21 Motivational Videos Clips That’ll Warm Your Heart

By Ellesse

Whenever friends or family forward those jokes emails or motivational videos clips, the first thing I’ll do is to delete them. Pardon me, but I seldom see any true value in those emails to really justify the few minutes reading or watching them.

But a few days ago, something made me watch a motivational videos clip. It was sent by my sister. And I was glad I did that. It was so heart wrenching and yet motivational that for the first time I realize there can be gems in such emails! I cried. And I just couldn’t stop.

Because of that, I’ve decided to compile a list of all the wonderful motivational videos clips that I can find and hope they’ll inspire you just like how they’ve motivated me. Live your life to the fullest pursuing your dreams. Regardless of whatever odds you may face. And be absolutely grateful for everything around you. Be it your friends, family, classmates or even your neighbours. Read more

The Best of Goal Setting College 2007

By Ellesse

As the year draws to a close, I’m pretty excited at the way Goal Setting College has come along. 500 subscribers and counting. 70 pillar articles and more. And not to forget you, my wonderful friends and readers I’ve got to know along the way.

Thank you. Thank you for supporting Goal Setting College all this while!

While expressing my gratitude, I’ll also like to take this opportunity to do a round up of the well received articles for the year, adding my comments on the significant happenings each month. So, sit back and relax as we travel back in time… Read more