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Who is Ellesse?

Much of the content at Goal Setting College is written by Ellesse, a self professed personal development enthusiast, living in Sunny tropical island, Singapore. An accountant by training, her active pursuit of Goal Setting, Motivation and Success began in 1994, after she was unable to qualify for the junior college of her choice. Instead of mopping over her unfulfilled dream with grief and anguish, she set goals for herself and made it to one of the country’s most sought after faculties in University.

Traveling to many parts of Asia, including places such as India, Cambodia, Pakistan in the course of her previous jobs had enabled her to expand her horizon and develop a different perspective into the definition of “Success”. The breakthrough came in 2002, when she chanced upon Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad through a business associate. Agreeing with the book that life is more than just slogging on a job for monetary gratification, she embarked on a personal development revolution, from which she tries to reinvent herself through reading about Goal Setting, Motivation and Success.

Goal Setting College is an avenue where she shares her learnings and experiences in the hope of helping people with similar aspirations.

She can be contact here.