Read more

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