11 Free Goal Setting Software & Tools You Can Use

By Ellesse

Are you looking for a simple free goal setting software or tool that does the job and hopefully comes at a zero price tag?

Over the past week, I’ve been scouring the web for a list of such free goal setting software and here’s my result. A word of warning though. Don’t lose the forest for the trees. Action and persistence is the key when it comes to Goal Setting so though it may be tempting to try each and every tool, hold your horses and pick only those free goal setting software that looks relevant to your needs!

Most of these free goal setting software tools assume you’ve already decided on your goals and therefore doesn’t have much of a brainstorming function. Except for one. If you want some help with that, please subscribe to Goal Setting College and refer to the 2 free brainstorming questionnaires that comes with your free subscriber bonus.

With further ado, here are the ones who made it to the list : Read more

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