MyGoals – A First Impression Review

By Ellesse

If you’ve been sourcing for premium online goal software for some time, tendency is, you would have come across MyGoals.

Started in February 2001 by Greg Helmstetter, MyGoals is one of the pioneers in the goal setting software market and has won numerous mentions in renowned publications such as, Times Magazine etc over the years. Just scrolling down the list of accolade banners took me half a minute. Yes, it’s that long! In fact, it was also through one of the local women’s magazine that I first read about this online tool.

Almost 7 years have gone since MyGoals first debuted. Is the “patent pending technology” they’re claiming to use still relevant? And how does it score against the 10 selection criteria I’ve previously highlighted?


I decided to put it through the test. Read more

10 Considerations When Investing In Premium Goal Setting Software

By Ellesse

Free goal setting software & tools are cool but what if you need something that’s capable of more and don’t mind paying for it? Before you reach out for your wallet and start buying any premium goal setting software you see, here are some important considerations you may want to review on the product first :

(1) Brainstorming Tool

If you have no clues what personal mission statement or core values you have or the goals you’ll like to work on, a brainstorming tool comes in very handy. Such a function makes you go through a list of questions, scenarios and a set of prioritization logarithms to come up with the goals you may want to consider. However, if you’re pretty sure of these already and know what you want to achieve, this function’s a lesser priority. Read more

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